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  1. YES, I personally have the same reaction to Zoloft sertraline and have been on and off it several times. I am so sensitive to it, that it causes these same GI side effects at half the smallest dose possible. Half a 20, or 12.5mg!!! Time of day and or taking with food does not help. I have cramping, dizziness, sweating, always feeling like needing to "go". Its really horrible and currently have no answer for myself. Recently tried for two weeks, new ssri, Trintellex, and while no stomach problems, there were other things, increased dizziness that is already present, and had a scary vertigo incident that had me squaded to the ER.
  2. I just started taking propranolol for anxiety. Aside from this or other meds, I have had mild success with natural things, such as L-theanine, and a powdered magnesium supplement I found on Amz. If you have the chance again, with the girl. Try writing a short note, be honest and expressive also can communicate shyness or hesitation. Its safe and avoids direct chance of rejection. Give her the opportunity while yourself having zero expectations. You may be surprised, because if you don't you have what you started with but will have the closure in your mind. Good Luck.
  3. I have been on a nice selection of ssri ad drugs for about 8 years now and my last drugs were celexa then tappered and went back to prozac for about 2 months. Well I am tired of being the lab rat and never feeling quite right. Since mid January I have been tappering and have been Med free for atleast 2 weeks now. I feel ok emotionally BUT, I experience frequent feelings of dizziness and serious fatigue. Dizziness is not like spinning more like a wobbly feeling. And fatigue is like the plug has been pulled on my brain. No energy,motivation, feel zoned out and not good physically. Can anyone tell me if these feeling are permanent? How long will they last? And when should I look for sex drive to come back. THNKS. MW 38. TIRED OF FEELING TIRED.
  4. Welcome to DF :)

  5. Intro from new member. Just looking for med advice but intrigued by discussions I have read and may contribute......Dr Phil could spend a month with me then kick me out. Trying to be optimistic but it is tough.
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