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  1. Quite a pleasant stroll today, I got some new work out gear recently and it seems a shame not to use it as it keeps me lovely and cool I walked from home to a distant village and back, a total of 8 miles or thereabouts so I feel pretty tired now.
  2. Chatting to a friend about Victorian tiles, some of them are so pretty ❀️ also going for a walk πŸ˜„
  3. A lovely "ripe" blue cheese , it stinks so good!
  4. You're welcome Bulgakov, he certainly was a dangerous man who would turn on even those who where totally loyal to him. The thing I found most interesting what it linked the relationship between his wives and his advisors as often they were pushing various marriage candidates to the king for their own advancement/religious reasons, although that often proved their downfall as in the case of the Boleyn family who apparently all came to bad ends as a result of their propensity for scheming!
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