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  1. Everything I'm reading states it is for manic episodes. I do not have bipolar episodes. I experience extreme downs and it is difficult for me to get out of bed.
  2. Was it temporary? That is my main concern. What dosage were you prescribed?
  3. I've been on Lexapro for a long time, but my depression and anxiety are still a problem. I was put on abilify and then rexulti with no results. I kept sleeping too much on rexulti. My psych doc wants to try lithium. She says it is a mood stabilizer. I've read it has some serious side effects. My main concern is renal disease. I already feel like I urinate too much as it is. I've read that it can cause further issues. Do you think it is worth trying, or should I ask for a different medication? I don't know if there are many avenues left. I've tried multiple antidepressants and lexapro seems like it is the only one that works. That is why the pdoc doesn't want to take me off of it to try something else.
  4. What are some sites or resources I can use to find a good psychiatrist? If someone has a recommendation for the Orlando area, I would appreciate it.
  5. I've tried numerous depression medications (sertraline, lexapro, paxil, and cymbalta). I always came back to lexapro. I've been on it for the last 4 years. I feel like it is not working as well or I've become more depressed. I have an appointment coming up with my primary care physician. I was thinking about asking to switch or just go the supplemental route. Do you think it is better to just try adding a medication like abilify? My issues are depression and lethargy. I just don't seem to have the energy to do anything or want to do anything. This includes things I enjoy doing like fishing.
  6. We made a huge decision a few years ago that turned out to be horribly bad. The repercussions will severely affect my entire family for the rest of our lives. I keep having ruminating thoughts about the decision and what if's about it. I think about why I didn't put more effort in taking the other position and talking them out of it. I also think about not following through after the decision was made to possibly mitigate any damages. I can't get them out of my mind, even when I stay busy. This happens to me on other things as well. When my Uncle passed away. I kept replaying events and things I should have done for close to a year now. Now, the new issue has drowned out some of those thoughts. Do you have any cognitive tips on how to deal with the thoughts? I'm currently on lexapro which does seem to help. I also take rhodiola.
  7. One of my family members was held on a 72 hour psychiatric hold for suicidal ideations. I set him up with a dual program. It is for alcohol abuse and psychiatric disorders. It seems more like it caters to the abuse aspect. He has to go 3 times a week and discusses mostly alcohol related issues. He just goes to a psychiatrist once a month to adjust medications. I don't know if the depression is influencing the drinking, or it is the other way around. I think he drinks to self medicate. I would like to help him tackle his depression more. Should he be seeing a psychologist as well? I'm not sure how often one would see a psychologist or psychiatrist or if one normally sees both at the same time. I'm just looking for some guidance. Thank you
  8. I've been having some health issues. It seems to be tied to my food intake, as I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I'm not sure if my depression and anxiety stem from this or not. My primary care doctor has been prescribing me meds. I have taken lexapro, sertraline, cymbalta, and buspirone. They all seem to help somewhat with anxiety. Buspirone works the best for anxiety. I was very productive on cymbalta, but I also was more depressed. I don't know if the increased productivity was from my diet or the meds. I recently changed insurance, so I have a new primary care physician. Should I stick with the primary care doc to figure out my health issues? I have a huge reluctance to go to a psychiatrist.
  9. I was on cymbalta for around 6 to 8 weeks. At first I had severe anxiety, I just attributed this to my discontinuation of sertraline. It only lasted for a week or so. My anxiety seemed to be normal. I did become more depressed. I decided to come off of it due to the added depression. The weird thing is I was more productive during the time I was on it. My mind seemed to be more clear as well. I don't know if this was due to something else I was doing right or the cymbalta. Did I give up too soon on the SNRI? I am back on sert with buspar now. It seems to work on my anxiety (I think it is the buspar). My productivity isn't high, however. I don't seem to be depressed.
  10. I keep replaying events in my head over and over again. What methods are effective in stopping the racing thoughts? I have more anxiety reliving the event than I do actually experiencing it. I usually get angry and sometimes say words out of the blue (angry), or I'll make a sudden movement. I don't think it is touretts. I just squirm or step on the gas while driving in anger. I'm currently on buspar and sertraline. My doctor thinks it will help with the negative thoughts. I always get angry thinking about the past.
  11. I noticed when I get worked up I lose any sense of inhibition. I call friends that I haven't spoken to in a while to ask for advice. I also have more confidence for a short period of time. It actually lasts for a couple of days. My last incident happened when a guy tried to scam me in person on craigslist. Do you think it is cortisol release? I don't have the same reaction when I'm stressed. I seems like my senses and brain function at a very high level when I get worked up. I have high cortisol levels that I'm trying to bring down due to a health condition.
  12. Thanks I'm just looking for opinions not medical advice. What works/worked for others may very well work for me. My doctor does not provide much help.
  13. I have been having some health issues. The main symptoms are: Vision problems brain fog/ cognitive issues My PCP asked me if I wanted to try an antidepressant, since I have had anxiety my entire life. I started off on zoloft. The side effects I experienced some sexual side effects that went away after a few weeks. I decided to switch to lexapro because I started twitching on zoloft. I took the more is better approach. I went from 25mg - 50mg - 100mg - 200mg in a short period of time. My anxiety seems to have decreased on lexapro (currently on 20mg). I seem to be experiencing depression. Basically, I feel like the lexapro works for my anxiety, but I still have loss of interest and am not motivated. I am debating on whether I should switch back to zoloft and just take it slow or stick it out with lexapro. I experienced no side effects with lexapro. Are side effects a good marker to tell whether or not a drug is working? Should I try another antidepressant all together?
  14. My PCP put me on Lexapro because she couldn't diagnose my health problems. She said it must be all in my head. I went to an endocrinologist this past month and did a 24 hour urine test. It came back high (155 the normal range was 20 to 50). The endocrinologist wants to rule out cushings syndrome, so she ordered a blood test for AM cortisol levels. I have to take dexamethasone the night before. I was wondering if the high cortisol levels could be due to Lexapro. I did not put Lexapro as one of the medications I am taking. I am debating on whether or not to call and have it added or just add the information on my next visit. I doubt the doctor will review it, unless there is a high correlation between lexapro use and cortisol levels. Should I hold off on the test?
  15. I have been taking sertraline since February. I am up to 150mg. I do not think it is helping much with my anxiety (reason I'm on it). Whenever I increase dosage, I notice a sedative type effect. This seems to make me numb. It will then wear off after 2 weeks, so I think it is just an initial side effect I'm experiencing. I have been experiencing additional side effects (twitching, shaking hands, ringing ears), so I want to try a different medication. I want to switch to Lexapro. I don't think my doctor will object to it. How should I make the transition? Should I taper off of Zoloft or just make the switch? I get the prescription from my Gen Physician. I don't know if that is a good option. Also, I was thinking about asking for a medication that will decrease anxiety during isolated events. My anxiety isn't too bad, but I feel like I don't do certain things because I imagine the situation going bad. I guess I am looking for a benzo. I also read about Buspar. I don't know if that is a good option.
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