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  1. It was meant to be sunny and cloudy, but it was sunny and rainy!
  2. People in general.. social anxiety blows.
  3. Is she really going out with him? - Joe Jackson
  4. You're the worst, just finished the last episode of season 3.
  5. All we can do is keep trying, focus on the things we know make us happy, and maybe one day it won't be so hard. Never give up, keep looking for the solution, and you never know...
  6. High school/college set movies, takes me back to a more carefree time. Road Trip, Old School, Election, Dead man on campus, Dazed and Confused, Euro trip, Orange County etc etc
  7. How do I pull off my first interview in over a year and not let the feelings of fear, anxiety and worthlessness get to me.
  8. Motivated, got a job interview tomorrow, feels like a chance to get back on the horse.
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