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    Bowling, going to the gym, going to church, talking to strangers, cuddles, hill climbing, music

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  1. hocico

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    Gary Numan - Berserker live from the hammersmith odeon in 1984, man this song gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.
  2. hocico

    what are you watching right now?

    Paddington station is one of the big stations in London , it was looking at the working lives of the people who keep the station going including the lady who drives the train and waves at everything including the magpies , I was thinking of the Paddington bear children's stories in the first story he gets found abandoned there at the station by the Brown family with a big label round his neck which reads "Please look after this bear. Thank you." hence his name
  3. hocico

    what are you watching right now?

    Paddington Station 24/7 - it's much more exciting than you would imagine , no bears though
  4. hocico

    What Are You Doing? #10

    Listening to the prelude to Lohengrin and eating before I go and read some more of my book.
  5. hocico

    What Are You Eating? #2

    and peas
  6. hocico

    What was a small victory you had today?

    I went and socialised instead of hiding in my bed, it was actually quite fun.
  7. hocico

    Post your day in 1 word.

  8. I better go and buy the tickets today.
  9. hocico

    What Are You Eating? #2

    Beef Jerky
  10. hocico

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    Simple Gifts - The Aaron Copland version
  11. Sorry I was slightly hyper before today an exhibition in minimalism
  12. at least your coffee is coffee coloured, they only seem to have green tea on here which I like but only on occasion , this morning I have to be awake to volunteer so I need caffeine Aw (bonus points to you for use of the geek face with the big glasses ) I sometimes find the screen a bit blurry as well to read Is it a dog.... is it a rat... Noooo its a cat (sorry I was watching superman earlier ) its okay I believe you I remember our conversation previously about you having meow meows YAY CAT CONGA
  13. YAY oooh thats a hot beverage of some description, I was thinking it was soup or something similar , I love the one
  14. ((hugs)) the bacon was pretty darn good :laugh:

    1. velvetpuddles


      I was looking for a cracker for myself, but no such luck!! 😂😂