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  1. Yeah, being nice definitely doesn't work... Sometimes I wish I could've been born a sociopath or narcissist, their traits help them get ahead and they don't even feel bad about it, must be nice...
  2. We seem to be in the same boat, just delaying the inevitable 😖
  3. Exactly! There have been studies showing that those ridiculous duck-face cleavage shots work very well on dating sites. Physical attractiveness and sex appeal are two different things, make yourself look easy and guys will message you non-stop... Great for your self-esteem but it probably won't attract the kind of guys you'd want for a relationship anyway. 😂 It gets worse than that, there are tons of websites dedicated to women selling their dirty underwear and much worse, like don't even ask kinda worse.
  4. I'm really struggling to resist the urge to self-harm... My stress level is through the roof and I need a relief like like right now, I just can't take this anymore.
  5. I know what you mean 😔 If there's one thing I can bet on is that when my phone or the doorbell rings it's never good news...
  6. @chumly, keep in mind that different dating sites offer different experiences. I haven't used any in ages but I remember POF being somewhat of a hookup site so depending on how you present yourself results may vary. Someone showing a lot of cleavage and party pics will probably get more interest from guys looking for hookups than someone with equal looks who appears to be somewhat conservative.
  7. Not too worried about that tbh, I used to be on a very high dose and managed to come off it on my own. Yeah the withdrawal symptoms sucked but it's doable. But yeah, hard to come by if you don't have a doctor who trusts you, too much abuse and too much demand for it on the street.
  8. I badly need some Klonopin before I lose it, anxiety is ******* me... Tried calling my GP today to see if he could prescribe some but he's on vacation until next month, go figure. I guess I could try to find a psychiatrist but there's usually long wait times and here they're very reluctant to prescribe meds in the first place so I doubt that they'll help me, most likely they'd just label me a drug seeker. Haven't taken any in years since I was able to manage my anxiety without it but it's getting to be too much. FML
  9. Amen! @chumly: #1: Like I told you before, don't let men define your self-worth! #2: Photofeeler is one of the best sites to get an idea of where you stand in terms of looks so if you get good results there then there's no reason not to believe those ratings. Like @9E4 said, Yahoo! Answers is a cesspool, you could look like a super model and some guys will try to tear you down just because. Not sure how you worded your question there but if there is even a hint of insecurity some people will jump on that and try to kick you while you're down. That's the Internet for you... Humanity at its worst. #3: Are you really sure that dating is a good idea at this point in your life? I know that being lonely sucks but it seems like you keep getting yourself into bad situations leading to unnecessary drama... When you feel bad about life you'll mostly attract shitty people.
  10. Holy shit! Longest I've ever been in one place was 2 weeks...
  11. Yeah, basically. Pretend to be fine and participate in all activities and you're out in a few days. Stay in bed and isolate and you'll be there for a LONG time. Act up and you'll get isolation or be watched 24 hours a day...
  12. The first time I was forced it was "voluntary"... My psychologist called me into his office because he was extremely concerned about the deadline I set for myself quickly approaching and once I was at his office he basically told me I was going, either voluntary or involuntary. He allowed me to drive to the hospital but made sure to call them ahead of time and told me if I did not arrive there within a specified time period he would call the cops and have them pick me up. He also called the hospital to brief them so I couldn't even try to talk my way out of it. 2nd time was involuntary... I tried to harm myself in the hospital and got busted because I fell asleep with a scalpel blade in my hand which the nurse noticed when she did her checks. Let's just say the doctors were not amused and the next morning I found myself handcuffed and shackled and on my way to a state hospital. Yay for stupidity. But yeah, both times it was because I presented an imminent threat to myself...
  13. It really depends on where you are... My experience in the US is that they can only force you if they believe you to be an imminent danger to yourself or others so I don't think your ED would qualify unless you look like you just fled a concentration camp and might pass out at any moment.
  14. Yeah... Today I got a nasty letter from the German IRS too, I'm 3 weeks late paying my taxes and they're already threatening to seize my bank accounts (let them try, they're all overdrawn). The German IRS is worse than the mafia when it comes to collecting their money, when I was late on taxes in the US the IRS gave me plenty of time but here you cannot negotiate with them. Now I'm super worried that they'll go after my landlord to seize my security deposit which I urgently need back when I move out next month otherwise I cannot pay for an AirBnB next month and then I'm completely f'd. FML!
  15. Stressed... Liquidating everything because I need to move out now that I ran out of money and cannot afford this apartment anymore. Like last time this happened, I am realizing once again that getting rid of everything actually costs more money than it makes because people are cheap f***s and take advantage when you need to get rid of things quickly. Even the few things I managed to sell on eBay sold for a fraction of what they cost, ugh... To make things even more fun: Disposing of trash is super expensive here and German leases require you to paint the entire apartment before moving out so I'll be losing all the money I make from my stuff anyway... yay
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