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  1. Congrats! :) I've gone to vaping as well. Not had a proper cig in two months :) Saves a lot of money as well. Miss you in chat though :)
  2. I've been on venlafaxine for 4 years and never had this problem.
  3. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  4. Trace

    I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  5. Nice and sunny here today(Reading, UK) about 21c.
  6. Thanks for your response, made alot of sense. I see a psychiatrist once every 2 weeks and a psychologist every week so i'm not alone. Goign to see her tomorrow and get it all off my chest. take care, Mike.

  7. Hey Brit!...Thanks for the comment on my pic in the gallery...

    Take care,


  8. Brit

    Took Cocaine Last Night..

    (((justme))) I feel abit better today, just really tired. yeah im trying think of the negatives....but the good is well really good, and my friends want to do more on frday and new years eve..
  9. lol yeah i would agree with misty, i use to freask out over it but now i think "f**k it i mnot gonna let anxiety rule my life" so i just get on with it, but only make phones when needed still.
  10. Brit


    One thing depression does is distorts our thinking, thats why i'm doing CBT, which is helping. So don't believe the list of words you wrote down. I'm sure your a very nice young lady :) I'd also recommend cbt to anyone.
  11. I've been on Seroquel for 8 months and sleep like a dream every night, but yes it does take sometime to get use to...id give it at least a week before you right it off. Personally im on 400mg but for other issues aswell, i started on 25mg which is the normal starting dose.
  12. .......and i'm such an ***** for doing it :(....feel so crap today which is sad, espicially on xmas day...all i can think about is getting more to feel good again...i mean illegal drug feels so good, espically for a depressive. *sigh I NEED MORE.
  13. Hi everyone. Seems like years since i posted on here, just thought i'd make a 'return'. Well ive been seeing my psychologist for 8 weeks now. undergoing CBT. it seems to be helping to an extent but still alot of work to be done. i like my psychologist though, kind of fancy her! lol but i know this is quite normal, so ive been told. My meds have changed, im now on Zoloft 200mg and Seroquel 400mg for elements of psychosis. Basically i have a certain risk of developing Schizophrenia in the future so my psychiatrist says, but not sure i believe him. So i have check ups and what not and a social worker to keep an eye out o nany new symptoms or if current symptoms get worst, liek seeing things, hearing things, odd beliefs, isolation etc. Mentally i've been up and down, going thorugh suicidal spells and normal spells and cutting has decreased but isn't totally gone. At the moment i kind of im just going through the motions, not really living, but just doing what has to be done for the sake of it, if you know what i mean? I have got a new job which is helping me try and be normal, i work as a electricians mate, kind of his Biotch lol, but it interests me and i hope to do a course soon. so MAY have found a career at last. Anyway not sure what im talking about, so i wish everyone a happy xmas and new year. by for now. Brit.
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