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  1. hi, where are you from? hope to chat with you soon!

  2. Hi Waitingformyhero, I so sorry that I wasn't online to talk with you earlier this morning. I do hope we get a chance to talk sometime today. Will look to hear from you.

  3. Glad to have you as a friend. Feel free to pm and talk if you like.

  4. I feel depressed after i discover something today. I feel like i failed to keep my promise to myself and hate myself for failing that. and tears just roll down automatically. I cant seem to control.
  5. I feel like no one understand what i going through. I want to be strong but i just cant seem to pull myself together. i keep thinking what is wrong with me. I just feel like hiding away until my sadness goes away but at the same time i want to connect to someone on deep level. But i feel people dont really like to go to that deep when i do, and this lead me to feel to depressed. and it sink deep and deeper as i feel rejected. What should i do? Can anyone talked to me?
  6. I don't believe I am depressed but i cried frequently now. I feel hopeless and feel pain. Feel like nothing good to think about. What is there for me?
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