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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Well, weaning off meds hasn't gone great. For every decrease, I got slightly bluer. I'm not sure if I'm blue enough to warrant staying on meds. I guess I don't know what "normal" blue is.

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    2. Emily Rose

      Emily Rose

      Hi Jen, I hope you are ok. I value your friendship even though it has only been a short time. Please take care of yourself, I hope you are able to keep on top of things.


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      hope you get better :)

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      How are you today?

  3. I'm not sure I can advise you because when this happened to me, I handled it very badly. He used me, abused me and found someone else. I was depressed for five years over that (didn't stay on meds because he didn't believe in them). I guess if I were you, I'd continue talking with him as he isn't mean to you. It could be he just wants to be friends. Would you be okay with that? If leaving things dangling is too painful for you (as it was for me), give him a time limit to decide what he wants to do. Once the deadline passes, I would leave him unless he offers something concrete to make you think the relationship might work. It's an awful experience to go through. But hang in there. Either way it works out, it will get better.
  4. The stigma of depression causes a lot of us to hold off going to the doctor. And taking the first step is hard to do. But once you do it, you'll find that even if the first time talking to a professional is very emotional, it gets better with time. We all pretty much think we won't be believed, but I've noticed that the doctors do take depression seriously and don't belittle you like they would for some physical ailments. Especially if you know what symptoms of depression you have and can list them for the doctor. Depression is well described in the DSMIV. So, most doctors will take what you say, compare it to the DSM's standards, and be able to diagnose you immediately. A regular doctor (GP) is the usual route. They can prescribe antidepressant medication for you. If they think you need more help, they usually refer you to a psychiatrist. The more you talk about depression, the more you realize it's quite normal, kind of like having diabetes. I went from sobbing when I first went in (after years of depression) to talking openly with strangers, no problem. I met a schizophrenic at work who also acted quite normal. Trust me, you'll really feel much better on meds, if you are diagnosed with depression. Call a doctor.
  5. In my opinion, it could be several illnesses or it could be normal aging. Can you get power of attorney over her to take her to a doctor and care for her medical needs?
  6. I took prozac and started having panic attacks which was very stimulating, but they went away. I also didn't sleep very well, so I guess it was acting as a stimulant for me. Unfortunately, it didn't help my depression, so I switched.
  7. I know what you mean. I'm not sure I can handle having friends unless they're long distance or by email. I certainly won't be able to live with anyone again. I don't think I can manage the responsibility of keeping a friend. Too much interaction for me.
  8. It lasted all day. I told my pdoc about it and he didn't even comment. Just wrote it down. I guess he knew it would be temporary. I wasn't too worried because no one seemed to notice. When I was on high doses of another medication, my hands trembled constantly, which was very obvious and embarrassing. Plus it interfered with my work since I needed steady hands to do some things. I think if you google Effexor or venlafaxine it lists all the side effects and tremors is one of them. No, you're not mad. Just mentally ill (lol)!
  9. Avoidant personality disorder is when a person over the age of eighteen years is characterized by a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, and avoidance of social interaction. I used to call it a dislike of human beings. Unfortunately it makes for a lonely existence and may lead to depression as well as financial troubles. Therapy can be helpful. My therapist is trying to teach me social skills so I can integrate better.
  10. I never had friends close enough to need to deal with that. But if I did, I would explain that I have depression and am under treatment for it. If they scoff at the idea, I'd show them some literature that explains the illness and why we withdraw. They'll either understand or they won't. If they won't support me or believe in depression, I don't think I'd want them as close friends anymore.
  11. Hi Canarylegs, I'm on 375mg Effexor for depression and 375mg Lamictal for mood stabilizer and seizures.
  12. I'm also interested in introverts, sort of. I'm concentrating more on people who are shy because it sets them back their whole life and can cause serious social problems, isolation, loneliness, depression and even suicide. Not all shy people appear shy; we learn to mask it very well. The book "Shyness" by Philip Zimbardo is excellent at describing how people are shy and ways to overcome it. So many people in America are shy that Zimbardo thinks it should be classified an illness. I'd have to agree. It's almost as devastating as Agoraphobia (I think). I'm also clenching my jaw so I guess dropping my meds was a bad idea. Are you taking meds for both depression and stress? I've heard some AD's work better on stress than others. Can't remember which ones though. Might be worth asking your psych. when you go for your appointment.
  13. I love this idea. I've dabbled in languages now and then. I also use on line translators when I have to transcribe genealogical records written in foreign languages like Hungarian, Hebrew, German, and Slovak. Quite challenging. It would be nice if everyone who had time and knew a different language would put something like this out. Thanks for the lessons.
  14. Absolutely - thanks for adding me! Don't even need to ask. I would like to add everyone who answered the lonely poll; just haven't gotten around to it yet. Cute picture. Those your kids? Nice bike too;)

  15. Depression does turn your rose-tinted glasses into grungy dark shades. I once met a really nice guy that wanted to be friends. I turned him down because I couldn't stop staring at a wart on his nose. He wasn't ugly, but I couldn't see past the wart. I really regret not befriending him. Sometimes we pick-up on things that normally would be too small to notice and then magnify it. I'm not sure why you're creating her lack of fashion unless maybe you've noticed something subconsciously. Maybe you want to distance yourself a little while you heal and that's how your mind is allowing you to do that. I can't remember having a thought that didn't have some basis. For example, if I saw two coworkers talking, I'd assume it was about me. Then I'd start to notice everything that supported this assumption, I'd act differently towards them, and eventually the whole thing became true. At least you have the sense to know the thought is not correct.
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