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    New York, New York City.
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    I dont have much intrests...<br /><br />I used to Sketch, and I kind of still do, so I guess thats my intrest. Japanese Language... Um... Computers. [Buiness and Gaming.]
  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Take care.

  4. There are goods and bads on telling people that you have depression from what I experienced. Then again, youre a grown adult and Im just a teenager. When I told teachers, students, people online... and other people... I usually get ignored, made fun of... Or well, I lose friends. Otherwise, I get this treatment where Im an "alien" or something. When I havent told them, they think somethings wrong with me because I seem constantly down. I wont talk to anyone, I feel like... a double stabbing attitude person from what they say. I dont know what I should tell you. x.X Which ever is best for you... I think it depends on the persons point of view wheather they accept you or not.
  5. IcedColdMemories

    am i bipolar or what?

    Well quietCherub... I have the same symptoms as you do... They say Im bipolar and then after words, no word about it. Ive went to different people and some say I am Bipolar and some say I just have mild depression or something. This is one thing I wont understand but I did read from this booklet... I feel I am bipolar... And as I said, they say Im not. I guess I didnt help at all. -_-;
  6. IcedColdMemories

    How Long Did Zoloft Take To Work?

    o.0;; Well... After I took 1/2 of the 50mg pill... After too hours, I gotten extreme headaches, wanting to vomit, pain all over... Just MOST of the side effects you can think one. And thats like the 1st time I took it. I guess it didnt kick in now did it...
  7. IcedColdMemories

    How long have you been in therapy....

    If thats the case [iswearimnotnuts], Im not sure if it is helping... Then again I might be wrong? At times I feel theyre getting into my personal life and it really seems uncomfortable. The things about confidental really kills me since they talk about it to my parents. So called "Confidential" now isnt it? They say Im improving but I dont see it...
  8. IcedColdMemories


    Im really confused about dreams... The dreams I have mixes with reality and some dreams involves death and rape. I dont understand any of it and it makes me worry a lot... It just makes me feel sad seeing my own death or have a dream that torturing with reality... Such as my breakup with my boyfriend... And I have a dream that it didnt happened and we gotten back together. It saddens me...
  9. IcedColdMemories

    Your avatar and/or signature

    Well lets see... I could find that other picture on the computer but I wish I used it... Its on my MSN though. But I use this avatar because... It seems saddening. The signature... Uh... Its just something I typed up that kind of expresses how I feel... I feel so lame...
  10. IcedColdMemories

    How old are you?

    Im 15... going to be 16 soon... I feel so miserable and its supposed to be a Sweet 16 or something.
  11. IcedColdMemories

    decisions, decisions

    You shouldnt be ashamed that you can make decisions, even simple ones. I cant even answer a Yes or No question. I suppose a good way to make a decision is asking other peoples opinions... Then again... I dont think thats a good idea because youll go along with thier decision instead of yours...
  12. IcedColdMemories

    Hopeless negative worthless person

    From what you said... Somes like me. But I am negative to the point where I cant feel any happiness at all. Even when the person tries to cheer me up or say good things about it, my mind turns everything into... negative thoughts. It makes myself worse... Theres is hope, you should believe that... For now... Im waiting.
  13. IcedColdMemories

    Don't know what I want

    Im alone, Always alone... I say Im alone, even when Im not. The feeling feels good... Its like you dont need to take responsibilities of others... But somehow, you cant live life being alone forever... Some point in life, youll have to get out there...
  14. IcedColdMemories

    How long have you been in therapy....

    Im not sure if I AM in therapy... because its called counseling? Im not sure if its the same thing... I go to her every once per week [sometimes twice] for 4 months. But I feel it isnt helping me at all and that Im getting more problems. I suppose were in a different situation so it might help you more then it helps me...
  15. IcedColdMemories

    Question regarding "suicidal thoughts"

    Well, Im not sure if its better to let people know you have suicidal thoughts... Then again some say its for your own good. Ever since I told them that I had suicidal thoughts because my father threatened me to go die... [i really wanted too... Because I dont feel appreciated, even by my own family.] they said that I need to be hospitilized. Im not sure if theyre over reacting but I DO NOT want to go... I havent thought of a way to actually **** myself and besides, I feel I have a lot to live for... They tell me I need to be hospitilized for this... I fear if I actually do, Ill go insane...