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  1. I took it several years back with 25 mg IR as needed for anxiety and as XR for up to 600 mg to add on for anxiety and depression. It worked and I was on it for quite a while. The big side effect that I got was weight gain and it seems like my triglycerides went up. It worked quite well, though.
  2. Thank you both for your replies. You're right, I'm going to keep that close until I know them further down the road from now on. I kind of saw it as being really honest, but you're right, it's still being honest if I tell them later on, I'm just being fair to myself, too. Lesson learned the hard way.
  3. I take them both and think they work really well together. I take it for depression and anxiety. I take both in the morning because for me they are activating.
  4. I feel your post so much. I had jobs helping people that I guess felt like my identity until I got real sick with severe gastroparesis and it turns out orthostatic hypotension autoimmune disorder as well. I couldn't;t concentrate at work, was in the bathroom more than at my desk and they would send me home afraid I would faint in the office. I was miserable and feeling terrible every day and I'm sure my work showed it as well. So I had to sell my house and move back in with my parents for safety reasons. I'm doing well on the cocktail of meds I'm on now, but I'm 43, and I know if my mom goes first my dad will take me off my meds. And I can't be in that place again. I know if it gets to that point what will happen. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, I relate and I care. You're important. Just noticed the part about wanting to go back to school but not knowing what to go into. I graduated college way back when there was a need for those kind of jobs, but a lot of people now are looking for those who know a trade. You may want to look at a school might help you with that. Are you interested in any trades>
  5. I take it in the morning because I find it activating. i really haven’t had any side effects from it.
  6. I have been on Prozac before for about 2 years and this time for about a year and a half. It pooped out on me after two years the first time, which basically means it just completely stopped working. This time it's still working but I'm in a really stressful situation, which leads to me being more up and down than usual. I've always heard that it takes up to 8 weeks to get used to a SSRI. I've also heard about horrible effects getting off of Effexor so you may want to check into that since that may be part of what's going on.
  7. Thanks so much. I needed to stay on meds and in treatment, we have had several tragedies in my family from people not getting proper mental health treatment and I've had to be hospitalized twice. I'm glad you're returning as well. Mental health issues are really hard, aren't they. I had mental issues before I got a disease called gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) and the physical part is really tough, I had it back in 2008-2009 but was able to work with it but it flared up again in 2014 and has been brutal to where I can't work since. The physical part is really difficult, but the mental wears on you so much as well. It's amazing how much mental issues can affect you so much. I think it's probably a good thing, if I couldn't see them both early, that I'm seeing the therapist first. I can talk about all the issues that worry me, including the worry about a new psychiatrist and new doctors after 9 years. I think that is probably a really good thing and she'll be really helpful to talk to. I hope you have a Happy New Year and that 2018 rocks for both of us!
  8. Yeah, I hate seroquel, but I have to say that it does help me. We have a very love/hate relationship. I take it very sparingly, but I am so glad I pretty much begged her to give it to me because it definitely helped me the other day. I don't know what got into me but I decided I was fine, that I didn't need my meds. Then I started freaking myself out because I started to feel kind of like I did right before I had to go to the hospital so I got scared and took my evening mental health meds and a dose of the seroquel, which really helped me. Propanol didn't help me personally, but I hope it helps you. Everyone is so different, there's a good chance it will. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  9. Hi. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have had some issues with some other things that haven't let me get on recently. Yes, I see a therapist, I think it's next week actually. I am very much looking forward to that. I don't seem to do well when I go a month without them. I was thinking all kinds of crazy stuff day before yesterday. Thank goodness I have come to my senses now. Turns out it is a very good thing I asked about the seroquel. It actually calmed me down from being very destructive and deciding I was doing great, not reason to keep taking meds. Yeah, right. smh. Not sure where that came from.
  10. Decided to delete post; what I put may not have been appropriate.
  11. Music, devotionals (right now I am doing a Bible study on Esther through a gastropareis Bible study group and Anxiety for Nothing Bible Study on moments I feel up to it), the fact that he gives me a therapist and medication as tools to help me with the issues that I deal with, and the fact that he sometimes has the Bible Study on exactly what I need at the moment I need to hear it.
  12. The holidays have always been a very stressful time for me, but this year they are even worse than usual. I've always been bad October-December, and this time I am living at home, my insurance is about to change which means all new doctors, which I don't want. I'm in the middle of the whole applying for disability thing where I have a lawyer, but I am still waiting on a date, and I have gastroparesis, which is severe, where right now I can't eat any food, so I am having to live on nutritional drinks as a source of food. Even the thought of food makes me sick. I mean, I try to be around people when they are eating if I can help it so I can still socialize unless it gets so bad that I can't even smell food without getting sick. So I am extremely stressed at the moment. And somehow I don't think it will change until after Christmas, when all the eating part is over. :(
  13. Well, I met this guy online. He seemed really nice. He was Christian, God was really important to him. We clicked on that immediately. He didn't mind that I had gastroparesis and that it was really bad right now where I can't eat at all. Then, he started telling me all these problems his family had and how he didn't have touch with any of them and only recently found out which sister had his mom and where his mom was. After he told me all of this and how dysfunctional his family was, I thought, well, he's told me all this, I can trust to tell about my mental problems. So I did. And I never heard back from him again. I'm not saying we would even click in real life, but it kind of hurts a lot that after I open up about my mental problems and I wasn't turned off and was understanding and cared and offered positive words and prayer for him about his family, and he was just done when he found out about mental problems. It makes me feel like I have to hide it from other guys now and I feel like if I date a guy seriously I will still have to hide all my meds for mental health from him or else he's going to get rid of me, too. I hate this stupid stigma. May trigger....I don't think so, but just in case..... My grandmother had a nervous breakdown when my mom was 12. She never got help for it and was really off the rest of her life. She heard music that wasn't playing, would fuss at my sister and I for playing it, slept all the time because she went to several different doctors and didn't tell them about all the other sleep meds she was taking so she was taking way too many and almost OD'd on them when I was in 10th grade, my maternal uncle committed suicide, my paternal cousin committed suicide, and I've had to be in a psychiatric hospital twice, once for a nervous breakdown, which had always been my fear since I had learned about her having one when I accidentally found out when I was 12 from a relative who thought I knew. So what am I supposed to do. Just not get help and pretend I don't have it. I already learned from my family how that ends up. All of these people all that happened to didn't get help. You would think we would be at a point after seeing what's happened to all those who didn't get help and seeing all the celebrities that have suffered mental health problems that we would be further along than this.
  14. Hi. I'm on prozac for the second time (it pooped out on me after the first time after a while), and it has really helped me. I have OCD, anxiety, major depression, mood disorder, and stress. I would definitely try it. I'm on 80 mg but was slowly upped over time. Usually, with OCD you have to take the higher dosages. I used to have it so bad when I was in a doctor's office I would be afraid that the needles in those little red boxes they store them in would somehow get loose and stab me and I would some sort of disease. I would definitely tell your p-doc about the prozac. They need to know all the meds you are on, but especially the psych meds you're on. Otherwise they may prescribe you another one that may clash with it. Good luck with it. I have found it a godsend.
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