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  1. WARNING CONTAINS CLOWNS New Zealand: Man brings clown to redundancy meeting The human resources department at FCB New Zealand encouraged him to bring a "support person" to help cushion the blow, an option that is legally required in New Zealand. But rather than bring a family member, a friend or even a pet, the part-time stand-up comedian decided to splash out NZ$200 (£100) on a clown called "Joe". "Joe" accompanied Josh for the redundancy meeting, where the clown made balloon animals, although he had to be told to stop a few times as it was difficult to hear above the screeching of plastic. 😂 "Boy, oh, boy, are they noisy," Josh said. When Josh was finally delivered the hammer blow that he was to lose his job, the clown reacted accordingly. "He nodded his head along when I received the bad news as if he was also receiving the bad news," Josh said "Professionalism at its finest, really." Josh said he'd highly recommend hiring a clown as support for any suspected redundancy meeting. Perhaps he can squirt your soon to be ex boss with some water
  2. Columbo - M***** by the book At the end of the episode when Columbo is at the road side with the suspect aka Captain Kirk after his car has broken down and he confronts him with the evidence he has that he is the ******er, Kirk goes round to the boot of his car and starts to unzip a gun shaped bag.. "WATCH OUT COLUMBO HE IS SETTING PHASERS TO ****" I shout at the television
  3. That the world of internet dating seems to be filled with superficial time wasters.
  4. Evil twins - Darlene and Charlene came up with a cunning way of defrauding the DOD and by proxy the American taxpayer by millions of dollars. As contractors supplying the DOD they realised that they could change the amount of postage for the shipping the goods to the DOD to ludicrously large amounts of money and there was no oversight going on at the other end so the invoices got paid and they were getting $500000 for shipping a 19 cent bolt to the military. $21 million dollars later and their crimes finally caught up with them..
  5. Helping a friendly tourist who looked lost and chatting to my friend who works at the cinema and I haven't seen in a while.
  6. Dear @evalynn Happy birthday hope it proves to be an enjoyable one!!
  7. Travelling on the train for the first time in years, the journey was a little tedious however I had a lovely half hour chatting with the tanned young lady who was sat with me at the table 😊 , she was from London but also lived in Australia for a while and had Irish connections.
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