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  1. Hey guys hope you are all well After seeing the psychologist/psychiatrist for a while now and being on lexapro I have seen little improvement in my symptoms. Most of the time i stay in my room or house because whenever I step outside I feel very uncomfortable and frequently have panic attacks. I now realise that there will be no quick recovery, no miracle cure. I am unemployed and most of the time house bound. I have recently been thinking about what I'm going to do during my slow recovery, as I don't just want to sit here and rot. I live in Australia and you can do complete university courses online, I have been thinking of maybe studying computer programming because as I see it, if I end up house bound for ages this may be a way that I could make money from home. Anyway just felt like writing something and getting it out of my head. I feel like when I talk to my parents they try to offer solutions and just listen.
  2. Hey sumflower I can relate with you on this. I used to come from work and feel nothing but emptiness. I'm currently not working at the moment to try and get better. I guess the way I find happiness is trying too look at something in my life that I am greatful for and I am happy about. At the moment it is that 2 of my really close friends are getting married in 2 weeks and I am using that as a way to make myself happy, because they mean so much to me I want to be there and see them happy and that in turn will make me happy. Sometimes we look at the big picture to much and try to look into our future too far, which in turn makes us depressed. Find something small, anything, anyone that your proud to have in your life, take it one day at a time, one step at a time, one smile at a time. Use the smallest moment of happiness as motivation that there is hope for more of it. An example of a very small thing that I'm happy about at the moment is coffee, because it tastes great anyway I hope this helps you, we all have some reason to go on living and to be happy, even if its little. Also remember this, you are not your job Nick
  3. Hey guys me again quit my job the other week and gonna go on disability for a while until i recover from my GAD/depression. Having all this time to think has done me some good. You begin to think about all your ups and downs, how you felt, the friends you lost because of your condition, The job positions that you lost that you could have been making alot of money from ( I was on $80,000 when i was 20, about to go up to 100,000, now I'm unemployed). The hardest bit is acceptance, and that is a way to recovery, acceptance. Accepting that you gave away things that you treasured deeply, oppurtunities lost, people you lost through your unpredictabe moods that you truly loved. It truly is the way to move forward, but at the same time its the hardest bit. Anyway my question is, how long did it take you all to accept all the bad stuff that happened and really move forward nick
  4. Hey guys, I'm in a really tired, down mood, but fighting to see the awesome positiveness of life :) What are you thankful for in your life? even if its just one thing
  5. Hey guys Just came back from spending a few days with some old friends that I went to school with. You know the ones that you don't see often but can call at anytime and talk for hours, even tell them about how yourfeeling with depression/anxiety and they will never judge, or will let you stay at their place for however long you want with out any problem. It has really put some things into perspective. My current friends in my town aren't nearly as giving or caring about me. At times they would make jokes at my expense, and I used to just accept this as a part of friendship. However once I reconnected with my old friends I have realised who my true friends really are. I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise this, wow, sometimes we can lie to ourselves about who we think are our good friends. Hmmmmm anyway just thought I'd write about some positive thoughts that i had ciao Nick
  6. Hey guys I have to decided to start and contribute more to this forum as I have been reading for a while but not actively participating in discussion. So I'm going to start seeking some support and at the same time supporting others in their pursuit fora better quality of life. I have been taking alot of days off work recently due to anxiety and depression and I am starting to get concerned. Although I really dont enjoy the job its still an income and It supports me by keeps a roof over my head and food in my belly. So this brings me to my first question? Has anyone taken an extended period off work to recover properly from mental illness? I am currently on 10mg of lexapro for anxiety/depression an am going to see a pyschiatrist next week as I believe I still have ADD from when I was younger (haha it takes me so long to write a post as I keep loosing concentration.) Looking back through my life as an adult (I am currently 23) so many things can be explained now that I have been diagnosed. Things I once though were just part of life, like feeling like crap all the time, getting nervouse/anxious, not being able to concentrate, having difficulty talking to people/socalising, I now realise are not normal and that there is hope. In realising this however there are times that I have felt worse, and am worried that It will never get better and I'll always have difficulty holding down a job or maintaining a relationship. There is a liberating feeling though in acceptance of who you are, and to begin to love yourself all over again (faults and all) any guys I'm loosing concentration so until next time Nick
  7. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  8. Hey guys My name is Nick, I live in Australia and I have recently been put on espiram for depression/anxiety. After ignoring the feelings of extreme sadness and anxiety over the years I finally sought help and have been put on esipram. Its only the 2nd day of it so no real difference yet, (may take a couple of weeks.) Ever since I've really acknowledged that I'm felling depressed and anxious I feel It has gotten worse. Today I had to turn around and go back home when I was walking to work as I had an anxiety attack when I got into the city and felt really nauseas and couldn't make my heart stop beating fast. Anyway at home now so feeling much safer, This is a problem in itself as I'm so used to my home being a safe haven that I've grown anxious of the outside world and being around large groups of people. Hopefully I get the help I need from friends and family to get me through this. It scares me though as I don't want to loose my job. I've already told them about my depression and anxiety and they understand, but I don't want to be absent from work all the time. But hey the road to recovery is a journey, not a destination, so with the right support, I can make it through this
  9. Went to the doctors the yesterday after seeing a psychologist and told him that I needed something more, as I had been going for months but had no results. He has put me on espiram (i think thats it) and I have been taking it for 2 days. Today is day 2 and I was walking to work and suddenly felt really sick and anxious, more so than usual. I had to turn back home. I realised that once I got in my house I am fine. It's like I am afraid to go outside of my house, or anywhere there is lots of people. This really worries me, as now it is affecting my work, How can I work when I'm too afraid to leave the house, I really do hope the side effects of this drug wear off soon and I can really begin on the road to recovery. Anyone else had this drug before?
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