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  1. i read on yahoo there might be only be 12 months immunity once you have recovered, it would constantly be spreading around the globe which means life would never be the same again, if its true its sad news for bars and restaurants Our only hope would be a vaccine
  2. It seems like we are all struggling, yesterday i got into an argument with a woman in the park when i was walking the dog, her son was running with a football and my dog is a puppy and she started running after him, she just thought he wanted to play, The woman ran up and tried to kick my dog, I just exploded with expletives I can't even go out and not get into some kind of trouble, I'm sooooo down I'm going to have to stop drinking alcohol for a while cause im so depressed, i think it is not mixing well with my mirtazapine, there seems to be nothing else to do, I can't see an end to it i'm not even going to bother getting out of bed today , there is no point!
  3. I feel like i am going crazy, i thought i would be ok with this lockdown as im not the most sociable person in the world, but it is getting to me now. I'm worrying so much about catching covid, i'm obsessed watching the news all the time, im very snappy and angry with my wife, shes sick of me and im sick of myself i got very drunk last night and sat in my back garden talking across the fence to my neighbours which i have never done before, i was just so bored im feeling shame and remorse because i was so drunk i was embarrassing, they made excuses and went inside saying they had to make tea so to sum things up, i'm slowly going crazy!!!
  4. Do You Wanna Know How I Feel? I Feel I Could Of Done Better! I could of done better in life, now and then!
  5. i feel awful ! i lose everything and everyone i have ever loved
  6. More than 1,000 rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa last year Does that not make you feel depressed?????????????????????????? the world is dying and we are doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every news article i read depresses me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Do you know? the reality of it is, NOone can say anything that will make me feel better or comfort me
  8. i have just took my cat the vet to be put down for having cancer she has been going downhill for the last 6 months but i have only noticed that in hindsight and now i feel guilty and my girlfriend's sister has just been diagnosed as having cancer last week. but i have just had 3 bottles of red w ine so im not feeling too bad !!!
  9. yeah i have that too i'm one of few people left in the world that don't even have a mobile phone
  10. Here's a little song I wroteYou might want to sing it note for noteDon't worry, be happyIn every life we have some troubleWhen you worry you make it doubleDon't worry, be happyDon't worry, be happy now
  11. I think it helps a little bit ive been going to the gym for about 2 yrs now and i would say it lessens depression by about 10% Im not sure if it is because of the Endorphins created when training or just the sheer fact that im doing something other than dwelling on the past. if you want to bulk up try taking some protein powder and creatine, that will work for you obviously after the age of 34 the muscle growth is less so just be patient ;-)
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