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  1. Lucky Luciano certainly lived up to his nickname, the dude got out of a 30 year jail sentence, a ticket to Sicily and the chance to actually reach old age.
  2. The adventures of Comrade Holmes and Dr Watson - I finally managed to find an upload of the second episode of this Russian series with English subs.
  3. To catch a smuggler - about the CBP officers at JFK and their work.
  4. Bananas and custard - it reminds me of school dinners
  5. Bryan Adams & Luciano Pavarotti - 'O Sole Mio - I so wish I could have seen Luciano preforming live whilst he was still with us
  6. I knew you'd say that. - Judge Stallone making it clear that he has heard all you're pathetic excuses for breaking the law and you will shortly be spending five years in the iso cubes.
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