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  1. Thanks for your response, made alot of sense. I see a psychiatrist once every 2 weeks and a psychologist every week so i'm not alone. Goign to see her tomorrow and get it all off my chest. take care, Mike.

  2. yay you are alive :). yep was my birthday and got totally lashed, collasped and hit my head on concrete heh. too bad your goijng throguh a bad patch ((hugs)). hope to catch you on msn.

  3. Still Alive? heh

  4. errr...come back or ill hunt ya down

  5. Awwww thanks jm :), apart from scoffing half of MY creame egg lol heh

    Hope your ok. luv youuu =)

  6. Thanks Leila you are too :)

    hehe plinkett naw i would never hide from ya :)

  7. lol cheers! you too! x ((hugs))

  8. Happy birthday Flip :)

  9. *throws a stink bomb in justmes house* tehe

  10. Thanks for that! *takes in a big whiff*........*faints*

  11. Happy Birthday Gal !! :)

  12. Thanks Baying! Much appriciated :)

    I'm feeling pretty good, the interview went well. yay

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