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  1. (((friendlessguy))) I think warpysaint is right, the best way to meet new people is through a shared interest. I went through a horrible time some years ago, when I didn't have any real friends, just acquaintances and people who pretended to like me, but were bullying me. There was no one to talk to or go somewhere with and I didn't think anyone would ever like me enough to become my friend. But over time I met people who had much in common with me and we became a group of friends. If you cannot come up with a club or team to join, then maybe you could find a support group in your area. You will meet people there who share your troubles. Maybe you will learn new things about yourself too, that will help you become a more open and outgoing person. If you aren't already, you should consider seeing a therapist as well. Therapy can boost your self-esteem and people who are self-confident generally find it easier to make friends. One thing that's for sure, is that you are not alone with us. I know that we cannot be a substitute for real life friends, but you will always have people to support you on these forums.
  2. It really varies, some people gain weight on certain meds, while others don't. Personally, I don't have any problems, with regard to weight, with fluvoxamine (Luvox), an SSRI. Both serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (NRIs) generally don't cause weight gain, they are known to reduce one's appetite. But you may also be lucky on an SSRI. Like Velthir said, you can always ask your doc to try another med, if you gain weight on your current one. Hope this helps a little.
  3. Hi mollyfin, it sounds like your symptoms could be side effects of the SSRIs. When you change meds, your whole system has to adapt to the new one, so your hormones as well. There is a list of possible side effects on the package insert of your med, a general SE list of SSRIs can be found here. When your pdoc calls you back, they will decide if it's best for you to stay on your meds or not. Many side effects wear off after some weeks, if they don't, you should contact your gyn. Hope you will feel better soon.
  4. Tired, as always. Don't know if it's the weather or my meds today. Other than that, I'm feeling a little numb.
  5. Hi hist21 and welcome to DF. You have come to the right place, we are a very friendly and understanding support group. I can relate to what you're going through, I'm moving away from home soon to study at a place where I don't know anyone and it's causing me a lot of negative feelings. There should be a counsellor at your college, they are the ones you should turn to first. They will be able to help you find a way to cope. Are there any sport groups, theatre groups or the likes? It is always easier to meet knew people through shared hobbies. Maybe there is even a mental health support group in your area. But the most important thing for you is to find a therapist/counsellor who can give you treatment options. I know how hard it is to find a positive outlook in a situation like yours, but there is always a way to get better, even though you may not be able to see it right now. You can always come to this forum for support, people here are very kind and caring. Feel free to take a look around and let us hear more from you. I hope you will get better very soon.
  6. You're welcome, I hope you will be able to get a diagnosis soon. It's so annoying not to know what exactly is "wrong". Keep us posted, if you want to.
  7. Metal! No matter if I'm depressed or not. I listen to a broad range of rock artists, from punk rock to death metal. This post would be too long if I named all the bands I love and that help me survive. Some of my favourites are Epica, Seether, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Apocalyptica, Disturbed, Evanescence, Godsmack, Linkin Park... I listen to a few mainstream songs too, if I like the lyrics. But the darker songs are usually the ones I relate to the most and that's what makes them special to me. I would be totally lost without music. Classical music is beautiful too, I love pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven or Grieg. I also love soundtracks of movies and video games. Music is really what keeps me going.
  8. Hi bluegarden, I am not very familiar with dysthymia, so I did some research and hope I can answer some of your questions. First of all, it is important that you see a professional, because your symptoms don't necessarily have to be caused by dysthymia. Only a psychiatrist/psychologist can diagnose and treat you. But let's assume for now that you are indeed suffering from chronic depression. I believe that it is not very common to go through cycles where your mood improves, but I am no professional, so I might be wrong. There is a disorder that is defined by mildly changing moods, from slightly euphoric to melancholic, called cyclothymia. But again, you need to get a proper diagnosis before you can get the right treatment. Your second question is easily answered. I found this information on the site http://www.ncbi.nlm....lth/PMH0001916/ : " About half of people with dysthymia will also have an episode of major depression at some point in their lives" and " If it is not treated, dysthymia can turn into a major depressive episode. This is known as "double depression." Which means that the dysthymia isn't gone during a major depressive episode, just covered by it. So if you were to take antidepressants, it would treat both the major and chronic depression. It's also mentioned on the site that " Medications often do not work as well for dysthymia as they do for major depression. It also may take longer after starting medication for you to feel better." But since you definitely need treatment, it is worth trying all possibilities. I hope this helps a little.
  9. Hi and welcome to DF Jenny. I'm sure you have come to the right place. We are a very friendly community and we all share the burden of mental illness. It's great that you have reached out by joining this support group, it's the first step to feeling better. Please take a look around the boards, you can post wherever and whenever you want to. Just make yourself comfortable, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.
  10. People are so confusing, why can't they just say what they mean instead of talking in riddles?

  11. Yep, I can certainly relate to that. It's a vicious circle, depression causes a lack of energy and motivation, so you cannot start and then you become even more depressed because you don't get anything done. There are some things you can try in order to decrease procrastination, but I doubt there is a real way to stop it. I use to-do-lists to keep track of my work and cross out the things I've done. This way I have a good overview of what needs to be done and it's a little easier to actually start.
  12. Hi MusicalOne, Depression is known to negatively affect your immune system and many of us struggle with physical health issues as well. I'm not sure if it might be due to my mental illness, but I suffer with anaemia, iron deficiency and hypothyroidism and my anxiety problems are causing physical symptoms as well. What I'm trying to do is eat healthy, get enough sleep and be as active as possible. I guess those are the basic things everyone can do to help their immune systems.
  13. Hi and welcome SadicusPandicus I'm sorry you're in such a bad place. Lack of motivation is very common with depression, it's terrible how it can trap one inside a cocoon. Have you considered seeing a psychologist? It sounds like you could really need a guiding hand to help you find a new purpose in life, something worth leaving your house for. A professional can diagnose and offer you treatment options. There is always a way out of a dark state like the one you're in. In the meantime, feel free to take a look around this forum. There are lots of very supportive and understanding members. I hope you will find the site helpful, let us hear more from you.
  14. Hi tetsch, I can relate to you as well and you will find that there are many more people here who can. Depression manifests itself differently in each of us, but I believe we are all trying to climb out of the dark bottomless pit. Trying to smile is a great first step, it can actually lighten your heart to fake some happiness. I hope you will feel better very soon. You can always come to this forum for support if you want to.
  15. I'm not sure if it's the same, but I get a lot of flashbacks of random things I said/did that were unnecessary or silly in some way. I am an OCD perfectionist with very little self-esteem and I remember all of these little "mistakes" because I keep ruminating about how I could have avoided them. It's very exhausting, but I can't turn it off. Of course I cannot tell you if you're experiencing PTSD, but if it's bugging you a lot, you should ask a psychologist about it. I'm sure there is form of therapy to help you overcome these annoying flashbacks. Best wishes
  16. Hi Cleo and welcome to DF. Unfortunately, I am not sure I can give you any useful advice, as I have never been in a comparable situation. But I can imagine how horrible it must make you feel, not knowing whether he will come back at all. We cannot look into a person's head, so it's impossible to tell what he is going through, but like Epictetus said, depression can turn one into a completely different person. From a rational point of view, it would probably be best to wait until he contacts you, but I doubt anyone would expect you to act rationally at this point. It is obviously affecting you in a very negative way and it's understandable that you're experiencing anxiety. Something needs to change before it gets worse. Could you write your boyfriend a letter and carefully ask if he feels ready to talk to you? Be gentle with him until you know more about what's going on. Maybe he needs you to take the first step. Maybe not, but in my opinion, it is worth a try. I think what you need most now is a form of certainty and you can only be certain if you ask him directly. I hope things will turn out fine. Please keep us posted, we're here for you.
  17. Lack of creativity combined with obsessive perfectionism. All I want to do is draw and write a little, how can that be so d*** hard?
  18. Even though it's already the 5th here, happy 4th of July! Hope all Americans are enjoying the day off.
  19. The weight gain side effect of olanzapine. Hate, hate, HATE it! And my negative self-image that is making me feel like a walrus, although I've only put on a couple pounds. If I cannot lose weight, I don't know if I can stay on this med, because it would drag me down too much. Which would really suck, as it's working well for me otherwise. ARGH!!! Why can't life be nice and easy, just this one time??
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