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  1. I've wondered the same thing. 60 Mgs isn't working after 3 months and will talk it over with my Doc when I see him next.
  2. Hey Hunter, I'm kind of in the same swamp with you. I take 60 Mg's with or after dinner; generally around 7. My PCP switched me to Cymbalta, after several years of 225 Mgs on Venlafaxene. Mostly to control my incontinence, along with anxiety, depression and PTSD. I've been on it 3 months and, if anything, I feel worse. It has done nothing to help the incontinence even with the meds I've taken for that. I don't see him until Feb. 2 and wants me to wait it out till then. The questions are do I increase the dosage or wean off and try something different. I hope you find the right dosage and stabilize soon. This messed up brain chemistry stuff really sucks!
  3. Hi Jo ~~ The first SSRI I took for my anxiety was Prozac. This was about 23 years ago. I honestly can say that starting was total heel! I didn't sleep for 5 days...it was as if I had drank about a gallon of coffee every day. I ended up in the psych ward, where they gave me 150 mg and Valium. After 5 days I felt wonderful, the best I'd ever felt. I had no SE's at all after that. I took Prozac for about 10 years when it started to poop out. I quit cold turkey with no problems. Then I went on a 5 year journey trying to find something to **** my anxiety as well as Prozac. I finally got on Paxil, which was every bit as good as Prozac. I have never taken Lexapro but my daughter did. The only reason she quit taking it was it made her groggy, no matter when she took it. But it helped her stop having horrible thoughts of dying and improved her social anxiety. Good luck making the right decision.
  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well :)

  5. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  6. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  7. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  8. I have just switched to a different doctor who is very well informed about these drugs because he has a son who is bi-polar. He went to a conference and met a woman he called "THE expert on psychotophic drugs." And she told him that "no one really knows how they work, they just do." He also said she informed him that in the majority of the anectdotal evidence the outcomes are positive. For all of us who post on forums such as this with problems with any drugs there are untold numbers who are just breezing along, taking their drugs and everything is just peachy. I am more than willing to go the trial and error route and hope for the best.
  9. {{{{{{{{{Loneranger}}}}}}}} I don't have phobias, but I can sure relate to feeling stressed and wanting to be left alone. You sound pretty young, but take it from a 58 year old -- I have suffered from social anxiety and a fear of sex. But you can get better. Yes, I am still fighting my demons, but it's a lot easier now. I wish I knew at your age what I know now. Please try and use what's available and get the help you need now before it completely takes over your life. I wonder if you could find a doctor who specializes in naturopathic, non-medical treatment? Even in my small town I found one and have an appointment next Thursday with a doc who combines traditonal medicine with something called Ayur Vedic treatment. It's based on ancient healing practices from India and uses meditation, lifestyle changes and herbs. I am pumped to talk to him. My internist has just kept giving more and more drugs.....none of which seem to work for very long. There is help for you, Hon. Please try to get into counseling and see if you can find someone like my new doc.
  10. (((((Beebs))))) I'm so sorry you feel alone and misunderstood. It's a horrible feeling, I know. Because life is so hectic, everyone rushing from here to there, doing 7 things at once, some people do forget about the feelings of others. The world does need more kindness, more compassion, more consideration. Still, there are people who do care, are kind, considerate, and very compassionate. Sometimes all we need to do is remind everyone that others have feelings too. DF is a place teeming with care and concern. There's support aplenty here. We really do care. Keep talking, Beebs. We're all in this together. ~Bean {{{{{{{Beebs}}}}}}}} I know exactly how you feel and want to just say I agree whole heartedly with Bean. Sometimes it seems you are totallly alone and even your close friends don't understand. But I'll bet they truly do care a lot. But most people are uncomfortable discussing our mental and emotional health. I know my friends are. But then they ask how I'm feeling and a couple even send "I care cards." They just don't want to talk about it. These forums have been a lifesaver for me......everyone here has been in our shoes and are so caring and helpful. :taz:
  11. I have don't really have a panic attack in a crowded store, but I sometimes feel like all the noise and too many people are closing in on me! I just try to find a quieter part of the store and breathe, breathe, breathe and I can calm down. My biggie while shopping is comparing myself to the other people there and often feel like I am lacking something thay have. I don't know how to explain it any better. All I know is I hate to shop, especailly around the holidays.
  12. I have been on 225mg. Effexor XR off and on for depressional anxiety for about 6 years. I have actually been on some kind of anti-depressant/anti-anxietal medication since 1993. I am tired of the side effects (raised my BP so now I need to take a beta blocker, hand tremors, visual weirdness, headaches) and I think it is pooping out -- again. I am sick to death of this SSRI, SNRI, anti-depressant, anti-anxietal roller coaster BS. I'd truly like to see if I can learn to live my life medication free. I am absolutely terrified of the W/D and know I can't do this virtually alone. Yes, I have good medical support, but my doc can't come live with me 24/7 and I have no family other than my very sane and strong husband who cannot "babysit" me while I go through the expected hell. I am thinking seriously of going into a very well known (and very expensive which my insurance does not cover) drug treatment center and go through a professional, medically controlled complete rapid detoxification and rehab to find out if there is a life for me clean, sane and non-medicated. I have been unsuccessful in finding any research or anecdotal reports on this type of treatment. I am just looking for any support, success stories, back up, help.
  13. Thanks from another old hippie! I am 57 also, and have often mourned the "lost" years. I had back surgery 2 years ago and had a lot of time to lay around, reflect and ruminate and somewhere along in there I had an epiphany. I said "Screw it! There's still a lot of life in this old Bird afterall. I "retired" when my daughter was 2 and now that she's gone off to college it's my turn again." I certainly hope that you can get to this point too. Its been a long, hard road, but in some strange way I think of myself as one of the lucky ones. In a very small nutshell: I was born to two people who should have remained childless. I was molested by a relative from ages 4 to five and go NO support. I have struggled with my identity and sanity for basically my entire life. I have attempted suicide 3 times and been hospitalized twice. I had no role models for parenting skills and planned on being childless. But fate has a way of playing tricks....I had my daughter at almost 40 and have, I hope, been the best Mom I could. Now, smack dab in the middle of middle age, and semi-handicapped with pain (it comes and goes) and I feel fantastic!! That could be the meds (I take 150 mg. of Effexor XR every day) or it could be that I finally got my together. I probably know myself way better than most do, and can now say I have looked the devil straight in the eye and said you! I know how hollow words sound when you're down, but believe me when I say, if I can do it, anybody can.
  14. Just thought I'd add some good news here. I was pretty active in here a few years ago, but you know how it is, you get better and no longer feel the need to post. My daughter has had anxiety since she was about 12. Hers mostly has presented as feelings of doom and potential disaster, and she has been socially awkward. She started therapy about a year ago and it's helped tremendously. After she turned 18 and had progressed well in the talk therapy her tharapist and I decided it was time to try some medical intervention. She started on Pristiq about a week and a half ago and has had good results already. Her feelings of immenent disaster have almost disappeared, she feels more confident, has actually lost weight, and sleeps great! So far the only SE's she has had have been feeling slightly shaky first thing in the morning, some hand tremors and a slight "numbing" of her feelings. Maybe these will go away with time, but probably not. But to her and me these are minor compared to the horrible way she felt before. She started college last week and the move into the dorm, her classes and the whole freshman experience have gone really smoothly. I am estatic!! I was so worried she would adjust at all. Thanks to the Pristiq I think she is going to be OK afterall!
  15. Hey Mom, Wow, 12 is so young to be treating with these strong, unpredictable drugs! But Mom does know best. My daughter is 18 and just started on Pristq, after many years of depression, anxiety, thoughts of doom, sleep probs. I was on Effexor and Remeron a few years ago b/c I hoped the combo would help me sleep ---Boy did it ever!! I could have slept around the clock and still be groggy (if I ever woke up). Way, way too sedating. I still have trouble sleeping, but 1/2 of a 0.5 mg Xanax and I'm out. Have you tried different counselors? I had been in thearpy from my freshman year in college until I was 55 years old......sometimes it takes a while to find the right match.
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