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  1. Costco in Denver is really good they have a sign please wait here for the privacy of others...........that should be standard practice and your HIPPA card idea is good.
  2. Sorry I have had the same problem. I almost went apes*** on the pharmacist at Walmart in Denver Metro for asking me do you know the effects of Risperdal with 20 people standing behind me. I said hi how in the **** would like it if I hack into your computer and broadcast your SS# over the PA for the store to hear. I told her you are a professional and you better start acting like one before I have your job. Now when I am in close quarters and can feel conversation going down an uncomfortable path toward my MH issues I right them down followed by this is HIPPA protected and when they finish reading I take the paper and shred it.
  3. I would give myself a 6 a huge improvement. The irony, is what is triggering my BP1 so much, is trying to get help for my mental health problems and navigate the system with almost no support, it's daunting. Less stress equals higher number from me. Send me on vacation to the Caribbean and I would be a 9.
  4. Agreed don't take sleeping pills unless absolutely necessary. I was politely told I may have to take them for the rest of my life because of refractory insomnia, using pills to long no addicted. Read up on Eminem rapper he was addicted to.
  5. I respect those that believe............I am a struggling Agnostic wife Atheist. When you grew up with abuse, neglect, and plenty of other crap you really question the concept of a "higher power". Religion to me, was developed at a time science was ignorant. People needed something to believe in a scary, unpredictable world. Satan is just a way to scare the crap out of kids to get them to comply. BTW Bill Maher's Religulous is just awesome.
  6. I guess I am the one BP person that doesn't spend a lot of $$$. I told my therapist I learned early I couldn't count on my Mom and Dad, but with money I can always start a new life. Too bad money is short right now LOL.
  7. My personal fav...........You start discussing one topic, jump to 2 others, and circle back to one and finish it.
  8. Taking large doses of Niacin 500 mg on up helps my racing mind more than Lamictal or any other traditional drug. You can look up orthmolecular medicine on YT if you want to read up. Lamictal works ok and has been the least harmful of the 8 I have taken.
  9. One of the hardest is ew your hands are gross why do you sweat so much! I had the pleasure of inheriting both BP genes, GAD, and Hyperhidrosis from Pops. What a Trifecta.
  10. " You remind me so much of your Dad! :( followed by he never pays his child support but I am not going to deprive you of a relationship with him " Gee thanks Mom
  11. The truth is............all meds are trial and error. Ambien works for me but for Robert Kennedy he drives while sleeping? I would start with Melatonin 3 mg and Chamomile tea. My BP is to the point those no longer work. I typically have to cycle sleep meds as with all drugs I develop tolerance. Trazedone is safer than Ambien and Lunesta from what docs have told me because it doesn't leave you vulnerable for rebound insomnia.
  12. Trazedone I took for awhile, back a year ago or so. It was ok but I would wake up with brain fog. I am afraid with my condition some form of drugs with always be required. Frankly, more than meds, I have so many life stressors right now you could give me what the gave Michael Jackson and I may have trouble sleeping LOL.
  13. Petting a puppy, playing with my nieces. Drugs help sometimes. Winning the lotto and getting health insurance would be great too!
  14. Yeah, apparently it does. I don't know. I see three doctors and two of them don't agree it goes that far, but you know, different doctors, different opinions. I just hoped some people here experienced it when dealing with bipolar. If I recall I believe with Scizoaffective there is a focus on more Schizophrenic than Bipolar but it's been awhile since I read up on it. WebMD is my go to.
  15. It nice your PDOC trust you with those diff benzos at once. I made the mistake of admitting to suicidal thoughts and now I get 30 Klonopin max and a contract that I won't abuse them. My doc said Klonopin was best for me because of the longest half life. When I took an Xanax once I felt a bit calmer, Ativan worked ok.
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