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  1. We are living in a world that seems to be become more distant and impersonal all the time. Nothing much other than the Hocicobot maintenance activities and going for a walk
  2. The album cover art for that album reminds me of Gunship Echo Image - Skulk
  3. Well if I ever get one you can come along for a ride on it and shoot off some bursts from the 60. cal
  4. I would quite like to have a Bell U-1 Huey helicopter and be able to hire a pilot to fly me around in it
  5. Never let a stranger in your cab, in your house or in your heart... unless he is a friend of labor
  6. Rocco Schiavone - an Italian crime drama, I am hoping it will be like Montelbano but different as well
  7. I am going for a walk in the forest in a few hours time, wonder if I will see any deer or squirrels again today
  8. Roman Battle Tactics 109BC–AD313 "Ave Claudius" "Ave Metellus" "So it looks like the barbarian scum wants to fight today" "Yes so it does" "Hmm well I was thinking Triple Acies with our right flank secured by that convenient river and our left flank screened by some of the amateurs.. sorry I mean Auxiliary cavalry"
  9. Morgan Freeman turned his ranch into a bee sanctuary, awesome
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