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  1. I just turned 54yrs. last month.
  2. I have had a weight gain of about 25lbs. but other than that I haven't experienced any side effects from the meds.I am on now.
  3. Today is very cold with snow.The weather man says we will get up to 14 inches of snow.(sigh):Coopdessert:
  4. Today it is 20F,with snow & winds up to 60mph.
  5. I am 54 years old.:Coopdessert:
  6. I take Paxil & Abilify for my depression & I am very relieved to say I experience no side effects with these medications. :smilingteeth:
  7. I was on Google looking up depression & this site came up right away!:Coopdessert:
  8. I was on Google looking for depression forums & this was one of the first things that came up.:Coopdessert:
  9. I have been on Paxil for over 2.5yrs.I now take 60mgs., daily.I take it in the morning & I haven't experienced any side effects & it doesn't make me tired at all.I have tried so many different medications thru the years that I count myself among the lucky ones that found something that finally works for me. rose
  10. Just thought I would chime in too.I am currently taking 4 different medications & one of them is Abilify & I call it MY miracle pill.It has really helped me with the depression & mood swings & without any side effects,I hope it works out for you but I also know that everybody is different in what works for them.I wish you much luck. rose
  11. Today is very windy & cold 22F with snow flurries. rose
  12. auru, I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad.I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in feeling so sad especially this time of year.I too suffer with depression and seasonal affective disorder,As soon as summer ends I can feel the depression hit me really hard & it doesn't let up until springtime.I have been like this ever aince I can remember.I am on antidepressants which have helped me very much.Do you take anything for your depression?It can make a big difference in your life when you finally find the right medication(s).I also can get so depressed that I don't feel like showering or washing my hair but I always make sure I take good care of my dogs!I hope you are feeling better. rose :bathbubbles:
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