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  1. I have slept MUCH better. Also not as anxious during the day. Strange. Surely it can't help that quickly? Thanks for your interest - I really appreciate it.
  2. I am starting on Valdoxane in a day or two. I need something that will help with my severe anxiety attacks (out of the blue), not affect my libido (very important) and not make me gain weight (very important - after I have worked so hard to keep my weight down and lost 40 kg in 2015/2016 and still keeping it down). Please think of me. I need love and prayers.
  3. I just know that it made me extremely anxious. Going to try Valdoxane now.
  4. Thanks! I have really bad vulvodynia today (feeling of being stabbed in my V***** excruciating chronic pain - caused by childhood scar tissue) and suspect it may be the hormones. When I went on the pill many years ago it flared up terribly after about a month. Whenever I went off the pill (contraceptive) it went away. When I went back on, it came back. So my hormones are obviously not something to be messed with. But I will have to put up with this pain. I have prescription pain killers and I have to get addicted to it, it will be the price I have to pay (nothing like the very addictive Vicodin (? - that is in the USA, am I correct?), or Oxycontin or Oxynorm, at least.
  5. Dear 20YearsandCounting Thanks for your mail. I have been through reasonable hell (many panic attacks, depression, anxiety) since I wrote my last post (but no one answered, so I thought I was on the wrong forum / website - not to blame anyone!). Things have been up and down quite hectically. However, after about a month and five days on the patches now, I am not getting panic attacks anymore. I have had breakthrough bleeding, which I hope is OK. My HRT is Estalis 40/150 (I have not had a hysterectomy and will hopefully not ever have to have one)! My weight has not sorted itself out, though. I am on a strict ketogenic diet - have been since 2014, which counteracted the gain of my menopausal weight - my periods stopped eight years ago when I was 42. I also went on this "eating lifestyle" (not actually diet), because of the five anti-depressants I was taking, which made me blow up, lost 30kg and have kept it down. Without any hassle - I eat what I may eat and really forget to eat sometimes (which is OK with this eating lifestyle). My gynae (whom I can only see on the 14th of June - she is so fully booked) - wrote me a mail and said the patches should sort out my weight. I went from 63kg last year to 72kg now, and it freaks me out. I am doing EVERYTHING right - eating right, doing Pilates and doing cardio (cycling). I can't get into my size 10 pants (I think that is size 34 in the UK or USA - not sure which one!) anymore (which I was so proud of, being able to buy and get into, after losing weight). I lost the weight very slowly, over this period of three years (June 2014 - now) - the right way to lose weight - slowly. At least I can still get into my size 12! But, I will have to wait and see - I guess I want things to happen immediately. But when one comes from a background where you had to try medication upon medication for serious depression (serious means being unable to lift your arms to brush your teeth, or to go and shower), and wait for at least a month before you know whether it works, or not, and if it doesn't, try something else and wait for another month (and every minute feels as long as a day), this waiting should be peanuts! Btw, throughout this depression, I kept down a hectic job of teaching at a boys' high school (I think you get "high" schools in the UK as well) - quite exclusive, private school (which, in SA, where I live, means "public" in the UK, I think - ie, it is not a government school, but an old school with traditions, only for guys aged 13-18). Pulled myself up by the bootstrings and was there at 06:30 every morning. My partner got me up to brush my teeth and shower but I had to drive myself to school every morning (albeit even a five minute drive). Thanks for reading my long post. And sorry that I deviated so much. Perhaps just so that you understand me better. I just want advice from someone who has gone through the same stuff, but any other encouragement would be great. Astra PS: I was able to come off three of the anti-depressants, because I really started a new life at 48, when my psychiatrist prescribed Concerta (long-acting Ritalin), and I found that it was the pill I had been looking for all my life - it made me feel like ME! I could finally break away from my job of 25 years and start my own business, which is doing very well.
  6. Well, I can reply to this myself. Last night, I suddenly became calmer. Three days after starting the HRT patch. I haven't had a panic attack today. And no pain on my chest.
  7. I am menopausal, and, after some terrible anxiety and panic attacks, as well as hot flushes, I started on HRT three days ago. The anxiety is getting worse and worse. I can't live like this. How quickly does it work? I was on Prozac since 2012 and decided recently to go off it. I did so, with the help of my psychiatrist, a few months ago. Then this anxiety hit me. Badly. Apparently Prozac keeps menopausal symptoms at bay. But it took my libido away completely for six years. So I came off it. I am hoping the HRT will help. Otherwise it is just Prozac for me again... Any advice?
  8. Hi - I am slowly going off the cocktail of anti-depressants I have been on for about ten years. After weekly psychology sessions since 2002 and a complete change in work environment (a new, happy one) I decided to go off Prozac last year. I did so, without any withdrawal symptoms. With the aid of my psychiatrist. Now it is lamotrogine's turn.
  9. Dear lonelyforeigner Thank you very much for your non-condemning and explanatory answer. I decided to stop taking that extra 54 (27 X 2) and just stick to the prescribed 54mg x 2 a day. If I struggle with my mood, I will just ensure it. One of the withdrawal symptoms, coming off Epitec, is this strange dip in mood, after all. My plan is to, when I feel better, just ask my psychiatrist for 72mg, or 72 plus 18, a day. This will be when I get back to South Africa, in a few weeks. I was on 54mg for a year, and didn't ever need more, so luckily I am not a after that high, I think. And luckily I only took the extra 54 (broken in two) for two days, so I easily didn't take it today. My mood is not so good this morning (no worse than yesterday, thank goodness) and I will just use a more natural way to help with feeling bad (go out to a museum, cry - which is a good thing for me - or even just a walk in this beautiful winter wonderland of Finland). I have considered going back on Epitec, but, firstly, won't do anything like that without talking to my psychiatrist, and, secondly, I don't think I need it. For me, there is no stigma to staying on depression medication all my life. I was on another forum, of which I won't say the name here, which was good - experts seemed to give advice. I only came back here (I was a member many years a go when I really struggled with serious depression, also because of my stifling work environment) when I realised that I will get responsible answers here. There were countless posts on this other forum of how to get highs on Ritalin (crushing it and snorting it, and also about recreational use - to party for three days non-stop) and I was astounded that the moderators allowed those posts. Needless to say, I am not going back there. So, once again, thanks for reading this and the kindness but honesty and straightforwardness with which you answered. It is nice to have someone with such a caring attitude.
  10. What is the maximum dosage of Concerta that I can take in one day? I am weaning myself off Epitec, all under the guidance of a psychiatrist. Very slowly. I have also been on Concerta for about a year, 54 mg. Prescribed by my psychiatrist. I have had a life-long battle with depression and from the moment I took my first Concerta, I felt as if I had gotten my life back. My psychiatrist never suspected before that I had adult ADD or ADHD. It has been a miracle drug for me (but I still wonder whether it is because it puts me on a high - if it does? - or whether I really have ADD / ADHD). I weaned myself off Prozac (slowly) and I took my last one mid-February. I had few, or no side-effects. Now I am doing the same with lamotrogine and I seem to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms - just feeling totally uneasy in my body and having pressure on my chest. Not debilitating depression. But enough to make me feel awful. I found that taking another 54mg Concerta in the afternoon, takes away this feeling. So my dr prescribed that to me. I am on holiday overseas now and am struggling. I took my first Concerta about an hour ago and this bad feeling has not lifted. I know it takes a while to peak, yes. I just took a Rivotril and perhaps that will help. Yesterday it helped for me to take another 27 mg with my morning and afternoon dosage. Not according to dr's instructions, though. I didn't do that today because I started reading up last night on how addictive this drug is. And now I am not feeling well. I am taking the Concerta clone. But I also got a bottle of the generic, that I can break in half. Which is how I am getting the extra 27mg. Which really defies the purpose of the long-acting effect, I know. I was on 300 mg of Epitec (lamotrogine) for about ten years for depression. It never really worked to give me that joy in life that Concerta gives me, even in conjunction with other medication my Dr prescribed. I resigned from my job of 28 years (teaching at a boys' high school - ages 13-19 years) in January (after much consultation with friends, my psychiatrist and financial advisor) to go out on my own, teaching privately, which is amazing to me and I seem to be getting more and more pupils weekly, ranging from toddlers to adults (and many engineering university students!) So I am very happy at work. Even with these withdrawal symptoms. This post has turned out to be much longer than I thought it would be and thank you so much if you have read it. So, to summarise, three questions: 1. Is the additional dosage making me feel better because it puts me on a high (the additional 27mg twice daily) and am I going to need more and more of it? 2. Could this still be withdrawal symptoms of Prozac that has just kicked in? 3. Should I rather just endure the side-effects of whatever withdrawal this is without extra Concerta? And try to meditate? I do seem to be better when I go out and do things, as nice as it is to stay indoors with the friends I am staying with and watch the snow falling) and a very supportive partner. I want to do the right thing. PS I am from South Africa, but am on holiday in Finland now.
  11. Happy Birthday - and a happy New Year!

  12. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  13. I have been on Zoloft for a year - it worked very well for my depression (together with lamotrogine) but I have switched to Wellbutrin now (weaning myself off Zoloft slowly) because Zoloft made me gain weight - something that makes me even more depressed.
  14. Depression can definitely make you doubt your partner. And want to break up - when we are so unhappy, we sometimes think that our partners would be better off without us. So consider that. Depression can make you withdraw, not contact people, and make huge "wrong" changes sometimes, to your life.
  15. Hi Kazy Anne I am also on Wellbutrin, 300mg, and it has not made me jittery. I believe it is because I am also on a mood stabiliser, Lamotrogine. I am not bipolar, but when I tried anti-depressants before I was on Lamotrogine (which is a fairly neutral mood stabiliser, I think - not making you gain weight or anything nasty like that) I would get very jittery. And worse. Natural remedies have never helped for me. I don't like it when people ask questions and get replies of "go and see your doctor" - most of us HAVE been to our doctors and psychiatrists, but we also just need to ask other people how they feel or what they have experienced. We also have a compulsive "chimer-inner" on this forum who has not taken Wellbutrin, but always has to answer! I hope you find a good remedy from someone who has tried WB AND has actually tried a natural remedy that helped. I have heard that Valerian helps. I must add that I took Xanor for the first few days of being on Wellbutrin, and that made me very calm.
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