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  1. Happy New Year, Nappers

  2. Been a good year. I hope all have a splendid 2012! I am donig great and hope to come in time to time as I have a computer more available to me!

    1. lindahurt


      We miss you. Glad you are doing great! Let us hear more from you.

  3. Hey gang, I was checking in and letting everyone know I'm still alive and kicking. No internet yet at my house and my Windows M.E. computer will probably crash if I get it and my phone is so tiny even though it has internet it's slow with the site. I'm on nights at the ol' lockup and try to peek in time to time, they cut us off the internet during certain times due to overabuse, instead of cutting them off, they cut us all off! I am doing quite well, been together with my GF for over 6mos and loving life. I picked up a new hobby since my dad died, I inherited a nice muzzle loader rifle that I've been tinkering with. A buddy at work has shot them for years and years and he showed me the ropes and now I've been to a couple of rendezvous' with him. It's a total blast. I still fight some stuff and still have bad dreams. I have forgiven my ex-wife and still on Cymbalta. In fact, it's still working good and I know if I haven't taken it and my body reminds me. I've gained a smidge of weight but with the nicer weather going on, I'm going to go back on my walks and drop that little bit. I can still fit in my "skinny" clothes and my new life is great. My GF is awesome, we just laugh and cry together and we fit well together! When we have a glitch, we talk it out and by the end of the night, we are laughing till tears come out. I think of all of you often and pray for healthy lives. We are survivors and anyone can shoot me an email or PM me. I am not an expert but I can offer what I've done. With God in command and surrounding myself with good Christian friends and doing my new hobby, I am just having a good time. Sometimes a re-boot of the ol' hard drive and I'm good to go. Just wanted to say hey to you all! God Bless! Aaron
  4. Glad it's working for you. I love it!
  5. Good to see you doing well on Cymbalta. I love it. I did have a bad day last Wednesday, so.....I went out and took it out on some paper, cardboard and Gun **** Residue (GSR) on my hands and up to my hind end in brass. I **** about 200 rounds of .45 and 9mm. I love to shoot, I missed my dad and they were his guns so....I went out and talked to dad and ****. It was fun. Shooting, reloading is my new hobby. Best part, I was at the range by myself and just had a hoot of a time. My girlfriend gave me a Sportsman Warehouse gift card for my birthday and I bought some stuff for shooting and can't wait to go to the range again, only this time for general fun! Having a hobby helps, the weather is still too cold, my other hobby is detailing cars but weather is preventing me from that, so shooting is what I do for kicks, proper eye/ear/vest for protection as it's required at the range when I qualify for work. I picked up my brass for future reloading and cleaned up the range for the next group of folks to enjoy themselves at the range.
  6. Cymbalta has worked wonders for me, despite the side effects to which were constant tiredness, blank mind (like I stayed up all night everyday) and it subsided after a while and I feel great now, originally started for diabetic nerve pain (60mg) and now take 90mg for that and depression. I love it.
  7. I split the dose, 60mg in the AM and 30mg in the PM, I didn't like it at all and switched back to both in the AM.
  8. I started the usual 30mg for a week, then up to 60mg after that for a while for diabetic nerve pain. The pain went away on day one. When I became depressed, my doctor who is a 25 year depression doctor upped it to 90mg a day. In that span, I was tired, yawning, some sexual side effects and felt like I was up all night when I slept good and SEVERE sweating. I am hot all the time and that didn't help. The symptoms gradually went away, as I knew this is pretty much a mind altering drug and knew I had to give it a chance to work. It did raise my blood pressure along with diabetes now taking Lisonoprol (sp?) and probably need to up that as my pressure although dropped a little, needs to come down a little more. My pulse was 146 at one time and gave me headaches and made my nurse at work a little worried. I told her DNR! LOL. I feel great, no pain from nerves, side effects slowed down a lot, I hardly sweat anymore and just love life.....I have a new girl in my life and we just have fun. Each medicine is different and I found a forum that just bashes Cymbalta and I ignored that as I trust my doctor and know that if it didn't work, go to something else. I once missed a dose (just plain forgot) and got the brain zaps and felt like I got hit by a Mack truck. I don't forget anymore! That was grueling! Aaron
  9. MIne is the Rogue River here in Southern Oregon, lots of fond memories with Dad fishing. Love the river and he is missed.
  10. Hey all, Since depression, I have upped my Cymbalta which in turn upped my HBP and now on a different HBP medication, but what really helped me was counseling, through my work, I was able to get 3 free counseling sessions and they give you the resources to continue in your path. I take 90mg of Cymbalta as of now and I feel great. I also placed my self back in tune with God, although, not as much as I like, work gets in the way, but I always think about God. I have also exercised and walk a lot and walked off 50lbs and made myself look better to me, which in turn made me like myself again. Since separating from my wife and pending divorce, I have re-discovered myself and like who I am and how I look. I was pretty quite content living the single life and never sought out a relationship as some lack of self confidence still floating around and was okay with it.....Some co-workers from the jail I work at and probation department placed me and great gal together and we hit it off great. I'm a jailer and she's probation. We speak'a the same language and have similar A personalities and same hates in our jobs and clients so to speak. I may have gained back a pound or two, but my old fat guy clothes are going to hospice and my new and improved pants are much better and I don't feel like I have a load in my pants. My old pants for work were baggy and now my new smaller ones are baggy, but I don't think enough for smaller ones yet. I walked myself into a new wardrobe in my uniforms and can now fit in a whole new set and have uniforms for days. I was able to find this site and knew right away I wasn't alone and people with much more on their plate than I have and I pray for all everyday. We are all survivors (My motto) and we need to strive to get ourselves healed with our past, our current issues, money concerns, children, pesty family (putting lightly) and whatever else. I thought of going off Cymbalta as I am happy, but just so happens, I ran out and didn't get to pharmacy in time (working nights, overslept) and the 2 days I was out was not very fun, I ran out of the 60mg pills and still had 30mg pills. My pain came back from Diabetes nerve pain and I just felt like crud. Soooooo, not going off of it anytime soon and my regular doctor is a 25 year depression doctor and he said he didn't want me off, so I think I'll listen. I have been eating great and staying away from bad foods for my diabetes but my 1AC is still high, my doc put me on a clinic pill with glucophage and it seemed to drop the sugars fast and now. I feel better and he said I'll lose weight. I tell my girl, don't feed the bear, I'll eat it if you put it in front of me! The diabetes didn't help with depression, images of feet being amputated and it can **** you quick. I did learn that the feet are farthest away from brain and to wit, the nerves go first in the feet, so if you cut your foot and don't feel it, infection, bad infection, amputation time! Also, get your eyes checked, you cannot replace the blood vessels in your eyes and diabetes messes that up, so take care of yourself for those of you with diabetes. Stay in contact with your doctor and do what he says! Anyways, I'm still recovering, I have bad days, lost my dad in August, separated in September, pending divorce, my siblings are driving me crazy, work is driving me crazy but I generally feel good. I grieve for dad, but I know I will see him soon when God is done with me here on Earth. I make it through the day with prayer, good eating habits, surround myself with good friends and laugh and smile as much as I can. Aaron
  11. At work, before internet goes off at 0600 Pacific time, cruising the boards. Out of my 60mg Cymbalta and feel horrible, pain is bad and slight zaps in the ol' noggin.
  12. Hi Nappers. I'm good and its nice to see you on the forums.

  13. WWAASSUUPP!! a quick hello Linda! going on nights soon and be able to swing by more often! Hope your're doing good!

  14. Hi all! Well, I've been on day shift at the ol' lockup and wanted to stop by and say HI! I go to nights and be able to once again cruise the boards more often, I don't have home internet yet, got my old computer fired up but no internet. Not much has changed for me. I survived the holidays, first set without Dad. The family did well, Mom only had a moment the morning of Christmas but was good after that. I was thankful to have Christmas off. I haven't heard from the ex wife since separating. My depression, since seeking God, going to counseling, being put on 90mg Cymbalta, good friends and starting my life over has been good. I have my moments but I'm doing great. I am eating healthier, I've lost 50lbs, shocked my doctor, my blood pressure is higher, due to diabetes, or the cymbalta or both. I am on HBP medications and getting it squared away still. The Cymbalta still makes me sweat like a pig, but it's subsiding pretty good. I just wear UnderArmor under my uniform and it really helps. I am in a relationship with a gal, I wasn't seeking anyone at the moment, just kinda fell into it and we are clicking quite well. I was quite happy where I was at life, being a bachelor and this isn't a rebound relationship. Co-workers put us together. I am glad they did, she is great. She is a probation officer and we really have the same interests and non interests and we just spend the day laughing amongst each other. I am genuinely smiling, laughing and feeling good about myself the last few months. I have gone down 6 pant sizes (44 waist to 38) and stepped myself into older uniforms, hardly worn and they fit nicely now, something I haven't done in a long time. I have been walking, try to do 3 miles a day and spend my day with my new girl. I miss dad a lot and think about him since his passing, I try to talk about the good times and how I was able to spend the last few weeks with him non stop. Anyways, going to nights next week and will be on a lot more to offer my insights on Cymbalta, what helps me with depression etc. I miss all of you and think of you guys often. They cut internet off from us at work except one computer but we don't get access a lot and not a lot of privacy here, there is always someone looking over your shoulder, curious at what your looking at. My cell phone gets DF but, it's a very small screen and not very fun to navigate. I made some more friends on my list here and I appreciate them and hope I can offer some help. We are survivors people! Do what makes you happy, get to love yourself and you can love others, I seek God and his word and his spirit to help me in my journey. I have good friends at work and I have good friends and family out of work. My new girl loves me for me and I can honestly say that I have just been myself. My first text to her, was just me and I made her laugh and the rest is history. Anyways, See you soon Aaron Nappers
  15. What's up all, at work and I'm the Watch Commander today. Don't have much time to do any updates but I am still here and think about y'all a lot. Hope your holidays are filled with Glee. Remember what CHRISTmas is all about. You guys aren't alone and WE are survivors! Don't have internet yet. See you soon.

    1. lindahurt


      Hi Nappers. Season Greetings to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

    2. jenbri


      Yes, Happy holidays, Nappers. Hope you get some time to relax this holiday.

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