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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. honestly i know what your going thru im 14 and i dont have any friends and ive never been in a relationship in my life but theres one thing i know things will and do get better and i will be praying for you and i hope things get better and im not saying things will get better now but they will someday just hang in there(if you need to talk message me or email me send a PM.
  3. me and you are the absolute same i am only 14 and going thru the same things you are. if you need to talk i am willing to listen
  4. ok i am going thru the same thing now and i am 14 and in 8th grade and i dont have alot of friends either and no one to trust anymorre how did you get thru it all?
  5. hey, how are you doing?

  6. i have told my parents and all they say is "ignore them and they'll stop"and i tried but it doesnt work and i already had proffessional help i was admitted to red river hospital and that didnt help at all,
  7. my name is anna and i have been bullied my whole life by my parents my bros and sisters and my classmates and i am only 14 and i just want it all to stop but it wont and i have absolutely no trust in ,i have no friends not anyone i cant seem to get anything right anymore i feel like a failure. :verysad3:
  8. everything i do seems wrong so yes i hate myself
  9. same as last time

  10. ok i feel like i am litteraly in hell i feel like no one cares my family calls me,emo,cow,pig,fat assed Biotch,they tell me im a mistake they tell me im worthless and i wont get anywhere in life they say im better off dead and im starting to believe it and i dont know what to do
  11. my name is anna and i am constantly geting bullied at my school and home and i dont know how to stop it and i am TIRED of it and im to the point where i give up on life
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