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  1. Happy Birthday! ღ Have a great day!

  2. Hi there I have just stopped taking this med after being on it for 6months. I found it to work very well, best of all the meds ive been on. BUT the side effects just got to much for me to handle. I gained 6kgs, couldnt stop sweating, sex drive disappeared and caused me to be so constipated. The dry mouth thing left after a couple of weeks, I took my meds at night so it didnt effect me so much during the day
  3. Yep I do... Just coming out of my second bout of it. When your depressed you dont want to go anywhere, but when you have agoraphobia you "cant" go anywhere, or if you do you have to have a safe person with you. I use to be to scared to even answer the door, if some one even txtd and said they were coming over I would have a panic attack. I wouldnt be able to go into crowed places, I still to this day cant walk threw town, i need my car close by incase I need to get out of there fast, which is another trend on Agoraphobia.
  4. I have tried 13 different medications for anxiety in the last 18months. Only one that has worked, and worked very very well is Clomipramine. I started feeling better and better and after 10weeks I was almost normal again, id stopped using my clonazapam and my agoraphobia is almost gone and im actually back working part time. So no I dont think it takes any longer for anxiety, if you have to right medication you'll know.
  5. I am, I'm on 60mgs at night. I was put on it for mild depression, panic disorder and agoraphobia mainly. Its helped me sooo much. I am actually back working now. Wonder drug
  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well :)

  7. I came of celexa after 5 year on it - took about a 4month taper and I was still sick as a dog, I was fine for 2year then 18months ago massssive relaps. But only an anxiety one, not depression. In past 18 months I have been on and off 10 differerent meds. So yes you can come off them, BUT there is always a chance of relaps. Some people have to take them for the rest of their lives.
  8. Hi, From what I know zoloft is very simulating which is why the increased anxiety when you first take it. I think it is actually the worse AD for it, which is ironic because its ment to be one of the best for anxiety disorders. It will work on treating depression first and can actually take up to 6months before having a real effect on your anxiety. Not that this is the case for everyone tho As for the feeling in your head, I had the same thing years ago, and was told the same as you, one day it just dissapeared. Still no idea what that was about tho lol
  9. Oh hell yes this can give you panic attacks. It did to me, and I was on it for panic disorder, and it set me back months of hard work I had done for my agoraphobia. Plus the more they upped it the more it made me depressed, my phobias worse. I was a wreak, I had an emergency appt and was taken straight off it. If buy the 6 week make you havnt noticed any small postive changes, and you are feeling worse, fight to get off it. And find something else that will work for you. Going back to celexa would be a good option if you know it works for you. Good luck
  10. Hi 0.5mgs is a low dose of this medication and ususally will do the trick for most people taking it as needed for anxiety and panic attacks,
  11. I know that feeling all to well. Clonazapam works best for me, its longer acting and better for once a day dosing. Where is Xanax leaves the body alot quicker which normally means 2x - 4x daily dosing. I have just spent the last 18months trying 10 different meds, AND I AM DONE NOW. I cannot take anymore withdrawals nothing works as my anxiety isnt connected to depression. Good luck
  12. Hi Im not from the UK but from NZ and im also new to azalopram/xanax. So far I have found it to be very strong compaired to clonzapam. I felt very stoned like for the first hour or so, then I feel normal and as it wears off im left feeling very tired and need a nap. But its only been a week. How have you found it.
  13. 1. Take my poodle to be groomed, shes a big giant fluff ball and cant see lol 2. Go to bank and pay for my partners brothers 30th bday present 3. Go see a friend for coffee ( gota keep getting myself outa the house) 4. Finish painting the bathroom 5. Bake some cookies. Wow I think I might have a busy day 2moro reading my list
  14. I personally have had no side effects from using clonazapam i find it a god send And im my opinion benzo and anti depressants are both just as bad for physical dependence. If say all i took for a year was a benzo daily and all you took for a year was an anti depressant daily, at the end of it we would both be going threw withdrawals i we stopped the medication. If your just using clonaz on a as needed basis you'll be fine. I did that for 3 years with out suffering any physical dependence. but in saying all this im not a doctor, but i find all their advice ranges as well. I dont know if you have tried other anti depressants in the past or not, but if your new to them it can take several goes at finding one that suits you and works well.
  15. Hi there, I was on this combo up untill 2weeks ago. BUt had to stop seratraline due to side effects. My anxiety got pretty extreme on it, the higher the dose the higher my anxiety became and then it made me depressed. Very weird, considering I was only on it for anxiety. Tho clonazapam works very well for me, makes me feel like a normal human being. I highly sujest if you are not feeling any improvement after 6weeks go back to your doc, this may not be the medication for you. By 6weeks, you should be starting to feel a bit better. All the best
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