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  1. Coming apart at the seams. Dont know why, cant recall a trigger... Having a huge problem keeping it together:(
  2. Just a few more hours until vacation starts. Conclusion of HR's 'investigation' - nothing in the complaint that is any business of theirs, nothing that will affect my employment. Folliwed by here are copies of all comunications, you should file a complaint with the Police, which I have done
  3. I DID something today. I booked next week off from work! I am doing GREAT at work, I put on my 'happy' mask, do the dance they are calling for - they all clap Then i get home and fall apart, lay down for 'FIVE MINUTES' and wake up four hours later...back to sleep - its too late to do anything... So i am hoping a week off will be a jolt to the system...anything to bring me back!
  4. Had a WONDERFULL day... My loving ex sent a letter to my employer making some nasty accusations. Nothing like being called into the Boss' office and hearing you are being 'investigated' by HR Right now I am WONDERing what I did to deserve this, and WONDERING how to survive...
  5. Woke up, got out of bed, showered and ready to have a great productive weekend.... Then went back to bed, now hunting for a reason to get back up. The house is still a mess, the lawn needs mowing and I can't move
  6. I'm managing, setting VERY small goals, enjoying completing them...key word there is i am enjoying those small victories - which is helping as I set my next goals. It's hard work getting out of this pit.
  7. Today i will do something... Not sure what, but i will do something. I hope
  8. Feeling like i have put everything i am, everything i have into fighting this depression, but still falling behind, stuck to the couch paralyzed...
  9. I was doing great... I had to break the no contact rule with my ex...ive filed for divorce and have to serve the papers on her, so i have to figure out where she is. Just having to deal with the lies and bs has brought me down - big time crash for me. Maybe another hour of sleep and ill be OK
  10. Having a tough day... I feel great in some ways, but i am fighting a really strong urge to inblock my ex, part curiosity, loneliness...and loss. Its leaving me at a really high anxiety level...cold sweats:(
  11. Prove it! I see your post therefore you do exist. But I do understand the sentiment, and can assure you its a lie your brain is telling.
  12. Same here, and the Paxil withdrawl made it worse!
  13. Youre making me all nostalgic for the first time i quit Paxil:) I really messed that one up...the only thing that helped the brain zaps, floaty brain and sponge brain was drinking - and i mean DRINKING! I do NOT recomend it as a solution...when i succesfully stopped i went high dose/low dose.till the low dose days were fine...then a week at the low dose and repeat stepping down a few times till it was every a dose every sevond day...then every third day...then as many days as I could...then nothing
  14. Its an addiction, you'll never be free until you can go no-contact. With a daughter living with her thats impossible i know I would be worried about your daughter...my kids suffered way too much abuse - now they are all no contact with her as well, and a huge support for me! The other problem is that little ' thou shalt not ****' rule... (last line is a joke, please dont **** people)
  15. I am so sad to hear this Sober... As i said my experience was the Dr's here in Canada try to use the minimum level of intervention, work really hard to make sure you as a patient know what, and why before anything is done. I think you hit the nail on the head - cash cow, kick backs from big pharma...sad really Maybe you need to make a run for the border!
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