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  1. Not many coyotes howling near me, but lots of truely wild life! Bears, Moose, Foxes and Lynx are all pretty quiet! I was lucky enough to see a Lynx while out hiking....was hard not to call out 'here kitty, kitty, kitty'
  2. Today's lazy nap on the couch is brought to you by the words 'procrastination' and 'guilt' Side effect of the narc abuse - a driving need to be doing sonething....work,work, work. 'Fun' is unavailable, best I can do is 'not-work'
  3. Wait a bit and return it to them. If you get it on the very tip of the shovel you can get it really flying - maybe right onto rheir siding
  4. Sleeping all day... Tons to do, but zero motivation to move - which causes guilt I feel like my purpose in life has been completed.
  5. Nah, the announcer just reached the breaking point.... 'ok, that's enough, i'm done' Click...
  6. You are more than an ATM for your ex and daughter! I hope you find freedom in that alley! I was let go from a really good job....with awesome benefits....after eighteen years. I have an idea of the shock you are in, go easy on your self!
  7. Take some time to recover - unwind You can borrow my sense of humour for a bit, all it does is get me in trouble
  8. That sucks! I hope there is a decent severance package, enough to let you take a bit of time off and regroup. I sincerly hope in a year you can look back and think 'why didn't i bail on them sooner?'
  9. I may have over done it today....hard core five hour nap - I will not feel guilty about it!
  10. Constantly.... My biggest fear is the ex turning up here!!
  11. I'm starting to LIKE being alone! I can lay napping on the couch as long as I want, the only music that gets played is stuff I like... I numbed the pain of being in an abusive relationship for so long, 'her absence alone feels awesome.
  12. Having a decent day.... Fighting that feeling that something bad is about to happen.
  13. Haha as in really like and made me smile
  14. Stop hating myself... Or assuming everyone else hates me... Great advice for all of us. Why is it sa hard to convince my brain to follow it.
  15. I would have done the same....except the floor was full of holes when i bought this place....so i had just put in new sub floors when i discovered the leak. The place had been vacant, plumbing froze then flooded it -
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