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  1. It was meant to be sunny and cloudy, but it was sunny and rainy!
  2. People in general.. social anxiety blows.
  3. Is she really going out with him? - Joe Jackson
  4. You're the worst, just finished the last episode of season 3.
  5. All we can do is keep trying, focus on the things we know make us happy, and maybe one day it won't be so hard. Never give up, keep looking for the solution, and you never know...
  6. High school/college set movies, takes me back to a more carefree time. Road Trip, Old School, Election, Dead man on campus, Dazed and Confused, Euro trip, Orange County etc etc
  7. How do I pull off my first interview in over a year and not let the feelings of fear, anxiety and worthlessness get to me.
  8. Motivated, got a job interview tomorrow, feels like a chance to get back on the horse.
  9. Teeth are tingling Back is hurting, Eyes are fading Realize no ones, coming to save me. ,
  10. Walked up the river for a evening stroll, nice weather at the moment! Although the A and J was probably counter productive.
  11. You sound like a much nicer person than her, why can't people just show a bit of respect. Now I know how hard it is to let these things go (trust me I know), but don't waste anymore time on this women, she was just being rude and you are above her.
  12. Hey samdiva, that's a shame you are far away from your family, but do you guys keep in contact a lot? I've never been to India or the USA, that's so cool you're living on the other side of the world, you're braver than me. My sleep is messed up because I've been suffering from really bad depression the past few months, and with me when I'm badly depressed I find it hard to go to sleep and so I end up staying up late, and then sleeping in the day. I'm also unemployed at the moment, which makes it harder to have a structure in my days. But I'm tackling my depression at the moment, and going to bed earlier, Going to be going back on medication as well, which I think is a good idea. What kind of work and studying are you doing? Congratulations for when you graduate, and good luck with your future career plans!
  13. Hey again akari, Being addicted to things that make us feel worse is a struggle, I think we get so used to certain negative ways of thinking and acting, that it consumes us, we think that's who we are, and we can't move past it. Maybe you'll meet someone you really connect with, and all those negative feelings will start to disappear. Maybe counselling, with medication as well could help? I've been on medication in the past and it really helped me to see past my depression, but maybe you don't want or need medication? Wishing you all the best.
  14. Hi samdiva, how's it going? My day has been ok, I live in supported housing at the moment, and me and my dad built a porch we ordered off amazon, so people at the house can smoke outside and not get soaked by the rubbish english weather (really my dad built it, he's a builder, I just held things haha). I'm really exhausted, because my sleep is all messed up at the moment, probably going to watch some pointless videos on youtube, like some bad movie reviews, or some epic fail compilations. My days aren't very exciting at the moment haha, how's your day been?
  15. Midnight Lament, I'd say make an appointment with your doctor, talk about your depression and see about getting on an anti depressant. I really think it could help you, and then you can conquer the world!
  16. Hi Araki, it's great that you've helped so many people to feel better. It sounds like you need to spend some time helping yourself, I'm sure the right friends for you are all out there, and the right girl for you as well, and they'll be so lucky to know you. Try not to get so down, maybe your new best friend is right round the corner!
  17. Soulfighter, you are definitely not a lost cause, you've been suffering from a horrible illness for years.. I can see a lot of similarities in your story and mine. I suffer from terrible social anxiety, Growing up I could never enjoy myself around people, it made me feel alone, empty and angry. Standing there watching everyone enjoying life, and resenting them for it. I'd have thoughts about suicide, because I'd think what's the point in going through life feeling like this. At times I've been able to feel happy, but so there's so much despair, anger and regret in me, and it sometimes consumes me. I dropped out of uni like you, but because of a bad drug incident, brought on by my increasingly all consuming depression.. and spent the past few years staying with my parents, on medication and off, having crazy ups and downs, and even at one point trying to end it all and ending up getting sectioned. At the moment at this point in my life, I'm living in supported accommodation, my parents kicked me out earlier this year because they couldn't put up with me anymore, after I went off the rails again. I was doing alright, but the past 3 months I've been in mental hell, barely leaving the house, staying in bed all day, mindlessly surfing the web, isolating myself from friends and family, and feeling despair all the time. I wrote all that to show you, you are not alone and you are part of massive group of people suffering from a horrible mental illness. You are not being over dramatic and wanting to be unhappy, that's the depression making you see the bad in everything. Like I said you are not a lost cause, it's not your fault, you have an illness, and you deserve to be happy. But you have to reach out and get the help you need, you posted on here which is a great start, but you need to reach out for help in the real world. I know you say your personality is stopping you from asking for help, but you have to bite the bullet and ask for help, it's not a bad thing to need help. I really think you should open up and tell your parents, because then they will understand whats been going on, and will be able to support you. The other main you need to do is call your doctor and arrange an appointment, and tell them you are suffering from depression, doctors deal with people suffering from depression all the time. Medication and therapy could be the thing that changes your life and gets you feeling alive and happy again. I was against medication when I was younger, but when I actually tried medication it was amazing, it made me feel happy for the first time in my life, it was like the lights had turned on. You are not a lost cause, you are suffering from a crippling illness, you can get help and you can get better. Keep posting on this website, and let us know how you are doing, wishing you all the best!
  18. I wish I knew how to get over the feeling of 'why bother' .. I've been telling myself for weeks, I have to bother, otherwise things won't get better.. but I've been spiraling further and further. I think don't put too much pressure on yourself, when the voice is there in your head saying 'why bother', just go with it, don't drive yourself crazy thinking about it. Maybe try and do a bit of painting, and even if you don't enjoy it, hey at least you're focusing on something else. When your meds kick in, all those thoughts of 'why bother' should disappear, and you'll have energy and want to do things.
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