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  1. Hey all, I always wanted to make a blog but was fearful that no one would read it or I would end up with just messages of abuse. I finally made one but I am assuming no one is going to read it. It is going to be a little of a rant, a bit contraversial and very comtemptory. Things on my mind: Ending of EMA If you are British or a follower of English news you would heard about that the Conservatives cutting the EMA payments. EMA are a set amount of money paid to student between the ages of 16-19 for full attendence in college depending upon the wages the parents earn, the students maybe paid between ten to thirty pounds. Anyway the Conservatives are cutting out the EMA payment as part of their coalition in order to reduce the deficit. Students are complaining about these cuts. I am a 17 year old student and I recieve thirty pounds a week which helps towards stationary and travel costs. I come from a very very poor background, as in my family earnings are ZERO POUNDS a year. I looked at this and under much comtempt by other students I admit that I support this cut, It will cause me issue but this is my reasoning: I would happily lose thirty pounds a week if the money causes the economy improves, so when I leave college I actually have a chance of getting a decent job.
  2. Thank you all! I am so glad that I am not alone in my hatred of Christmas.... I am going to do a traditional pagan theme one. With no sacrafice. I am going to do nothing as I always end up doing.
  3. Hey all, I live at home with my mother and brothers but they reside in my mother's boyfriend house and I live in the orginal house with one of my brothers. My Mother wants me to celebrate it up her boyfriends house. I don't want to go at all in fact I don't want to celebrate Christmas at all. I am 17. Am I alone in a hatred of Christmas? I don't know if it is to do with the idea of spending time with my family or is it just the season. I aways had bad times at Christmas but not as bad as the rest of the year so why do I have this dislike? Is it my realtionship with my family souring the occasion or is it me?
  4. Thank you, my parents never took intrest in my studies. I love urban legends,history and sorry to say serial killes.
  5. Thank you Iamaworrywort and Trace. I am sure I will like it here.
  6. My tutor said in not too many words that I need to act normal and that by acting strange the other students are right in making fun of me... I am autistic...i don't know what normal is! Thanks for that!
  7. Ahhh so many to chose from! How about these: Father: You are wh*re (To me aged 9) You should have been killed at birth/ drowned etc... You are queer little b*tch Cold heart little b*tch Mother: Sick in the head Never have family Twisted mind F*cked up Family members: Freak B*tch Messed up sl*t Should have killed yourself Friends: Pyscho Should be locked up And many many more...
  8. Welcome! I hope you had an awesome day! *waves*
  9. Hi I am Bane, I am from the UK and I am a 17 year old student. I discovered this site after I suffered a really bad low. Right, about me? I didn't have a great childhood and I been suffering depression constantly since I was a child... silly I know but I actually wrote a suicide note aged 8 or 9. I have a barrage of mental illness and conditions such as aspergers and disassociative disorders etc... I don't have councilling as I always end up convincing people I am fine. I never really been treated. I have had some before but I can always talk my way out of it since I study psychology. I have no support from family... My mom's words "You are sick and twisted in the head". I can't face people face to face I perfer online hence why I am here. I go through highs and lows and considered crazy by generally everyone. I am also apparently very bright but that's part of the autism with an IQ of about 140+. Oh I am a girl...
  10. Hi, I am new as well and from the UK. I don't really know what to say but welcome and and I hope you find happiness soon.
  11. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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