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  1. About a month and a half ago I was laid off from an out of state job that had kept me on for a year. I had offered to relocate and wanted to. But they did not put me to work. I worked only 3 months out of the year. This was the only decent paying flipping job that I could get. I went back to the position (mudlogging) after promising myself I would not. I am tired of workingout on the rigs. I got a small job in my home town a few weeks before those s***s let me go. This job is far below my training and experience. I cannot seem to do better though. I had a brief job as an assistant grading inspector about 2 years ago but was let go because I failed my review which was after I recovered from surgery. My doctor had not allowed me to do anything work related for a month after. I took it for granted and lost the job which I hated also. I have been reaching out a lot more on LinkedIn. Although I have been talking with a lot more people I have not gotten anything meaningful yet. I have also been taking a course that teaches networking, resume and cover letter writing, etc. These things are positive but they are not getting me results. So here I a college graduate working as a damn driver. I hate it because it is boring. I am trying to move forward. Positivity is not enough. In some ways I feel like Jaime Foxx's character in Collateral. Being some little dreamer b***** who cannot get anything done. I am 32.5 damned years old, have a BS in Geology, less than 10k in the bank, still living at home (at least I have supportive parents). I know I need to be more independent but I cannot seem to find and keep a decent job. My father flew military aircraft 20 years ago and has a very concerning cough. I am studying for a foundations inspector position at this company in town. I just need to pass the panel. I hope you are doing better than me.
  2. Studied for an interview/test and went to it. Applied to 2 jobs. Messaged a few connections, watched an STV episode and practiced a little martial arts.
  3. Just looking for someone to talk to really

    Hello bibblegosh, This to will pass good sir. Focus on what you can control and try not to obsess over what you cannot. Have you read Max Erhman's Desiderata or Kiplings' If? They help. I am someone who has always stayed away from hookups and relationships.
  4. I did more studying for my interview on Wednesday, worked, reached out to a connection, and worked out.
  5. How do I stop this self-destructive cycle?

    I would start learning some marketable skills. If driving is the only thing available take it especially if you are dependent on someone. You never know what might happen to them. Hell, I was let go from a big job not to long ago but got a small on in the interim. I have a big interview on Wednesday I am getting ready for as I feel like a total d**k living at home even though I help as much as I can. It sounds like you spend too much time in your comfort zone. I do the same thing and am trying to break the habit.
  6. After taking psych medication

    I am glad that things are looking up for you. Keep exercising though as weight gain can lead to other issues.
  7. I have felt like chickening myself more than once. I almost walked off a five story building once but did not because a old friend was about to take a licensing test.
  8. Hello, all.

    Welcome to the forums Abstract42.
  9. Constant suffering

    Zos, I wish you peace and comfort. May your mind be still and logical, may the troubled you have inhaled be exhaled out. Namaste
  10. I feel as if I'm going nowhere

    I believe in god, but he has always come across as little more than: Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Dong or Stalin. I have not committed suicide because I promised one of my coaches that I would not. I have wanted to end my shame on numerous occasions. I play a lot of video games, probably too much. But they have kept me out of trouble. Things will pick up you just need to try and learn.
  11. Self critical and hopeless

    My career is on the back burner due to the oil market. My failure to advertise myself has not helped and I am not sure what to do differently. I hope things start looking up for you gandolfication.
  12. Welcome. Remember to pick your battles wisely. The more emotionally compromised you are the less you should do. Take care.
  13. I do not like medications. I was on wellbutrin and adderal (from a false ADD diagnosis) as a kid and some other things. I quit because they were hurting my stomach or something I was on was doing it. I do believe in a good diet and exercise. Have you read "The Brain Warrior's Way," by Amen? It may help you a lot.
  14. My mother quit her job

    If you are not sure what to study, do not start. Take your time and try to learn things that will make you more marketable. Universities have a lot of political BS classes. But a lot of good courses as well.
  15. What Exercise Did You Get Today?

    About a 3 mile walk. Shoulders and abs.