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  1. The Voice of Terror - Sherlock Holmes (a 1942 film) DUN DUN DUN!
  2. I was reading some of his quotes yesterday and he seems a pretty down to earth, hard working, well grounded guy. Might well make a decent president if he ever got the chance
  3. Managed a short forest walk today, legs feel rather out of practice though as I have been lazy recently.
  4. Had breakfast, phoned the bank to sort some payments, chatted to friends online, did some housework, went and did some shopping, read more of my book.
  5. Bit of a mystery that, wish I wasn't in the second category though
  6. Infamous Assassinations - The Assassination of Michael Collins.
  7. Bad news: It's a cold and rather blustery day to be going outside in Good news: perfect excuse to wear my new lilac jumper
  8. Some girls are bigger than others - The Smiths
  9. Makes me think of the tree of woe in Conan
  10. Hello lovely :hugs:I am about half way through writing you back 😁 hope you and the mini lion are okay ☺️

    1. Nightjar


      OK,  thanks lovely.. 

      We is good. Hope all is OK with you too 😀

  11. Yes I have Infamous Assassinations - the assassination of President William McKinley
  12. Today mandatory mask fascism has been introduced in Britain, never though I was actually appreciate having trouble with anxiety before but it seems my GAD means I am exempt from having anything covering my face, no doubt I will still have to deal with ignorant members of humanity but having crohns for years has made me rather used to dealing with stupid people who think your lying if there is nothing obvious to suggest your ill.
  13. Chatting with a friend about amusing bits from episodes of the Simpsons
  14. Having mail in ballots just encourages voting fraud, we had seriously problems in the last election here with lax checks on postal votes.
  15. Sees the MacDonald's logo - *get away from me Satan* The best of Hans Moleman from the Simpsons
  16. Dried wheat module, I believe some humans call it cereal injected with berries of the blue fruit.
  17. Yeah I don't like stuff with a strong fragrance either, the scent is either way too strong or it smells nothing like the description.
  18. Safety dance- Men without hats This song always makes me laugh when I go into town, as the words have taken on new unexpected meaning.
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