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  1. I really apologize. My attention was elsewhere and I got pulled away by other things in my life. I haven't given up, as I'm still going, but I do not see any signs of improvement. I do hope you'll drop back some time, and I apologize once again for my absence.
  2. I hope it is fine for me to bring topics back up, but I am still having the same issues.
  3. Still no changes. Nothing at all. No treatment suggested either. Have muscle spasms as well, now.
  4. It has been over a year now. Nothing has really changed.
  5. Hey here. Terribly sorry for being so late to reply, I've just had this forum out of my mind for a while. It's horrible to find someone else going through the same stuff as me. Have your symptoms improved any in this month or so?
  6. Still nothing has changed.
  7. About eight months on and absolutely nothing has changed. Joy.
  8. Well this forum is proving rather unhelpful.
  9. I was not on the medication for depression, I was on it for OCD. The muted imagination, creativity, and the inability to visualize came after Prozac, and I remember similar effects when I was on Fluvoxamine for almost a decade. Unless if the Prozac is what made me depressive, apparently.
  10. Aguest, I suffer from Borderline personality disorder, I am not currently receiving any treatment, I am facing nowadays a huge writer's block, I haven't been writing poems for a month now, have you ever considered the lack of creativity to be a part from your illness symptoms and not any side effect medication? I hope this was helpful. r90 Well, it was the first thing I noticed when I started taking Prozac, that it sort of was completely muted. Occasionally I'd get bursts of it again, but it's terribly short lived. I think there's a mild improvement, but not a whole lot. Before it, it used to be almost always active, which wasn't much of a problem and barely ever distracted me from anything. Day dreaming was pretty much my normal state.
  11. No tests, no. And I simply just can't picture things in my head anymore, and what little I do see is very faint, I have difficulty coming up with ideas for what to write, what to draw, etc. Sorry if I'm not clear.
  12. I don't have any that are even remotely reliable. Finding a new drug probably won't bring my ability to imagine back either.
  13. I think this sort of thing is pretty much universal for these sorts of drugs as far as I know.
  14. I've decided to make a much more specific topic about my troubles with Prozac. I feel like my ability to visualize and imagine has been severely dampened by being on Prozac. Though it was only for ten days, and it has been many months now (since July 2010, actually. More info on my full experiences here: ), I do not feel like I am recovering at all. I am unable to get proper help as my mental health professionals do not seem to be able to suggest anything to fix it. I feel like I've completely lost my creativity and imagination I once had, which has ruined many hobbies of mine like reading, writing, drawing, 3D modeling and many more. Does anyone have any experience with this? Did you ever get better? Is there any way to fix this?
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