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  1. Oh lord my paxil was increased to 60mg like almost a month ago and I have had a stiff neck and headaches ever since every single day .... ive never been affected before with my other increases I guess I should call them
  2. Well because of this I finally get to start seeing a therapist again... I start Oct 4th.... I never realized it before I started doing some research that I skin pick too. Funchas, Your in denial babe your just like the rest of us in this thread. So your amongst friends
  3. My dog has issues, she is Maltese and her lil boyfriend is the neighbors Chihuahua.... They both know when one is outside cause they will whine at the door to go out.... When she goes behind him to cover his pee spot, after he has covered hers.... she will lift her leg to pee... I think shes confused lol Somehow she has managed to train me to go fetch her chewy, I'll give her one then she'll go play with it tossing it around pawing at it, bark at it then buries it and will sit there starring at me and start whimpering and whining until I go get it and give it back to her THEN she'll eat it. She wont eat out of her bowl, she'll get a mouth full then either put it in Tony's stinky shoe and eat or on my bed. And she also plays with her food like she does the chewy too. She has actually hit my leg by tossing a piece food. She has to be touching me when in bed sleeping. She will NOT go outside when its raining she looks at me like I'm stupid. She army crawls (belly crawl) sometimes she will do that all the way to the door to go potty (drives me nuts) she drag races too,, (drags her butt on the floor) Oh and the biggest thing that drives me nuts is when she does come running up to the door to potty, she waits until I lean down to hook the leash up to stretch.
  4. May 1, 2011 Osama met his fate!! May the souls and survivors of 9/11 finally rest and have closure.
  5. HELLLLLL YEA BABY!!! Osama bin Laden is dead, CNN John King's reported Sunday night, citing sources. President Barack Obama is to address the nation momentarily regarding bin Laden's death. CNN
  6. I would have to say I enjoyed watching it, it was a nice switch from being glued to the devastation in Alabama. And I also have to say that Kate is a very beautiful lady. The only part I really despised is the media having to decipher every little thing that was said between them.
  7. Any word on your case, I got my denial letter March 1, and already doing the appeal process with a SS Rep.
  8. Happy birthday =)

  9. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  10. well one thing i learned about myself is that, its too easy for me to be co-dependent I completely loose myself, always do do do and never get back what I put into it. So yea in my case I need to be better before being involved with someone.
  11. i dont know how i feel honestly considering there were two bombs one in MD the other in DC, and my friend lives in MD and works right down there in DC and today another violent act this time in AZ idgi
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