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  1. I'm hoping for the best in all of this. I'm going to wean slow, 40mg for now, then 30mg for a month, 20mg for the next month and so on. I went off an AD abruptly in the past and it was horrible. This time I want to take it slow and develop some coping skills during the process...
  2. I've been using just Celexa 40mg to manage my depression and anxiety. My pdoc and I discussed trying to wean off of the ADs so now I'm considering therapy. This will be my first time talking to anyone other than my pdoc. She was actually pretty cool in that we could talk about things in my life instead of just talking meds. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone here successfully came off meds, or at least lowered their dose, through talk therapy? Are there any things I should know before my first visit? I'm kind of nervous since it takes me a while to warm up to new people. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! :)
  3. My pdoc and I just discussed this earlier today. I'd like to start slowly weaning myself off of ADs but I feel I'll need some therapy in order to replace the meds. I'm terrified that my negative side will rear it's ugly head again (I can be so.... EVIL is the best way to put it without my ADs). We'll see how I feel in a couple months once my dose has been cut in half.
  4. I hope I'm weight neutral (or lose weight) on this med. I'm already 50lbs overweight...
  5. Hey Moody Blues! I just started taking this med today (added on to celexa). I've been reading up on the side effects and they have me a little alarmed. I'm still willing to give it a chance, though, just to see if it helps.
  6. This rainy weather has me soooo sleepy... -__-

  7. Thanks for your help! I'll give it a couple more weeks and see how I'm feeling. I should have an appt coming sometime in March so we'll make a decision then about whether I should switch. <sigh> It can get so discouraging when you have to try different meds, but hopefully I'll find something that truly helps!
  8. How long should it take for a dosage increase to take effect? I was on prozac for awhile, but switched to generic celexa 20mg about 4 months ago. I seemed to slide downhill with the change, but before we switch to a different med, my pdoc suggested we upped the dose to 40mg. I've been taking that since 2/13 and I'm not really feeling much better. Will it take a full 4-6 weeks to notice a difference? Or will it take less time since I've already been on 20mg for awhile? I just don't want to jump the gun and quit this med before giving it a chance, you know?
  9. Is this a problem for any of you? I mean I think about things that happened years ago (like back in high school, etc.) and they tend to make me sad. You know, things like being teased, or situations where you just generally feel wronged. Do any of you feel like dwelling on these things hold you back from moving forward in life? I know I do, and I have no idea how to change it... :( It's hard for me to just stop thinking about them, and I think it's a major reason for why I've kind of become a hermit.
  10. I was reading more about the Co-Q 10 and it's saying that it's the tricyclic (sp?) antidepressants that cause the issue... I should be good since I've only been on SSRIs. I am starting to think it's the citalopram making me feel this way, though. I really seems like my energy levels started decreasing about 4-6 months ago when I started on this med. But this is a weird period in my treatment, though. We just started talking about the possibility of me having ADD so we may add Wellbutrin to the Celexa, or maybe just do Wellbutrin alone. I do remember taking it a few years back to help me quit smoking... And while it didn't help me quit I do remember it gave me lots of energy, so maybe it's worth discussing this more with my doc.
  11. I've been on ADs for about a year. First prozac, then we switched to celexa about 4-6 months ago (we just upped the celexa to 40mg). I'm a student and I've noticed a drastic difference between my energy levels when I first started a couple years ago, and my energy levels now. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the ADs? Do they cause fatigue/lethargy in any of you? The initial signs of depression that I experienced have improved, but now I find myself struggling to find the energy/focus/motivation to get things done like I used to... I've read about ADs possibly depleting levels of Co-Q 10 and I'm wondering does anyone have more info on this? Supposedly, the body makes Co-Q 10 but certain medications can affect this ability so you may need supplementation. I asked my pdoc about this and she'd never heard about it... Any help or thoughts?
  12. @jimbow, We've discussed it with him. It's all confusing but basically his assignment due dates were off and his way to fix it was requesting everything early, which is putting us way ahead of what the schedule is saying. My main problem with this is that this is an online class for the most part, so we haven't even seen him for about 3 weeks. My thing is that he needs to communicate with us waaaaaay better and inform us of changes instead of just changing something and waiting until you notice it, you know? This isn't my first year, but this is the first time I'm having to deal with a prof who doesn't communicate effectively (especially since we don't even see each other every week). @evinlejonhjarta, I have thought in the past I have some OCD characteristics. I just didn't give it much thought because it's not so extreme like what is shown on tv (people opening and closing doors multiple times before leaving, etc.) I do find myself counting my steps a lot... I also have a tendency to avoid the seams in a tile floor... Like in a hospital? When I walk, I find myself looking at the floor and trying to fit my foot into each square. So yeah, there might be something to the OCD thing... @asinkingship, I'm glad I'm not alone! It is definitely hard to focus when you know there are so many other things that you need to be doing at the same time! Plus, college is just tougher than I thought! Waaay more required of you than in high school. Plus bills, other obligations and responsibilities... Add the depression on top of that and I'm ready to pull my hair out! But I do have an appointment with my pdoc this coming Friday, so I'll bring this all up to her then.
  13. I'm a natural introvert. I talk to my family and friends (if I'm not in a mood) more than I talk to strangers. When I'm with a group of new people, I seriously clam up. Sweaty palms, shaky voice, butterflies in the stomach.... Yeah, I'm not good around people I don't know. :/
  14. I haven't worked in a couple years, but I used to be a hairstylist. I'm a full time student right now. I plan to (hopefully) get a part time internship soon.
  15. Does anybody else have issues with worrying too much? I mean to the point that you'll be so absorbed by a problem that you absolutely can't get anything done? Or it's a situation that bothers you so much that now you're mad at everyone and everything just because of that one problem? That's what I'm going through right now, and I feel like I'm going to worry myself to death about something that can't be changed. See, I'm a college student and one of my professors has really thrown us a curve ball that isn't helping considering I have two tests coming up next week. I'm not the only student with the problem, a lot of my other classmates are also irritated that he all of a sudden made assignments due a week earlier than the syllabus states. Without even notifying us! No email to the class stating things will be changing! I just signed in one day and all of a sudden all of our quizzes were due a week earlier than before. <sigh> I found this out last night, couldn't get an assignment in another class done because I was so overwhelmed with this prof's insensibility. Then, I woke up this morning just MAD. I mean ready to just drop the class, drop out of school, and be done with it because I couldn't handle the pressures of college. Now I thought about it logically and I'm not dropping out, but I'm just wondering is this normal? I think one of my depressions biggest triggers is unexpected events. If not this exact situation, it seems there's always something that happens that winds up consuming my life with worry. Does anybody else experience that? And how do you cope? I know people say just get your mind off of it, but that's impossible for a worrywart like me. O_o
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