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  1. I went and picked up my coworkers and drove us all to another shop to do some training there, was nice having a slower paced day and we had a nice time chatting during the drive 😊
  2. I used to love going there when I was little and we lived not far from London. Moved boxes from one place to another, tagged clothes, sorted media, chatted with co-workers, drank coffee etc.
  3. My next day off so I can have a break from opening boxes of stock, folding women's clothes and colour blocking.
  4. Getting outside at lunchtime and walking in the sun to get some lunch.
  5. Vegetable crisps and some chocolate.
  6. Sins and secrets best bit so far: "In a Alaskan town where every tom, d**k and sarah palin has a rifle finding the weapon used in the crime was going to be hard" Amusing narration right there.. πŸ˜‚
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