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  1. Take it easy on the alcohol. It will only amplify what you are feeling, numb your mind and inhibit your reasoning.
  2. More cleaning, worked out, picked up something I needed to, went to work (which was cancelled), went home to video games and beer.
  3. Thanks Atra. One of our senior guys removed my coworker. We have 2 jerks on our management team. I have learned to use the chain of command over the years and not go charging off solo to trouble. I try to keep breathing to calm down. I have not been meditating as much as I used to. I do like cold showers. Thanks.
  4. Tired. But it is time for coffee and then work.
  5. Schwartz's law: Murphy was an optimist. You will get through it.
  6. Tea. The OT I get this week. My job even though I do not like it.
  7. I have issues with damned intrusive thoughts also. I have been working on choosing my focus. It is not easy but it can be done. I try to prioritize on what is important. It does not work as well as I would like yet.
  8. I did my finances, went to therapy, worked out, cleaned, resisted the urge to say two words to my boss, did some paperwork and went in early for a coworker.
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