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  1. Read the news, had breakfast, made my lunch, went to work and went home early as there was not a lot to do.
  2. Rattler6

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Best wishes sober.
  3. Rattler6

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Glad that I had a short day at work. Get to take it easy before a professional meeting in a few hours.
  4. Rattler6

    What did you drink last?

    Water. I will likely switch to some beer after me studying and workout.
  5. Rattler6

    What did you drink last?

    Coffee and now switching to water.
  6. Rattler6

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Daddy he once told me, "Son, you be hard workin' man" And momma she once told me, "Son, you do the best you can" Then one day I meet a man, He came to me and said, "Hard work good and hard work fine, But first take care of head" I could not resist.
  7. Rattler6

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Same here sober. I have a few good friends and coworkers (a few who I consider professional friends). A lot of the guys/gals I work with have felonies but I would rather work with them then some lying assholes who snipe at me behind my back. I have been a bit more out going recently. Just small conversations with strangers which is nice. Right now I feel okay (other than listening to a disturbing law video right now). Watched a lot of youtube, did a small workout, video games, did a few chores and am having a third IPA.
  8. Just as it says. For me: Icthyosaur IPA. Had a few interesting teas earlier in the day.
  9. Rattler6

    Last Game You Played

    Rome 2 Total War and Far Cry 5.
  10. Rattler6

    ex reached out

    I would maintain the bridge kindly and politely (something that I think is best to do in most cases unless there was abuse. You never know who will need to ask for help in the future or who will be in power over you). Listen to your feelings. But do to the length of the relationship I would let him down politely if the answer is no. I have cut people out of my life for mistreating me. Had a female friend who ditched me in one of my darkest hours. I will never talk to her again.
  11. I have found the same thing. I used to wear hearing muffs when I was studying in a more noisy area of the library at college. I sometimes put them on when I am in one of my moods and they do help.
  12. I totally feel you. After watching a debate from my state I voted third party.
  13. Rattler6

    Post your day in 1 word.

  14. Rattler6

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Work Decrease IQ
  15. Rattler6

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Paid Be Bored