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  1. I am guessing that's a jumbo sized book? sorry couldn't help a pun 😊 Magnetic storm - Richard Dean
  2. Occasional bursts of rain with some cloud, quite cool but not windy.
  3. Downton - somewhere in season 5, Miss "Rosa" Bunting is causing uproar upstairs , Daisy is helping Mrs Patmore to write a letter to petition for Archie to be included on the war memorial, Mary tried to break things off with Lord Gillingham but he refused and the police are questioning if Anna was involved in the death of Mr Green 😲 Edith is getting emotional because she can't see her child she has secretly housed with an farmer and his wife who lives on the estate. Another busy day in Downton 😂
  4. Just a quick stroll round the local forest, was a bit muddy underfoot but was nice to be outside for a while 😊 also I remembered to respect the forest, after all you have to get with the bracken and move with the moss
  5. Hope you're ok lovely :hugs: just thought of you and wondered how you were so I came to see you 😊

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    2. hocico


      Ah well I wanted to make sure you were okay lovely :hugs:cool beans, glad to hear your are so 😊  how is the lion that pretends to be a cat? :laugh:  I'm doing good TY, went antiquing today and was listening to the mighty boosh in the car :laugh: , was nice to see things opening up this last week but I won't be going out to eat for a while yet, even if we are being bribed to do so with a meal voucher! 

      Johnny Two Hats: “I’m Johnny Two Hats, why do you think they call me that?”
      Vince: “Is it because you’ve got two hats on?”
      Johnny Two Hats: “Bingo.”


      Aw I look forward to reading it when you do :hugs:

      Lovely to hear from you,

      Mr Hocico

    3. Nightjar


      Mini lion doing well 😁

      She did some exploring in a box this morning and I woke up to a polystyrene snow storm in the box room (her room) 😂🌨️🐈

      You gotta love her 🤣

      I dont blame you for not eating out yet. Its gonna be a while before we all feel comfortable with that again isn't it?! 

      Yes, it's good to see things opening again, it feels nice to me too, though it's noisy and dirty again here in the big smoke 😷

      I'm heading for a little walky in my little meadow in a little bit for a teeny bit of freshness....

      I've sent your email. Hurrah! 

      Speak soon 😅

    4. hocico


      Aw goody 😁 reading about her antics always makes me smile :smile:

      How naughty! so it was snowing INSIDE the house was it? :laugh: my lil doggie used to love smashing polystyrene to bits inside the house too 😂

      Hard not to when she does mischievous but yet adorable things like that is it :laugh:

      Yeah I don't really fancy the risk, and to be honest with you the atmosphere is going to feel tense and uncomfortable at the moment anyway in restaurants, I go out for food to relax not to feel like I am a hazard. 

      Aw bless, sounds like the pollution levels are rising again from what you have said :hugs:

      Hope you have a lovely meadow walk and enjoyed the fresh feeling :hugs:(sounds like a softener advert :laugh:) I'm doing good today, watched the Darjeeling limited earlier and thought it was a very good film 😂

      I loved reading it 😁 I will try and write you back soon lovely

      Hope your well and talk soon 😂

  6. I did 3.2 miles walking across the countryside today, path was a bit uneven but at least the weather has been nice and cool, didn't see much in the way of other folks but I did encounter a stray sheep stood at the side of the path eating the grass
  7. Playing the "I'm suing you" game with a friend where we come up with increasingly ridiculous reasons to sue each other
  8. Some cake a friend made me 😄
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