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  1. Going back on :(

    Hi. I've never gone off of antidepressants, mostly because I have so many mental issues and I remember what bad shape I was in before I got on them, but I would be honest with your psychiatrist and tell him and ask him about restarting. I think you could probably need to start slowly when you restart it so you could probably need his or her help in restarting instead of doing it on your own. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I probably will have to eventually look at jobs from home once I hopefully get disability because I heard there is a certain amount you can make outside of it so I would have to find out what amount that is. I'm just not real sure how viable of an option that is, at least in the situation I'm in right now, because I'm just so sick so much, although changing meds has helped a lot. Yeah, I agree on paxil. I took it a while back several years ago and actually didn't have any problems coming off of it surprisingly, but i think I'm a weird case. I had the same thing happen with effexor xr and from what I hear that one is supposed to be horrible to get off of as well. I went back on my Prozac yesterday and my body, other than the regular gastroparesis, feels better than when I was on the paxil for the two days. I'm finally not eating everything in sight. Ugh, talk about really aggravating gastroparesis. I usually can't even eat what a normal person can eat during a day. You can imagine what eating more than a normal person eats in a day felt like. Unfortunately, I'm not good at crafting or knitting. I used to cross stitch and tried it a few times since being out of work but couldn't even really do that, at least at the moment. I agree on the disability not being enough. Before I got in this condition, I worked in social services and dealt with a lot of people that were on disability. It was very disturbing how little they got. So I'm prepared it won't be much. I agree with you about diplomas. I think I had maybe two or three jobs that asked me to show them my college diploma. I think now they look more for people who have a trade, though. I noticed more toward the last few years, it seemed more like people just wanted to high school diploma and weren't really focusing so much on college diplomas. I love my years at University of South Carolina and would've done it again, but just because I loved the school and my college experience so much, not because I really felt like I needed it. The economy has shifted during the time I've been working and now it almost seems like a college diploma can work against you. Thank you again for replying and your helpful advice. This is all so frustrating, especially having never been through all the living back at home and applying for disability before.
  3. I'm really, really struggling.

    I'm sorry you're struggling. From my understand, the medication you're on is one of the worst for gaining wait, so it may help with that with switching to the citalopram (may not be writing that right, the generic celexa). I'm not a doctor and everyone reacts differently so I'm generalizing. I've felt somewhat of what you are saying at times. If your friends didn't want to be around you, they wouldn't call you and invite you places. Please keep that in mind, and no matter how hard it is, please don't keep asking them about it. That will probably bother them if you keep asking them about it and they have to keep reassuring you. Just know if they are reaching out to you and inviting you places, they want your company. Once you're adults, you don't have to invite people places; you make your own decisions at that time. As far as games, I don't know a lot about those, but I know my ex-husband used to play them and he would just jump in. I never heard him complaining about anyone jumping in, so I really don't think anyone is going to be bothered by you jumping into a game. Sorry, this is all I can think about right now. Sorry, if I come across a little harsh. I am trying to help and just don't want you to drive them away by asking them over and over if you are bothering them. Just know if they invite you, they want you there. You're being so hard on yourself. We are always so much harder on ourselves and see ourselves as so much worse than others see us. I'm like that all the time. I just try to hide it. I take my meds every day, and do the best I can to get through things as best I can. I wish you the best with all this. It definitely is not easy, but I have faith that you can get through this. Just know everybody has some insecurities.
  4. Gastroparesis came back in 2014, and this time much more serious. I am not in a position to work and already had depression, general anxiety, and OCD, with panic attacks without agoraphobia, even though I wasn't having many at all by that point. This disease has made things so much worse. I had a house and have a P.O. Box in NC so I have NC Insurance until the end of the year, but I had to move back in with my parents so next year I will have to get SC insurance. That means I have to change from the psychiatrist I've seen for over 5 years to one that's never seen and doesn't even know me (and since I've had this disease, I've been diagnosed with stress, which isn't surprising, and a mood disorder. My parents are approaching 70 and I'm terrified about when they die (don't get me wrong, I will definitely miss them; we are very close) how I will support myself and get through life. I'm divorced and usually feel too sick to date, except every once in a while I think maybe I tan go on a date, but it's hard because most of the time I can't eat because the disease makes me sick a lot of times when I eat solid food, and I'm not dependable because I never know when I will end up too sick to do something. I can be fine, and then it hits all of a sudden or I can wake up with it. And I'm constantly take pills, and I think, well, who's going to want that. Anyway, back to psych business-this all plays into that. I get so scared for the future. I'm on 80 mgs of Prozac, 200 mgs of Lamictal twice a day, 300 mgs of Wellbutrin XL,3 mg of Risperdal at bedtime, and 1 mg of Xanax XR twice a day. I lost it two weeks ago, and started just sobbing and screaming to my parents that there was no hope because with the SC insurance it wouldn't cover my gastroparesis motility clinic, where my doctor is one that is on the Top 100 Doctors in the US List. I thought maybe the prozac had pooped out on me and told my psychiatrist that at last visit last week. She reluctantly switched me to paxil because she thinks it's my mood disorder, mixed with losing my independence and having to move back home, uncertainty about my insurance situation next year, etc., and felt we needed to up my Lamictal to one and a half pill either in the morning or at night and one pill at the other time and if still no luck, we can up to risperdal. She was very reluctant to switch me to paxil, but did. I was supposed to lower prozac and wean off and start paxil but it would have me switching to paxil and messing with the lamictal at the same time which she had said she didn't want to do, and she had said if it felt soon enough I could wean earlier so I tried Paxil day before yesterday and today. It made me eat everything in sight, which really messed up my gastroparesis. After the same thing happened yesterday, I decided i was going to have to go back to prozac and hope that she was right about the lamictal. The good news is that the appointment I had with her next week never got canceled so I still get to see her and we can adjust the lamictal then and I can tell her about going back to the prozac. She was going to fit me in, but this is much better. I also see my therapist on that day as well. I really don't know what to do about the stress about my future, though. I'm so scared of not having the money to pay for anything and that this disease is going to take me with a slow, agonizing death. It's scary. Even if I get disability, it's not that much a month. I just missed the days when life seemed normal. have me have had
  5. What Dose Of Prozac To You Take?

    I take 80 mgs, but I have OCD, which usually requires higher does of antidepressants.
  6. Anxiety Celexa Question

    I haven't had this with Celexa per say, but I have had increases with Paxil and Prozac and they really helped me.
  7. Is it starting to work?

    You're very welcome. Keep us posted!
  8. Is it starting to work?

    Good. Hopefully some improvement means that it will work, just wasn't a strong enough dose. I hate the med merry go round. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  9. Is it starting to work?

    It can take from 4-6 weeks for the medication to really kick in and since you went up a dose, I would probably take that in account, although I am not a doctor, so you probably want to check with your doctor about that just to be on the safe side and get a more accurate answer. Once you start feeling less anxious you will know it is working; if you are not seeing improvement within the 4-6 week period, you may want to speak with your doctor about a different medication. Good luck!
  10. Unexplained V*****l Bleeding - Side Effect

    I have been on prozac twice and have never had it as a side effect, but I was on birth control pills the first time, and this last time I was on the mirena so I don't get a period. One of my sorority sisters I roomed with was on prozac in college and I don't remember her ever mentioning it. Your pharmacist is probably the best person to ask about duration of symptoms.
  11. Switching from paxil to prozac

    I didn't have any withdrawals from Paxil and I was on 60 mgs of it. I think Prozac took 4-6 weeks to work, but I'm not sure, I've been on it for about 2 years now.
  12. Prozac/Trazodone and weight gain

    I'm on Prozac 80 mgs and have never gained weight from it. I was on trazadone a long time ago and I don't think I gained weight from it. Everybody's bodies are so different, though.
  13. Everybody is different, but I find Prozac and Wellbutrin activating.
  14. Buspar is another medication for anziety and I think there is one called Atarax and one called Vistaril I believe it is that you may want to ask your doctor about. I used to take Buspar and it didn't do much for me and that was mid 2000s so I'm not sure whether it was as needed or a daily thing, but I do remember Vistaril was as needed and I think Atarax was another as needed.
  15. Any experiences of taking Paroxetine?

    I took Paxil (paroxatine) several years ago and it worked for me until it pooped out. I worked up to 60 mgs (I usually have to take higher mgs of pills because I have OCD, too, so don't let that scare you). I remember being maybe a little more tired, but I don't remember any other side effects. I didn't get any weight gain or anything like that. Good luck and hope this helps.