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  1. Thanks AloneGuy it's good to see you too, has been a little while since I was last on. Yeah I know what you mean, why was a star of his calibre in such a terrible movie lol, its a bit like Jason Statham being in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale along with Ray Liotta and Ron Perlman, they must have spent most of the budget on them perhaps that was why it had such rubbish special effects. Abandoned engineering
  2. I've not seen that one, does the shark roar like it does in Jaws 4?
  3. Lots of rain, after our recent hot weather it's rather wonderful
  4. Chocolate cake, some Italian cheeses with various meats and some Swiss cheese.
  5. Watching one of those anti scammer channels on youtube, they were spying on one of those call centers and the guy was messing with one of them, he went to phone someone and before it could connect his headset started blasting our random rock music and he literally jumped out of his chair
  6. Giving a meaningful compliment and seeing their face light up cos someone had noticed that they had made an effort with their outfit and hair
  7. Its a bit sweltery but not as hot as it was a week or so back.
  8. I burned 2000 calories talking Joking aside I just went for a short walk around the forest, I would guess it's half a mile but at least it was shaded.
  9. I went for a walk round town, only a half mile or so but it kinda makes up for being lazy for the rest of the week
  10. Persevering with listening to a song over and over again until I could make sense of it better and having achieved that understanding made me smile
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