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  1. Maybe a little. I keep going back to Battletech books and mechwarrior games. I do not go back to or think much about my past. Most of what I think about my past is extremely negative even though those memories are a very small amount of time.
  2. Upset. Had less hours than I wanted at work this week. I have been having issues breathing and have been thinking pretty negatively so that is not a good cycle to be in.
  3. I hope that you get back on your feet soon. I needed to get a medication for psoriasis as my scalp was ******* me the other week and the meds really helped (given that I have to wear a hard hard, I have a buff under it, for 4-12 hours). The Apollo missions were an accomplishment (hell, science does not get talked about enough. I loved it but struggled too much). They did a lot with very limited (compared to now) technological capacities. The education system in the US has taken a major dump since then. Hell my state's education system is atrocious. There is a meme about a student whining about not having calculators then there is a picture of an Apollo astronaut with the caption: Neither did we! I am close to an old USAF bird who says that the old A-10 pilots used to be the best map readers he ever met. It is good to get things off of your bucket list. I still have a few things to do.
  4. Probably tell you that you were smart for not pushing yourself too hard.
  5. Clear and sunny. Not too hot either. Dark out now.
  6. A needed rest day. Ran errands instead.
  7. Oddly relaxed. Contractors broke their toys again but I get to charge for standby. I was hoping for at least 40 hours this week but no. I was kind of pissed these last 2 nights about going home early but that is not going to get me more time on the clock. So a bit disappointed.
  8. Yeah you reach a certain age and you start seeing cycles of history in motion. Strangely for me some of the fiction I have read is coming to life. You see a lot of 1984 style stuff coming up (lots of surveillance and increasingly restricted rights and a dishonest government). I have leaned Libertarian for a while but I am not naive about it. I do not like being watched. If the establishment has cameras then you get to wear a mask. I like wearing my face shields for work they keep the sun off of my face and help keep the dust off and out. I do not like the drastic increase in the number of laws that I must follow. A lot of laws to enforce other laws that do not work.
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