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  1. Thanks...today has gone considerably well. I hope you're enjoying your day also.

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. It just makes me so sad that I have to take medication everyday to make me happy/normal. There was a time when I was the most personable, optimistic person and I now I think I'll never get that person back! I hate feeling drugged up everyday...
  4. So I was on prozac 20mg for 6 weeks and noticed these random, but insignificant, twitches/tics in different parts of my body. My Psych told me that it was probably just me being hyper-aware of my body because I was nervous about how this medication would affect me. Well I stopped taking prozac because it didn't help me, and in fact made me incredibly tired, so my Psych started me on Wellbutrin 150mg xr/xl, and I noticed a gradual increase in the tic/twitches but they weren't that bad...I thought eventually they would go away. But now, since I've upped my dose to 300mg, the twitches are like non-stop...even thinking about them makes them come...It's really scary. Some psychs are coming to my house to see what's up and help me taper off of this medication because since I upped it to 300 I've also felt extremely tired and a bit more depressed and my mental cloudiness/confusion is off the charts!!! Also, I can't exercise at all and I'm constantly sweating like a pig. Has anyone else had these? And did they go away? The thing I'm most afraid of is these things staying after I get off the meds.
  5. Well I read something that said take the other tab 12 hrs apart so that's why I'm a little confused.
  6. These things definitely do take time. For twelve years no guy had every liked me...or asked me out at my school 1-12th grade. And every guy I ever got the courage to ask out rejected me...even on valentine's day. [Why I now hate v-day] I went through those crucial years feeling ugly and unwanted...it's what has made me so self-conscious and self-loathing, but now I've gone to college and suddenly guys are taking interest in me...it doesn't make any sense to me. All this time I've thought that I'm weird-looking and awkward, but guys are actually wanting to know more about me despite my anxiety and depression. What I'm trying to say is that your time will come. People have different things they like about other people..you may be just perfect for someone else that you end up liking later on... For example, I like things that may be odd to other people like nerdy guys, people with braces, all body types, all ethnicities, piercings, tattoos, no tattoos, artists... You just have to keep looking forward to the future. You will get your chance and many chances after that. Hope this helps!!!
  7. That's completely horrid of him to say. Obviously he has alot of his own problems to deal with before trying to be in a relationship with anyone...sounds like he's pretty insecure and childish...that's what I'm getting from his last comment. No one deserves that...if he knows what you're going through depression-wise then he should be more gentle and supportive of you. Good luck!!!<3
  8. My doctor just wrote me a prescription for 300mg xl tablets, but my mom wants me to use the rest of the pills from my 150xl tabs. Has anyone ever taken 2 150xl tabs to equal the 300 ones? And if I am allowed to take two of them should I take them at the same time? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for checking up on me. I'm hanging in there. How are you?

  10. Hello Friend! I hope that you are well on this day!

  11. This is my sixth day of taking bupropion and the other days I was fine and nothing was really annoying accept the insomnia and sometimes subtle ear ringing, but today I'm so confused and absent-minded and it's scaring me a bit...Granted, I've always been a bit absent-minded, my psychiatrist speculates that I may have adhd among other things, but today it's almost unbearable...and it's worrying me. I don't know if I'm really allowed to talk about illegal substances on this forum, but I think it's important so I can fully explain my plight. I have self medicated with illicit drugs occasionally/regularly...it really depends on my shool-load, but last night self medicated...so I'm not sure if that might have anything to do with it. Anyways, if anyone has read this to the end and has any feedback please help me. I also think that it could be the wellbutrin...maybe I'm just not responding to it...it has increased my anxiety significantly along with decreasing my appetite.
  12. The pain got really bad so I just took half a pill....now we wait.
  13. I just started taking wellbutrin xl 150mg on saturday, but I have chronic pain that comes off and on and I was prescribed hydrocodone by my dr. and forgot to tell my psychiatrist about the hydrocodone. Would it be alright to take both? Or has anyone else been prescribed both? I usually only take half a tablet every 6 hours, if that helps. Thanks so much.
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