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  1. Persevering with listening to a song over and over again until I could make sense of it better and having achieved that understanding made me smile
  2. I really wish Shai Linne would rap a little slower I can't keep up with the speed theology.
  3. I love your avatar 😄 and more so cheesy horror from that golden age ❤️

  4. The Professor The young doctor Ivan Fogle becomes the assistant of professor Voskresensky, a mysterious genius who prefers an enclosed lifestyle. The professor doesn't need an assistant, but as the University’s Board of Trustees insists, he is forced to hire Fogle. In addition to medical practice, the professor helps the police to investigate suspicious cases. There seem to be lots of these police dramas set in the 19th century and based in different countries around in recent years
  5. Chatting to all the strangers I met on my walk today and making many of them laugh
  6. Yeah he had to put up with an awful lot in the time that he was with her.
  7. well I hope it is enjoyed quite like Hawaiian myself, oddball that I am
  8. Not much actually, not that there arent things I wouldnt like but I have no desire for them right now
  9. How was the house? least you got a pleasant drive out to somewhere different and managed to avoid the rush hour traffic, not sure what it's like there but I've been caught in big cities before around 5pm and it's utter chaos.
  10. Considering how many nerdy women there seem to be out there who like D&D almost as much as me
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