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  1. Concerned about getting a few more weeks of work before the year ends. My company is finishing a major project. Going to ask my boss for work tomorrow. Wondering what it is about me if anything that pushes people away. Perhaps I am bit too sensitive.
  2. Having a therapist. Knowing what I want. I can breathe easier.
  3. It is hard to keep things at "I do not know." I can catastrophize a bit myself. I hope that things work out. Right now: A bit brash and lonely.
  4. Yesterday: watched some videos and played a few games, worked out and studied. Meditated and make myself think about more positive things than I usually do. Chatted with a few online friends.
  5. I was finally able to calm down yesterday. I have been able to focus on breathing and shift my focus better.
  6. Hey Mark, Good job taking care of yourself and also not pushing too hard.
  7. @confusion_consumed, Are you able to concentrate on things outside of class? I was diagnosed and later it was ruled a false diagnosis.
  8. Great work. Please try to stay healthy.
  9. Some abs and back calisthenics, elliptical and yoga.
  10. I have been pretty fricking angry this week. I have been thinking about some bad things that happened to me more recently, they could have been much worse. I have been completely unable to focus. I do not like being this way. My breathing troubles have not made things easier. I can distract myself but when I am not I am angry constantly. I would **** myself but I still have things to do. Just mother ****er man. I feel so weak for being like this. Mother****ing just need to concentrate on god damned breathing. I was able to do it in yoga today.
  11. Lifting with legs and yoga.
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