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  1. Exhausted. Ready for the end of the week and some sleep!
  2. exhausted, I just need to make it to the end of the week and have everything I need turned in on time! ahh!
  3. Earlier I had a tamale and some mini quesadillas. Later I had some pumpkin seeds because I was peckish.
  4. Does an old AP chemistry book count?
  5. that sounds soooo good. I want to craft Christmas presents, play games, read, study chemistry, and do anything except sleep, even though it's nearly 1am and I should just go to sleep!
  6. Thinking about how I need to sleep for tomorrow (been having sleeping issues) and how weird of s game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is. (It's a video game).
  7. I haven't read in a good month or so. I'm technically in the middle of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and An Ember in the Ashes by Saaba Tahir. I need to keep reading!
  8. Ohgosh, This is something I would discuss with your doctor. My dr has previously told me higher doses help with anxiety so it could be a worthwhile conversation to have. I'm probably going to initiate a similar conversation with my doctor soon.
  9. Hi Hope2016! It's encouraging to hear you're feeling differently already. When I started Prozac I started feeling a difference by the second day. To be honest I actually hadn't heard anyone else who responded so quickly other than myself, so it's a little validating! Like you, I also started on 10mg. I'm glad to hear you've been able to leave the house! Let us know how it goes okay?
  10. I made puppy chow yesterday... I keep eating it because it's so good! So much sugar though...
  11. Oh my goodness you sound like me. I'm actually a former illustrator and designer, but I can't do it anymore because I beat myself up about it so badly. I do other crafts to scratch that itch, including coloring books!
  12. Recently I was talking to one of my peers who was acting like a zombie because she had trouble getting her meds from the pharmacy. I asked if I could get her a drink of water and then asked if she wanted a hug. Her response: "No. .....yes." The following week when I saw her next I asked how she was doing and she was doing a lot better. She seemed really appreciative and I told her briefly about myself just so that she knew I could relate somewhat. She looked me in the eye and said: "If you ever need to talk, I'm here. Really." That was good to hear.
  13. Does anyone craft? I find crafting to be de-stressing for me. I have tried a whole lot of different crafts, but the main ones I do now are crochet/knit and use perler beads to make pixel art. I also like to put washi (decorative) tape on things like binder clips or in my planner to make it pretty. I also like adult coloring books! I have a lot of pens and colored pencils I use for it. Other things I have done previously but not as much anymore (though I have the supplies!): sewn book-binding, polymer clay sculpture, jewelry and chain maille, paper crafts, and illustration. While I love crafting and it helps keep me grounded, I also worry about all the money I spend on supplies and the time used. For instance, I have dozens upon dozens of pixel Mario and Sailor Moon that I made that is just lying around. I worry I could be doing something more productive and spending my money in a better way. But it's being used almost as therapy for me... sigh. I go back and forth! Can anyone relate?
  14. I agree that exercise is probably good for me, but I'm so out of shape and debilitated by depression/anxiety that getting started is really overwhelming for me! It's a catch-22; I feel bad so I need to exercise, but I feel worthless because it's hard, so I shut down more. Do you have any tips for getting started?
  15. Ledam, I'm sorry you've been having trouble! If I was inconsistent with my meds, I definitely felt my mood drop. It's really important to stick to a schedule and take them as your doctor recommended. Maybe you could set a timer or try to take them at the same time, like every morning with breakfast or before bed?
  16. Thank you! I'm glad Effexor worked for your boyfriend! I'm hoping to return to prozac myself, my doctor wants me off meds completely for another week before I start up something. A week just feels really long when you're not on meds though! Glad to hear prozac is working really well for you.
  17. My doctor took me off Effexor. I'm not currently on any medication right now, which might mean a few rough weeks for me.
  18. MuttBenedict, I'm glad you're feeling a little better! I started feeling better pretty quickly when I first started prozac as well. I'm not sure about the anxiety- my doctor told me that higher doses of prozac help more with anxiety, but it's likely that your body is just getting used to the medication. If you're feeling a lot of anxiety however, I would definitely ask your doctor about it. Just take it easy while your body gets used to it.
  19. I was a mess earlier, I was in a daze or stupor or something. I thought getting out of the house would help (I went to get another coloring book!) but driving was a bad idea, I was zonked out. Been feeling really down, worthless, useless, chubby (I'd use stronger words but don't want to accidentally trigger myself or someone reading this). I feel okay-ish right now. Didn't get my work completely done, but I think I'm far enough along to make it through tomorrow. And I've been coloring in my book and watching The Great British Bake Off on Netflix.
  20. Hate, hate, hate nightmares!!!! I have them every night also. Always the same one although the setting varies. Best wishes to you. Thank you Mulberrypie! The worst ones for me are when they are somewhat realistic so when I wake up I feel like it actually happened. I'm sorry you have them every night! I'm fortunate that I don't have them all the time, but I think my meds are making them more vivid and frequent. Ahh.
  21. The side effects are less intense on 37.5mg, but I still have headaches and dilated eyes. I had an actual migraine the other day, which was hard to identify since I've had a constant headache the past 16 days. I'm also supposed to be trying out my new migraine medication, but since I have so few samples I haven't been able to see if it's effective at all. I think the new problem now is that either effexor isn't helping at all or 37.5mg is such a low dose that I feel myself slipping back into an actual depression as opposed to just mood swings and spontaneous crying. As annoying as the mood swings were, I'd take them over a bona fide depressive episode. I'm currently keeping a journal to document symptoms, since during my weird depressed moods I forget everything.
  22. Slept all day. Because of side effects and a migraine. I generally have nightmares when I remember my dreams, so it wasn't terribly relaxing. Now to finish the work I meant to do all day.
  23. Started 37.5mg today. Dilated pupils but this is the first day without headaches or mood swings!! I was slightly queasy this morning but honestly that could have been anything.
  24. Whoa I don't think you're supposed to split the capsules. My doctor just cut my dosage in half from 75 to 37.5mg, I had the same type of capsules you do. But I e-mailed him and he sent in a prescription for the 37.5mg. Maybe you can e-mail or call about that? I'm glad you had a good reaction from one of your good friends! It's always good when you get support from those around you.
  25. I feel like crying, though I'm not particularly sad. I just want to cry so I can get it out of my system. New med side effects sighhh.
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