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  1. i developed these problems when aged 8. my grandpa died. next day it was like where am i. and i couldnt be around people. i spent the next years right up to age 20 not being able to function, tired all the time, oversleeping, waking up tired. i have never had ANY confidence. i tried cialopram it did nothing. paroxetine made me awake. and looking back for the first few months on it i felt positive and i had hardly any negative thoughts it really worked. then it just made me feel awake and the negative thoughts returned i was forced by jobcentre into a charity shop and it has built positive thoughts, helped me to love myself. i still feel social anxiety. all my life i have been uncomfortable just walking down the street and even now still am, even though i work in the shop. i just cant think im always on autopilot never trying anything new. i dont know what to do if to try another medication. its low confidence, possible atypical depression and social anxiety its almost as if i react negatively to anything negative and staying positive is near to impossible please help
  2. what medication would help combat anxiety caused by wellbutrin taken with an ssri
  3. i was wondering if anybody had tried modafinil alone or in combination with other medications particularly ssris. does modafinil work in a similar way to wellbutrin and reboxetine. has anyone had any success with reboxetine alone or with a ssri. i read it was good for social anxiety but havent seen comments about it. has it helped anybody
  4. when i first started taking paroxetine ssri it seemed to work better, it eliminated negative thoughts/thinking. it was amazing. i was wondering whether this where/why people use augmenting agents. i mean i still have the mental anxiety now but the paroxetine ssri is still controlling sweating and physical symptoms well other than racing heart. i suppose i could have tried a beta blocker. i was wondering if something like an NDRI such as wellbutrin or reboxetine would/might have helped and whether by augmenting in general people hope to banish ALL of the mental anxiety etc. if thats even possible?? i suppose it comes back to the assumption that antidepressants are not happy pills or a panacea for your depression etc.
  5. yes i mean i was forced by jobcentre into the charity shop. all my life i have not felt comfortable walking down the street since age 8. i am 24 now. when i was forced in i could barely walk through the door and had all the mental anxiety going on in my head. the worst problem was the pounding heart however which i think in retrospect would have tried a beta blocker for. i did think of trying an NRDI such as reboxetine or wellbutrin. i was wondering if by taking these alongside paroxetine ssri if it would have helped mental anxiety. when i first started taking parxoetine it seemed to work better and actually remmoved negative thoughts. i was wondering if augmenting with NDRI would have helped taht maybe. the other day i went for a run and felt amazing for the next few hours afterwards, possibly due to dopamine release.?? i always felt my social anxeity might be linked to dopamine
  6. hi :) a friend of mine who has been diaganosed as having general anxiety disorder has been on beta blocker propanolol. i asked him if it helps and he said he didnt feel as though it did. as far as i know he said he takes a single dose. is he maybe taking it the wrong time of day or is it like ssris where different ones for different people does anybody know anymore on this subject feeback would be much appreciated
  7. I was wondering is it low self esteem responsible for many people or do some people feel confident for myself personally I can see it's hating myself low self esteem. medication only served to keep me awake. confidence was from charity shop work which has been better than any medication. i was forced into the charity shop by jobcentre at age 23 i didnt feel despite being on medication that i could do it/anything still due to no confidence. i really struggled to walk through the door and the heart was pounding. from age 8 ive been uncomfortable to walk down the street, only went to school,college and uni as parents wanted me to, with no real end goal or even thinking about what i wanted to do or thinking about jobs even!! i think in retrospect a beta blocker might have been useful. but yes the mental anxiety/depression was all there when first starting. before the charity shop i used to exercise but it ony reduced stress. now it elevates mood for a few hours afterwards, possibly due to dopamine. i think its helped me to love myself which i dont think any medication could do for me. however i dont know when i first started ssri paroxetine it did seem to work better and i had no negative thoughts at all. i think this is where i am left wondering i realise it is self esteem/ core negativwe beliefs that has improved with forced charity work (something i didnt think i could do). i really did hate every fibre of my being for some reason before. i still get a lot of thoughts like waht is the point etc. (depression still?) only now have i even thought about relationships etc. and it was like realising i have a life separate from that of my parents. i am still very unsure/uncomfortable about letting other people in due to being scared of rejection etc. i do still search the forums etc. as i wonder if something like a dopamine reuptake inhibitor such as wellbutrin or reboxetine (i hear is good for social anxeity and depression) alongside paroxetine would have augmented the effect i felt when i first started paroxetine and it banished negative thoughts. thank you for taking the time to read this and any thoughts/feedback would be great/much appreciated.
  8. I was wondering is it low self esteem responsible for many people or do some people feel confident for myself personally I can see its hating myself low self esteem. Medication only served to keep me awake. Confidence was from charity work which has been better than any medication.
  9. i have read people take this medication and it makes their anxiety worse but it is classed as an antianxiety medication. is this due to its action on norepinephrine. i see its used to augment ssris but mostly i read it is for the sexual side effects induced by ssris as opposed to helping an ssri work better. i suppose there is the problem of how everyone responds differently so wont know unless you try it too. would it work well with paoxetine.
  10. i have been on paroxetine and have to say it was quite good. made me awake helped sleep better no sweating. it didnt remove negative thoughts or give confidence but i was forced into a charity shop by the jobcentre and despite being on paroxetine really struggled to walk through the door i had no confidence/was depressed. it was just horrible even on medication which was working. the worst symptom was the heart pounding out of the chest symptom something at the time paroxetine didnt help with. i was wondering if i had been on a beta blocker also whether that might have helped with the heart rate. and if its safe to use paroxetine with any beta blocker. if there is better beta blocker. longer lasting one. or if one works best with paroxetine. would you take a beta blocker everyday if needed. but the charity work has been helping raise self esteem etc.
  11. i do hope this doesnt mean i genuinely was a bad person before
  12. yes i would say charity shop work with the right environment has helped a lot more than medication which only served to make me more awake. i jsut dont know how to continue and keep loving myself when i have hated myself my whole life
  13. hi :) yes ive noticed that personally the charity shop work in a good environment has helped more than medication !!! i started to think i was a nice person and it steadily got better from there. i started to realise that it was about giving but then it is still difficult to stand up to nasty people and for myself. i started to see myself in a more positive light i am too harsh on myself, my own worst enemy. hated myself.
  14. I'm interested to know about pregabalin. recently there has been talk of it as a wonder drug. I'm on paroxetine it made me feel awake and hid the sweating. not build confidence or change thought patterns.only by being forced by jobcentre into a charity shop have the thoughts changed. I've read people say pregabalin has made them more confident/social. or is just more a case of more awake. They say antidepressants aren't happy pills. I still never had a sense of humour until after the charity work despite being on ssri paroxetine medication.
  15. when talking to people do other people feel that the person does not like them/is thinking negatively of them at all.
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