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  1. Hey everyone, looking for a little insight on the breakthrough new AD brintellix. Ive been trying to find any threads or posts from people who have tried it. If any one has had the honor of using it, please share your experience strength and hope. Be sure to include the good and bad! thanks
  2. hi im closing in on my 2 month trial on cymbalta at 60mg the whole time. and what a journy its been filled with insomina, uncontrollable anxiety, constipation, jitters, spastic muscle movements and compltel flaccid penis till 2 weeks in and then my organ worked again. at this point ihave no side effects that i know of. but i also feel just as crappy. i had a few good days here and there during this 2 month trial where i felt better but not like my self still. just improvments in mood and not being so socially withdrawn. and socially withdrawn is my worst symptom of depression. its what makes me ate everything else so much more because i work as a nurse which is a social job and if you have a foggy mind and dont really feel like talking to anyone it makes your job that much worse. so all these stressors togeather are enough to make me snap. im just wondering and looking for some stories form people who got no help at 60mg a day but if they jumped up to 90 it made a world of difference. i hope that someone out there can help me, or has experienced what i have. if not after 8 weeks im seriously thinking of trying another ssri, becuz the ssris are what worked wonders for me in the first place. thanks guys for your imput..
  3. hey its been a while since we talked i know. i keep having this up and down days too. im about 6 or 7 weeks into this med and i keep having my mood fluctuate. but it never really gets as good as feeling normal, just good enough to function. but when my mood drops it can drop pretty low. im starting to have second thoughts about this med. but i understand i need to give it the full amount of time to kick in. it seems as tho iv only had collectively a feel good days on it. most of the time i just feel blah. pretty much no side effects that i know of at this point. just not feeling like my self. do most people who get to week 6 or 7 and not really seen any improvement, generally not see any during the length of time there on this med? i need some words of wisdom guys!
  4. well i was feeling good guys, but the last few days my mood seems to have dipped abit. but im still not feeling the effects of the side effects anymore which is at least nice to not have to tolerate on top of the decreased mood. i will say that iv only been on the med for a month and a week or so, so i will contiiue to try it since it gave me some relief for a few days. im guessing that this is the med starting to kick in. im planning on proposing to my gf next weekend, where going on a romantic get away, and im just hoping that with in the next week, my mood really jumps up again because i would like to feel like my self when i get down on one knee. i dont want to remember it as me feeling depressed during one of the happier moments or supposedly happier moments of my life ha. well wish me luck that the cymbalta comes back and that she says yes ha.
  5. things have completely turned around for me the last few days. i guess you could say that things def got worse before they got better. last week felt like the worst week of my life, like all the side effects had been put under a magnifine glass then attached to a nuculer generator. then one day i woke up and i felt fine. at first i thought i forgot to take my med and found my self counting my pills to make sure i had taken it. becuz i woke up and as the day went by i found that i had no anxiety, no jitters, my appetite was back and i felt good. and as the days have gone by it seems as if i keep climbing the hill and feeling better everyday. all i can say is def stay with it no matter how bad it seems, give it a good solid 2 months try before you give up on it. i had given up on it but continued to take it and im glad i did. i feel much better, and im sleeping like a baby. its really elevated my mood and lifted the mind fog of depression i was living in. i never have felt like a zombie on phycotropic meds, if anything i find i can think more clearly and also more anyltically. so all in all im glad to report that cymbalta really seems to have finally kicked in and im feeling much better. i hope everyone on here starts feeling the effects of it soon too. if any one has any questions about what i went through on 60mg before things seem to get better feel free to PM me. have a nice night guys!
  6. this is an old topic your replying to, but ill try my best to answer your question. iv been on cymbalta for about a month now, and i came on it off of taking lexapro for 3 years. so some of the effects iv had form it could have been withdrawl from lexapro combined with the cymbalta. i think for most people it gives them a feeling of energy at first, but some people complain of being extrememly tired from it. i would not say that the feeling u get is that your hi, but more energized. i would recommend taking your first dose in the morning, untill you find out if its gonna give you energy or make you tired, most people get energy like i said. but as you progress on it, if you read the cymbalta website they list many differnt side effects like constipation dry mouth insomnia... ect .... ect. some people get away with out having any of these. to me the worst part of starting this med was after 3 weeks i started having trouble sleeping, but i got a sleep aid from my dr for it. i would recommend trying it tho, because it sounds like your alreaday giving your self more anxiety just thinking about taking the med, then if you just took the med. i would keep your script on xanex handy if you do have bad anxiety just incase you need it tho. i hope this helps. if you have any questions you can private msg me or just reply to this thread again. good luck on your decision to take the pill. bu the way did he start you on 30mg or 60mg aday?
  7. you also have one maddie. i hope i clear some things up in it and maybe answer some questions by sharing my own experience. .
  8. since this is ur first ad i can def understand. one question i had for you, do you find your hands to be shaky when trying to perform dexterous jobs with your hands? i would recommend trying to take an ativan when your home for the night getting ready for bed, maybe an hour before so you can get an idea of how it affects you. then you will know if you can function on it with less anxieity or if it will just wipe you out. alot of the female nures i work with take .5 of ativan at work just to deal with the pt population, and they are able to hold it togeather. they also take other meds such as xanex or valium to help them get though the day. i dont want you to think im trying to bully you in to trying them, im just trying to give you a good idea of how iv seen them taken how they affect people and on what doses ( from a nurses point of view) by all means if you dont feel comfortable talk to your doc about maybe a differnt medicatoin you could be taking to help with the anxiety. from my experience in the past, usually after being on any AD long enough you will have absolutely no side effects. thats just been my experinece tho. everyones different. as for cymbalta, i hope both you and me are anxiety free in the next week. if you wouldnt mind telling me, even if its in a private msg (pm) what type of side effects you have had since starting. just to give me an idea to compare to my own personal situation and experience thus far. i would really appreciate it. thanks maddie.
  9. i didnt understand by the way you mentioned ativan if you were taking it sparingly or just not at all. i would recommned you give your self a field test on it. try one when you know you arent going to be going anywhere and see how you react. it may put you to sleep, but on the other hand it may just bring your anxiety down and may slow down some whirlwind throught patterns. as i mentioned before im a nurse, so i give ativan quite often to the truama category of pts to help them replax/sleep/cope with the new crisis they are sitting in the middle of. it affects many people differntly. i could give someone (usually elderly) .5mg ativan iv push and they will be asleep before im done pushing it in. on the second hand i may give someone 1mg every hour for and hour (usually younger or detoxing off etoh or narcs) and the pt stays fully functional. so i do reccommend at least trying it to see how your body reacts and if especially if it helps bring that level of anxiety down while still letting you function.
  10. jeeze maddie, i hope you dont mind if i call you madie? that is def a tough situation, i would say between your job the divorce and having a child, i would say your very strong for being able to hold this extreme anxiety under control and manage to keep your life moving along as well and normally as you can. it feels like you have to work 3 times harder to get anything done when your on pins and needles dosent it? luckly for my right now i only have to take care of my self hold a job togeather and try and keep my relationship togeather. i give you alot of props and i would be proud of my self for being able to hold to gether so well. is this your first AD you have ever been on? i took lexapro for 3 years which gave out in novemberish, it was an amazing SSRI that completely made me feel normal with no SE's what so ever. i thought i finally found my forbidden fruit that would finally make me feel normal the rest of my life. alas, when an AD crapps out, it takes a 55lbs homeless alcoholcs s*** right on your head. you dont even see it coming. nervous energy/ high anxiety seems to come with any AD iv ever started, but i will say that cymbalta is def the worst in the anxiety department. i dont get full blown panic attacks but i feel like im just on the edge of having one. i have noticed alot of the smaller less effective side effects have started to diminish lately since i hit a month on the med tho. for once im more regular now, extreme constipation at first which is common. also i had sexual side effects at first which was also depression, but they all seem to have gone away too. what im really waiting for is the anxiety to subside even if my deppressoin dosent lift at the same time. i think i could live better waiting for the deppression to life then dealing with the anxiety. well if you have any other questions about me or what iv gone through or just want to tlak in general... feel free to hit me up. it always helps to talk, even if it spurs a tear some times. nice meeting you maddie.
  11. hey maddie, i know what your going through, im at 60mg and about 33 days on cymbalta at this time id say. my anxiety is terrible. we are basically neck and neck with eachother in this race to normalism wouldnt you say? personally my anxiety has been worse it seems the last week or so since starting this med. i work as a truama nurse and yesterday i worked 12 hrs and felt as if i was going to mentally break down from the anxiety. its tough, specially when your not used to ever haveing anxiety. i will say that ativan helps, but if you feel like me, you may want to see if your dr would be willing to give you 1mg instead of .5mg of ativan. otherwise you will find your self popping two or 3 to try and bring the rollercoaster ride of that heightened anxiety down. how have you been sleeping? does your doc have you on a sleep aid? when do you see him next? maybe we can help eachother make it through theses terrable start up effects since it seems like we just happened to choose to start our on rat race at the same time. feel free to respond or send me a pm. hope surfing the internet has helped you to calm down slightely.
  12. hi iv been on this med for about a month, and yesterday was just a rediculous day, i had trouble sitting stil, i was sweating, and i didnt get more then 2 hours of sleep using ambien 125mg of benydrl and 3 muscle relaxers. its like all my symptoms came to a point yesterday. and also i went from constipation the last month to the exact opposite yeserday. i havent had any problems yet today since taking my dose but im am very weak and exhausted from not sleeping the last few days. im on 60mg and have been on many AD's in the past with really no problems. im trying to figure out if this is normal or if i may be possibly seritonin syndrome. please someone help! im miserable here
  13. i know this is an old threAD BUt i hope you are doing well with the cymbalta bleedingheart. im at 30 days at 60mg right now and am feeling as if im stuck in a rut, no motivation to do really anything, or talk to anyone. im not sleeping well or eating well, i find my self taking many hot baths or showers a day to try and relax but i have not felt relaxed or like i could enjoy my self in a while really, although i did feel a little better for about a 3 hour period the other day, but then i crashed and felt terrible that night. i hope you the best, for now im gonna stick with it and hope for the best. i hope you guys can give me some encouraging thoughts.
  14. About how long it took to get positive effects would be greatly appreciated.. thanks guys
  15. I'm on week 3 I believe right now of 60mg.. since iv been taking this med iv been able to function but I still don't feel like my self. Iv been able to do my job and feel confident that I'm doing it right. I hope ur right about the positive effects eventually kicking in, its hard Knowing ur not ur self. The sexual se aren't as bad now. Im able to get an erection now but I still anaorgasmia. Its depressing. How long did it take u to get positive effects from cymbalta? Any information u can give me
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