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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I believe it's caused by a heightened sensitivity to the energies around us. If we sense nagativity, this can cause us to become sad. That's how I feel, but It's also what I'm picking up from most peoples descriptions Yes. Sometimes I'm filled with heartbreak because I don't want to "overuse" my closest friends. I've had some tell me that they're sick of hearing me repeat myself all the time. So I confide in people that I'm less close to, and sometimes they use it against me. That's a pretty disgusting feeling. Yesterday I had to leave class because I felt overwhelmingly sad. I went to the bathroom to cry, and came back with red eyes I'm sure. The worst part: I don't even know what was wrong or what triggered it. I feel you sister.
  3. Perhaps is because we disconnect from reality, because of how traumatised we become be seeing the world as it is
  4. I readsome information recently, that this mask is just the ego. In legal terms, it is known as a person. But could be applied in scoiety. For example: a 'person' working in a shop "a sales rep" and a 'person' buying an item 'a customer'. You become the role. "You are a customer". But that only applies to the ego and it's not your true self.
  5. The only thing that will make me happy is for the ssuffering and destruction to cease in thw world and we live together, forever as one peaceful race.
  6. Yeah I get that so much. Like most people are just characters in a movie, persons. I see of lot of emptines in people, but a full soul on some (mostly other depressed people) I feel similar- like I'm a captive audience watching a long, long movie.
  7. Hi Dappydave85, These people are all around. You just don't always see it. People from all walks of life suffer with depression. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, and so on. Depression also varies in severity. Someone can be depressed and you not know it. I'm able to function fairly well when my depression is light. Everyone think I'm just fine because I'm able to mask the depression until it progresses. When it is severe, I isolate from everyone because I don't want anyone to be burden with me even though they want to support me. So don't be fool. They are everywhere. I suppose you are right. Most depression though seems to loss driven, grievance. Depression of the ego. (Loss of job, or spouse, is both of the ego).
  8. Hmm strange, perhaps there is some higher force behind it, like a collective conciousness of man. The loniless could then be what, caused by some form of disconnection from the universe? Or from being ejected from the system?
  9. About the age of 13, was going through a pretty hard time at home and people at school were just getting on my back (pupils and teachers)
  10. Where is everyone from? Just how diverse is depression?
  11. a mask hiding the underlying sadness, a mask I believe makes things worse even the happiest looking person can be depressed, the care free look is just a front but whats underneath is far from care free. you'd be suprised how many people actually do this
  12. We are generally in our bedrooms, our houses, or hidden away somewhere. It's the simpletons that go out without a care in the world
  13. There are loads of really supportive people here. Although it's not great to feel depressed like this all the time, it's good to here that there are other people who understand what it's like. Love you all
  14. Hi grace, it's my pelasure to make your aquaintance, how are you feeling today?
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