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  1. Do one thing at a time @JD4010. No reason to push too hard. I would see a physician first (to ask about starting a workout) before starting a workout routine.
  2. I have felt that way quite often. I fight on because it is what I have been taught. There are a lot of things that I do that are not good enough for me. I met with my therapist yesterday and he said that I was kicking myself in the butt a lot. For your last question I would politely assume that you have some desire to push beyond your current abilities and become "The strongest!" Best wishes and congratulations on winning that VA case. And foxtrot that coital court dude. If they do not like the references they are well a word that starts with P that refers to cowards. Sadly I do not believe it is legal to female dog slap the judge or opposing attorney. Hope your are winning your battles good sir!
  3. Meditated, played some games, went to the gym, watched a few videos.
  4. I have faith out of pragmatism. From what little study I have done on religion, I have very little respect for them. I listened to a classmate's speech years ago who was or researched Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. He was pretty critical of them. One of my professors had a joke. "How do you make an atheist? You give them a bible." For me what I read in the Bible made me not trust or love god. I saw too many contradictions and cruelties. I saw god as The Great Santini or Mommy Dearest. Being called a blasphemer by a past-turd was funny. After I said in my confirmation class that god was a demonic tyrant. A lot of what I see in faith/religion is little more than confirmation bias.
  5. Glad that my blood tests told found something that is causing some of my emotional and digestive issues. Irritated that I will have to be on pills for it. But they will help with the problem. Ready to go back to work. Probably going in to have a chat with my boss today to see what's up.
  6. That I get a new assignment at work very soon. That I can keep working towards my financial goals. That I can make a few new friends soon. That I can regulate my mood better. That I can find a good new dojo soon.
  7. Watched a few videos on youtube, worked out, yoga, played a few video games, studied for work, and practiced martial arts.
  8. Calming down. I have been having issues sleeping and just got out of bed. Glad I get the house to myself for a few days. The quiet is nice.
  9. Mad at myself for oversleeping. Angry that I am not back to work yet. Grateful for the time off. Glad that I took the time to learn something today.
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