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  1. I hope you have an amazing day! ღ Lindsay

  2. same here. I am 37 and feel pretty much unemployable in my industry (accounting & finance) due to a terrible work history I have only had temp jobs in the past few years many just lasting a few weeks or months.
  3. Thank you for your reply and advice

  4. What are your greatest challenges in life?

    Do you see socieyt as all mixed up with its priorities?

  5. and don't know what exactly I am doing wrong I have had several temp jobs over the past two years which have ended for vague reasons. The most recent one I was informed the other morning that the client ended the contract with the agency and not to report to work. I don't know what I did wrong since I was told this project would last 2 months. The job was mostly filing & entering in Accounts Payable invoices, I was told I would be doing regular accounting. But this seems to be a pattern. Everytime something goes wrong or I ask too many questions I get fired and many times its for vague reasons. A combination of ADHD & Anxiety I suppose which makes it hard to focus especially on Accounting or Data Entry type positions. I also think I come across the wrong way to people because I think I ask too many questions and wasn't proactive enough. In this assignment I was trained quickly by the person I was replacing on her very last day. Afterward, my direct supervisor seemed too busy to help me and acted annoyed whenever I asked him a specific question or even for more work and just told me to see the other supervisor to do filing & input. I feel that I am not employable so I have just taken any job I have been offered since my employment history is so bad previous to these temp jobs. I do have a BA degree in Accounting & MS degree in Finance. As a result, I have felt very bad about myself and don't interact with anyone at all. I live alone and don't talk to anyone but parents sometimes.
  6. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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