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  1. *Makes aeroplane noises* "Oh non it is zee ved Baron!" Fokker Dr-1 vs. Sopwith Camel over the western front
  2. Cold but generally fairly still.
  3. As with many great television series A filmography on yootupe about the life of Tom Bosley it's making me want to sit and re-watch the Father Dowling Mysteries again
  4. It's cold, it's raining, so of course I am going for a walk as noted by Nightjar spring is sort of on it's way.
  5. @Nightjar What film perchance did you watch?
  6. Ah yes quorn can be a bit bland, not sure how my veggie friend manages to eat it so often Well I am having Ham sandwiches for lunch yet again to tempt you even more naughty naughty hocico!
  7. The best coffee is uber strong, makes your mind go On that note, raw coffee with the tiniest amount of water
  8. Ah was it the texture? Ham sandwiches
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