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  1. Does anyone have Diarrhea on Zoloft? I take it in the morning have a cup of coffee and am on the toilet a couple times after.
  2. Have been taking 10mg of Lexapro for 6 months. Felt great then started feeling like i did before i started taking it. Angry, moody, irritable. So i increased it to 15mg. I feel better but my anxiety has increased. Especially in the mornings. Is this normal? Will it subside?
  3. How much are you taking? Same thing has happened to me. Was on 10 mg for 6 months and felt great. Then i started feeling like i did before i was taking it. Depressed, moody, angry ect. Increased to 15 mg and am hoping it works. The only thing it has made my anxiety high.
  4. Have been taking Lexapro for about 6 months. Worked well. Now it seems to wearing off. Depression has come back with lack of interest in much. Is doing well with my GAD as i do have bouts of anxiety but nothing i can not handle. I see some taking 15-20mg but read that you really should not take more than 10 as not much proof it does much more than 10. Thoughts?
  5. Have been on Lexapro for 25 days. Have had nausea feelings and some diarrhea. Does this ever go away or will these side effects stay with me? Feeling good mentally on it but the nausea is just unsettling. Also i was on Busbar for a year and it helped my anxiety but not mental health, made me over eat and had weird dizzy feelings after i took it so my Dr. switched me to Lexapro.
  6. Been taking Prozac for 7 wks and it has not helped my GAD. I was originally on Celexa and this did not work. Dr. said we may try a Busbar since it is a different family. Anyone have these problems were Prozac did not work and tried Busbar?
  7. I was wondering if anyone new why my anxiety is at its worst in the morning when i get up? Tingling face, stomach pains and just feeling like crap. I was on Celexa for 2 months and it did help my panic attacks but still had these feelings. Trying Prosac right now but only have been on for 1wk but i still have these feelings in the morning. Thanks
  8. She started me on 10 then to go up to 20 and then 40. She said a week or 2 on 10 and the same with 20 and then go to 40. Thanks for all the info.
  9. What should i expect from Prozac? I am switching from Celexa to Prozac after Celexa not working after 4 months.
  10. We are going to try Prozac as the Dr. said they like to try 2 from the same family before moving on. If not then we may move to a Buspar. I hope this works.
  11. Thanks everyone. I was on 20 for a month then 40 for a month now on 60 for a month. I have had the same feelings through out as they start out working but over time the feelings come back. Going to the Dr. today.
  12. I started on 20 then went to 40 yet i was having the same symptoms. So she she upped it to the maximum of 60. I have not tried alcohol on it yet.
  13. Im new to the forum. Started having severe anxiety a few months ago. Was having panic attacks here and there but nothing serious. Then i found a lump on my side and all hell broke loose. It is only a fatty tissue but since then i am suffering from general anxiety. I was put on effexor but the side effects were bad so i was swithched to Celexa. Now up to 60mg yet i still have issues. Worse at night and in the morning. Just feeling terrible, face very tingly and left eye flutters. Just feeling of anxious but no panic attacks. DR. said we may try welbutron. Any opinions are were to go from here?<br style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important; "><br style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important; ">Thanks<br style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important; ">Joe
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