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  1. You will choose wisely. I am doing what I can to improve myself. Bought lunch more than I wanted to but I am less moody.
  2. You have my condolences. Had to put a little friend down as a kid.
  3. Working, working out, learning.
  4. Tired as I did not sleep well. Unconfident about my work performance but think I am doing the best I can and everything that I need to. Eager to meet a few goals this year. I just need to keep working to do so.
  5. Did some yoga this morning. Might do a bodyweight workout if I have time this evening. Just need to be careful right now.
  6. Not being able to understand the things that I think that I should be able to.
  7. @thatguiltyboy, please breathe if you can good sir. Please slow down so you can stay in your OODA Loop.
  8. Being given misleading information and being criticized for acting on it as I was told to do so. Not being able to find/use the tools that I seem to need for the task I need to do. Not knowing what I feel that I should know. Being bitched at for asking a relevant question.
  9. If this virus was not going around, I would suggest going in to networking meetings. Right now I feel: tired, unsure and resentful.
  10. What else do I need to do to stay secure in my position at work.
  11. Pretty livid. Have been pretty short on work for a while. Then the other week I got hurt and was told 6 weeks off. Been playing phone tag with a recruiter these last couple days. I was too upset to take a call earlier today.
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