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  1. Porcelaon,

    My version of bipolar is not that common. I am manic and depressed 5-8 times every day and I have been labeled as ulradian by some. It's quite hard to deal with but i do well in spite of this.


  2. I have tried a whole lot of meds over the years, 12 of them not counting antidepressants. Lithium was the only one that did anything, and as well, was the only one that did not produce adverse reactions. I have tried without twice in the last 20 years and both times I nearly lost everything including my friends and family.

    I do not even feel it, it's very supple and very effectiv...

  3. Hey, your message was incomplete too. Weird, it must be a setting or something. But I am just wondering, do you find lithium to numb you, or have no/very little emotion? or does it just balance your mood out more or less?

  4. Dear bipolars, I take lithium for 22 years now, and 100mg of Seroquel to help me sleep when manic for about 10 years, and that's it. I am ultradian so I am mad several times a day in spite of this. I have tried over a dozen other meds that did nothing for me so I am stuck with this. Don
  5. Porcelain,

    Your message was incomplete but I have tried 20 meds in the past and only lithium has ever helped me. It is so mellow it's like it is having no effect but twice in the last 20 years I quit and my life became a train wreak in slow motion. Several bipolar friends tried it but they found side effects, and I never have. It has been used for bipolar since the 1850s so there is in...

  6. Ok so I'm not sure if my post worked but here goes again.. I don't know how to send messages on here but I noticed your post on lindahurts' page and if your ok with it, I just have some questions about bipolar and lithium. I'm trying to figure why I don't feel like my current medication is working. But anyway if you're not ok with talking about it, that's ok too. Jus...

  7. Hey, how are you? I don't know how to send messages on here but I noticed your post on lindahurts page right before mine and if you're ok with it, I just have a few questions about bipolar and lithium. If not that's ok too :).

  8. Danielsaun, Geodon seemed to help really well for a few months but after 4 months or so I was back where I started.. As far as changes in sleep patterns, it could be you are mood cycling and are overall somewhat more manic right now so not sleeping much. I have hourly patterns on top of daily patterns on top of monthly patterns and I get overwhelmed by it so try to deal with things on an hourly basis. I self medicated for 35 years before I was diagnosed. It kept me calm and in control as well as any mood stabilizer does today. These days smoking just drains all my energy away, maybe because I am much older now and not 'cool' anymore ha ha!!. Don
  9. Bisous, That may be right. I have always been very manic, psychotic, so I have never seen it before. Don
  10. That is wonderful news Don. Glad to hear you are feeling much better.

  11. Linda,

    I just got back from a discussion about how I felt about being diagnosed with bipolar I. That was the first day of the rest of my life. Lithium was prescribed that day and 3 days later I felt so good, relaxed and happier than in a long time. SO being diagnosed saved my life and removed all the negative pressure. Every time I feel overwhelmed now I just remember my former life.


  12. Emjay, I have been bipolar since I was 8 in 1963. I have also been type 1 diabetic since 1959. I have also gone on spending sprees, buying stuff I shook my head at the next day Luckily I have taken back more than I have bought because I have always cycled fast. A good friend has a bipolar son, and every year like clockwork he has to drive all over town canceling the 6 cars his son had bought the day before. I have always had some project in writing or design or something and everything in my life got pushed to the side because no matter what it was, it was as important as world peace to me. I lost many years doing this. This is likely the reason I was forced to retire and am now broke. I do totally enjoy the buzzing mania feeling. Because it feels so good bipolars set up situations where the buzz will come back. It's as addictive as the best of drugs. If you have had more than one episode of mania and depression then you have bipolar I not II which is only one episode. I have 8 of these every day. I don't even have time to drive somewhere to buy something, lucky now I guess at least in one way. After having 35 years of bipolar and attempting ******* several times a year I was finally diagnosed and I felt very happy knowing there was a reason I felt so crappy and so good all the time. Once I was taking lithium I was able to breath and that was super nice. It was such a relief. The last 22 years has been difficult but I still feel better than I did before. I have to keep reminding myself of my last life. Don
  13. Withered, I feel so bad by the losses you have had to bear. I have had 4 friends commit ******* over the years, but many of my friends are or have been bipolar. One even back in 1969 and I still think about him often. Being ultradian bipolar these events reminded me of how serious the disease is. I am manic and depressed 8 times a day so life is a struggle for me, especially with respect to relating to family and friends. Most normal people never understand what life is like for us. My wife does not understand but if I am in a bad way she does everything she can to make this easier for me. Other than my 2 bipolar net friends I have large words on my giant white board that says "I's unfair to believe anyone will understand me". I have never met a doctor, a talk therapist, nor a psychiatrist who ever truly understood either. I have been bipolar since I was 8 years old, and that was my first ******* attempt, in 1963. Super rapid cycling (ultradian) forced me to to get help because I was afraid for my life. I tried 12 or more drugs but the only one that ever did anything was lithium, and that is nearly a natural thing, found on the ground all over. I spent many nights in emergency and lots of time in the mental hospital here. I have not made that trip now for 15 years so I feel good about that.. I was told by a psych nurse and 2 psychiatrists not to ever take anti-depressants because they cause mania, and two of those drugs landed me in hospital. Mood stabilizers is what is normally prescribed to bipolars.Lithium is the only mood stabilizer that helps both with mania and depression but I am not saying you should try it because every human is different. I know 2 bipolars who have tried it without success. I used to do many dangerous things, like street racing and telling my boss where to go. I was totally out of control and feeling on top of the world the whole time and also have been addicted to everything under the sun. Don
  14. Danialsaun, For 35 years that simmering rage in the background got me into a lot of trouble and fired many times. The strange thing is that I looked for a confrontation and they invigorated me and I always got such a rush from them so I never backed down because I wrongly thought I was right and justified every time. In 1998 I had 6 months of continuous job problems I caused myself and I cracked and quit and walked out. That was when I was diagnosed with bipolar and 6 months later became ultradian, manic and depressed 8 times a day. Now I don't get manic anymore, I get psychotic and have no idea what I am doing and I never see the pure rage. The 6 months of extreme stress caused a permanent worsening of my bipolar. This is why I love depression, because I know I'm not manic. Stress makes bipolar way worse and when we cause it, well that is very self-destructive. Nether Geodon nor Risperedol nor 12 other meds did anything for me. I take only lithium, for the last 20 years and it works better than all the rest,, for me, but I am far from 'cured' and have not been able to work for 22 years now. Don
  15. Linda,

    Have not heard from you for a while. I always allow my depressions to happen when ever they happen. I love to cry which is why I have a stainless steel keyboard that is waterproof. I feel totally blessed that I can let the tears fall where they may.


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