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    I love music. Mostly heavy metal and classic rock. Some black and death metal.
    I love deep thinkers and writing, acoustic guitar playing and cuddling.
    I love my truck. I love jacked up bowties but have respect for some lowriders as well.
    I love classic cars too, anything from the 70's or older are awesome.
    Movies that make me think days, weeks, months or years.
    Best movies of all time: American History X, The Boondock Saints, The Virgin Suicides, Half Baked, The Professional.
  1. Just passing by, thought I'd say hello

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I see shapes. Circles, squares, triangles....sometimes I see my late dog, Bailey.
  4. Vanilla, mint choc chip, cookie dough, strawberry....mmmm ice cream
  5. Honesty and loyalty are the most important for keeping the relationship stable. All other things such as respect are important but without honesty and loyalty there will be no respect anyways..
  6. HI Cheryl! I was fighting with my boyfriend last night too. I know how you feel, someone who is not understanding or willing to try to understand is very disheartening. When I try and talk to my bf he either a) shakes his head and stays quiet, b) walks away and refuses to talk c) says he doesn't want to do this right now......okay when would be a good time for you??!! or d) says "here he go again". Now, how will we ever get problems solved if we never talk and work on an agreement to begin with? It can be really frustrating dealing with the feelings you are having and having a partner that is not supportive and understanding or at least sympathetic towards you. Just realize people who have never gone through what you are going through truly don't understand it (well unless they're a doctor). I don't know your bf but I am assuming he didnt drink at all or drink much until recently, this is not good. I have seen this before and when he started drinking a lot is when we drifted apart and broke up. I hope you two can find a solution and if he loves you he will be there to help you and you will get through this together. If you need someone to talk to and vent to, you know I am the perfect person for that!! I understand.
  7. Jeez, anything Zeppelin! I love The Rain Song, That's The Way, Over The Hills and Far Away, Hey Hey What Can I Do.,,,,*sigh*
  8. I go stir crazy at home and my family drives me crazy. I leave when I have no where to go and just sit somewhere by myself.
  9. WOW! I guess I wouldn't understand because I am not super smart, I find myself to be intelligent but be thankful you are!! So many people wish they could be, please embrace it! Seriously. Don't be ashamed or anything, use it to your advantage!! Just know people envy you and though you think of it as a curse, it really isn't.
  10. Trying is all anyone can do huh?

    Well, I hope you enjoy your afternoon! :)


  11. No, he wouldn't understand but he already has plans which I forsaw happening anyway. Ah oh well! My day is fine then continuously gets worse as the minutes go by so by tonight I will probably be sitting in the dark listening to Zeppelin.

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