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  1. Perhaps a lower dose? I take .25 2x day and that with buspar is covering 90% of the anxiety, perhaps less in winter months...
  2. Well it's been about 6 weeks. I am surviving it better than zoloft. On 10mg 3x day. It spins my head about 45 min after I take it for another hour and definetly makes me a bit lethargic. Panic is gone. I think that ultimately I should continue with this med, perhaps at a lower dose combined with something else. Things aren't right yet... Just don't know what else it out there. Dealing with IBS D currently and insomnia.
  3. Re: peter Thanks, this is what I was looking for, I can deal with the current side effects, they are less than SSRI's were ongoing.
  4. So I have been on numerous SSRI's / SNRI's for anxiety and panic but side effects have been too much to handle. Last one, Zoloft made me so anxious and I was losing a lb a week of weigh. So my psychiastrist prescribed buspar (along with my current klonopin). From research I understand it is a hit or miss, but if it is a hit, the side effects (especially sexual) are far less than what I have been on. Currently taking 15mg (5mg 3x day) on day 6. Side effects are dizziness and general lethargy. They are tolorable, however wondering if these side effects are transitory or ongiong. Thanks
  5. Well did make the plunge, it wasn't great, spent 3 days in NYC 1 week on day 4 of zoloft, it hasn't been fun. Only peaceful place was walking in central park. Don't know how New Yorkers can live like this... My biggest concern now is that I may be becoming dependent on Klonopin, have been on a low dose since my panic's a year ago, but now need 1/4 mg to stem it off, then I get real tired. Hopefully the zoloft will eventually settle in and take care of the gad as well as the panic. Talking to my dr this week about low dose of a beta blocker, but my pulse is already on the low side (before anxiety attacks).
  6. I am starting zoloft, probably tomorrow, but not sure if I should wait. Have been on various SSRI's, SNRI's but haven't found the perfect one. Currently on Cymbalta which somewhat stops my panic (with help of Klonopin) but still feel anxious a lot, plus cymbalta is costing me 100.00 mth. So dr and I agreed to give Zoloft a try. I am very sensitive to meds, so starting at 12.5 for a few days. Just wondering if being on cymbalta and other meds for so long could startup be easier? Have a big travel weekend coming up and Christmas next week, so just wondering if I should delay the start. Ideally I should be on a beta blocker, but my heart rate is too low and I am an athlete so don't want stuff that stops me when I am pushing. thanks
  7. I have IBS and have been on Cymbalta, hopefully just for another few days. One problem with Cymbalta is its time release, if you have IBS D, basically you could end up not getting your dose into your body. It has happened for me, and need to augment it with more klonopin. If you have IBS D, ask your dr, or preferrably a gastro about Rifaximin, it is an antibiotic that focuses on the GI track, used for travellers diarrhea. Good stuff, in the US it is brand name only so it is expensive to get, but I had my dr write a script to Canada.
  8. Currently taking 30mg Cymbalta for Panic/GAD, working but severe dry mouth. I am a very active cyclist, so this is beyond annoying. I am very sensitive to all SSRI's, was on just 5mg of lexapro and negatively affected me. Tried Vybrid, but didn't stop the panic attacks and felt very "rough" in my system. Dr tried to take me off all SSRI's and just go with Klonopin for a while but that didn't work, panic'd on the third day wanting to hit the ER. Would like to have my sex life back as well as normal feeling mouth. Is it possible? Just wondering what to talk to Dr. about next...
  9. Tried Viibryd for about 6 weeks, I am highly sensitive to all SSRI's/SNRI's so I was only taking 15. Was taking for anxiety/panic that peaked a year ago. It didn't feel well in the stomach and generally had this "rough" feeling in the body. Had small crisis situation last week, and totally panic'd, so back to Lexapro trying w/100mg wellbutrin. Really wanted it to work, but was not to be.
  10. Hi, My Psych just switched me from Cymbalta to Viibryd. We are still searching for the perfect med for my panic/anxiety/agraphobia. SSRI's killed sex drive, cymbalta at 60 killed it, but even a 30 caused dry mouth. I am a cyclist, so that wasn't too good. After 2 days on Viibryd, taking it a dinner, I had full diarrhea today. I do have stomach problems, either from diabetes (bacterial overgrowth) or the seritonin sensitivitie down there. Specific question, for those who tried Viibryd and had stomach issues, did they go away or remain? Just wondering if I should drop the experiment now for stay with it. Thanks,
  11. I have been through the whole gammit of meds the last 6 months. Was on remeron for bit over a month and the dizziness drove me more anxious. For the past week I was put on effexor just 37.5, and moved up to 75, but the side effects hit fast and hard. Complete fatigue, severe dry mouth, immediate sexual side effects. My NP kind of wants me to stay with it, but I can't, and going to go back to an old standby - celexa. She didn't tell me if the switch could be direct or if I need to do both for a while. I will be on 10mg for a while, and assume go to 20. Comments?
  12. Thanks. Just dropping to 7.5 mg last night and taking my initial dose of Effexor my diziness dropped significantly, hopefully remeron was just the wrong med for me
  13. Due to horrendous side effects including dizziness, lack of any ability to reduce panic, loss of control of my diabetes, etc, etc. My psch nurse has moved me over to effexor, any comments on in general side effects are easier on this drug? Hopefully the sexual side effects won't be as bad as the regular SSRI's. Thanks
  14. I started on 15mg of Remeron month ago and now upped to 30mg. I take it 1/2 to 1 hour before bed, but my body is actually energized so I can't sleep, I started taking 5mg ambien, but now that doesn't seem to be working. Could this med be opposite for me? Dizziness is also a substantial issue, especialy after exercise just standing around, I hope this goes away. I was taking lexapro, but hated the side effects. Are there any other classes of meds I can discuss with my nurse practitioner that deals with panic and anxiety? I am on low dose (1/8 mg 2 times a day) of Clonazepam for past 5 mos, and trying hard to get off of these. Thanks,
  15. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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