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  1. thanks for your response, twitchy. I am feeling better this evening. I have been exposed to quite a bit of CBT, and i have been practicing my rational responses to my situation. I chalk up a great deal to my menopausal status :P I experienced a severe depression post-partum, and am finding post-menopause challenging. Thanks again for being there for me today.
  2. It all started in May when my younger son came down with some allergy-type symptoms, plus joint pain. Doctors didn't know what it was and i began to think there was something in my house that was causing it. I found that I was getting some dampness in my basement and i set about remedying it. Excavation was done and a waterproof membrane was put around two sides of my house's foundation. I have now hired a man to put up new drywall, etc., inside the house to finish off the process. The trouble is that I have this nagging feeling that there is something "unwell" about the downstairs portion of my house. I am now suffering from allergic reactions. I've had seasonal allergies as a kid, and it is ragweed time, but still, i feel like my house is causing it. I am anxious all of the time when i am in my house. I'm checking everywhere for dampness. I just have a feeling that something is very wrong. I have central air-conditioning, and this should alleviate my allergy symptoms, but it doesn't seem to. At times, at night, I wake up with almost a burning feeling in my chest and tingling, hot/cold feelings, and weakness in my arms. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I feel like i'm going crazy.
  3. you don't say for how long you have been on wellbutrin. In my experience, when wellbutrin does not work, it has the effects you describe. Best to ask your doc. It is very good luck that you found an AD that worked for you (celexa). I would be sticking with it and looking for a non-pharmaceutical solution to your weight problem, or to accept the extra pounds, reluctantly.
  4. i try to follow my own advice but often fail, but half of what i read online about health related issues scares the pants off me. While i think it's a good thing to be informed, there really is a lot out there that is inaccurate and misleading, and it is often difficult to tell the difference.
  5. I haven't been on the site for a bit. Things were going better for me. I was exercising at least 4 times weekly, and stopped searching for a new magic medication. I have been taking the tricyclic AD imipramine for 18 years. About a month ago, my 12 year old son started feeling ill. First, his eyes got very red, then his throat was hurting. Medical treatment did not seem to be helping. As time went on, he began experiencing joint pain. I took him to emergency four times, our family doctor once, and then, luckily, we were referred to and got in to see a pediatrician quickly. We are operating under the assumption that he has lyme disease. Then, a few days ago, i noticed what looked like a tiny red puncture with a white ring around it and a circular bruise around that. I was preoccupied with the care of my son, so i didn't pay atttention to this small mark. At the insistence of a friend, i had this mark looked at by a doctor. It took the doctor two seconds before diagnosing me with lyme disease. My son and I are both on the same dose and type of antibiotic. I have so many feelings and it is so hard to watch my son suffer and to be unable to do anything to help him. I, myself, am feeling unwell. Because of my depression, I have little support. My family lives 9 hours away and are elderly, or busy with their own lives. So far, I am managing. I would feel so much better if my son would improve just a bit. Anyway, DF, thanks for listening. Please send vibes my way.
  6. levelling off after having a good initial response can sometimes indicate the need for an increase in dose, but of course, your doc is the best person to talk to about this.
  7. has anyone been on a combo of wellbutrin and tricyclic, specifically imipramine (tofranil)?
  8. just a quick suggestion is that you may want to read over the "Terms of Service" for DF chat.
  9. I just wanted to write this to let my DF family know that I am feeling better. I guess that's the reason why I have been hanging around here less, which is both good and bad news. So many times, people leave, and i think it's because they are feeling better, but one never knows....I wanted to end the guesswork. The long and short of it is that I reached some kind of turning point around Christmastime, when I had what seemed to be a series of panic attacks that landed me in emerg. a few times. It turns out that nothing was wrong with me...yet, but i knew that if I didn't do something soon, there would be something very wrong with my health. I guess I decided that I didn't want to be sick. I'm 51 years old, and my dad died at age 56. It was also around this time that I asked my doc to supplement my imipramine with some ritalin, after ruling out, by process of elimination, that my problem was either serotonin nor norepinephrine-based. Luckily, I have a pdoc who listens to my thoughts and ideas. At the end of December, I somehow found the motivation to sign up at a local exercise circuit gym. I have gone there at least three times a week, without fail, and in between, i sometimes walk. I have lost 10 pounds thus far, but I still have a long way to go. I chat each morning with a few people I have "met" on DF. I am off from work on disability insurance, and i'm not sure what will happen in that area. I am trying to take one day at a time. I am cognizant that I could backslide at any time, and so I don't want to give advice, but being an informed patient has helped me. Doctors mean well, but they don't have the time, or the intense interest, to research things as completely as I can Thanks for your ongoing support. A.
  10. I, too, suffered post-partum. I was having great difficulty with breast feeding, too, but I felt I couldn't give it up because it meant that I was failing my child so early in life. I felt stuck, with no good way out. I was also highly anxious and wasn't sleeping. the fact of the matter is that breast-feeding is just the tiniest part of your life with your child. And while breast is best, children bond and thrive on formula too. I would really encourage you to seek treatment for your depression/anxiety. There are effective medications out there for this kind of depression. Many of these are also deemed safe for breastfeeding, but if you want to be sure, you can call the MotherRisk clinic of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Depression can really rob you of your enjoyment of your child, and nobody deserves that. If your doctor doesn't "clue in," then find another who does. My doctor ended up apologizing to me for not recognizing my symptoms. Please get help, and let us know how things go. A.
  11. depression is life-threatening. side effects usually are not.
  12. Being unable to stop crying is a sign of significant depression, regardless of the work that you are doing in therapy. Medication can be an important adjunct to therapy and studies show that the two work better on depression than just one thing alone. ADs are also not supposed to leave you feeling emotionless, and that's why the prescribing doctor needs to get your ongoing feedback in order to adjust meds or dosage. I'm not saying that this is the case with your therapist, but some therapists are ill-informed about medication, and/or think that therapy is a panacea. Please take care of yourself. And remember that therapists are not magicians; they're just people. A.
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