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  1. stormyweather


    Hi I am thinking of asking my doctor about trying Emsam. I saw your post and was wondering if you had started the patch and what your experience was with it. Thanks!
  2. stormyweather

    Four years ago today

    Why have you lost hope? What could have been different?
  3. stormyweather

    MAOI General Posts

    Thanks Catriona! If you look at med reviews on Maoi's, it amazing at how well they can work. I guess it's the food and drug interactions that keep so many doctors from prescribing them. I hope the Nardil helps you feel better. Please let me know if it helps you or not. Thanks!
  4. stormyweather

    MAOI General Posts

    Has anyone taken Maoi's such as Parnate or Nardil for their depression and anxiety? I see so many people on here who have been on the med go round and yet still have not found relief. Yet it seems like the Maoi's are never mentioned. They look so promising that I am thinking of asking my doctor about them. I know there are food restrictions but the trade off doesn't seem so bad for relief of crippling depression. Thank!
  5. stormyweather

    Wb 150Xl Honeymoon

    I had the same problem when I tried this med a few years ago. First week was great and then horrible depression. I was wondering if I should give it another try but not sure if I can take the deep depression and anxiety for too long. If you gave it 5 weeks and didn't feel better, maybe it's just not the right drug for us?
  6. Hi just wondering if you are still on the Wellbutrin. I gave it up once because of the same reason. Felt so much worse after the first week. Wondering if I should give it another try.
  7. I'm a woman and at 10mgs I'm so, so but at 20mgs I felt numb down there. I need to move up in dose because 10mgs is not helping my anxiety and depression but I really don't want to lose all my sex drive! I wish this wasn't a side effect of AD's but I'll have to say that in my experience, Paxil is the worst!
  8. stormyweather

    Can Paxil Become Ineffective Over Time?

    I have been following message boards for many years and "poop out" seems to be very common. It can occur anywhere from a matter of months to years. I've seen some get twenty years while others not even a year. It could be the body's chemistry changes or possibly the body has become tolerant. They don't really know why.
  9. 7.5mgs of Buspar twice a day is a very low dose. You can take up to 60mgs a day. It doesn't work for everyone but it does work for some. It's more for GAD (constant anxiety). You may want to give it a fair shot before you decide it's not helpful. A lot of people take 15mgs three times a day. It's a pain to have to take it that often though. There really is no med that is better than another when it comes to helping with anxiety. Everyone reacts differently. But as far as Celexa, starting at 10mgs would be better than 20mgs. It will help you get through the initial side effects. It may or may not help but the lower dose might help you get started.
  10. I am so scared right now. I wish I had never read all the negative things I've seen on the web regarding anxiety and depression. I have been experiencing horrible anxiety and depression for several years now (all due to a bad panic attack many years ago). I was never able to get over the fear that my body could feel. It was the most scariest thing I had ever experienced. I have never been the same since. Anyway, I used to have hope of getting better but after several AD's and still experiencing anxiety,panic,and depression, I am more scared than ever. I have been struggling for the past six months on a med that is not working. I need to change but I don't know to what. They all seem to have bad side effects. On top of that, these AD's seem to quit working over time. I now feel that I am always going to be fearful of that happening. The anxiety that accompanies the depression is awful but I don't want to over do the benzo's. How will I ever get better if I am always worrying about feeling this way for the rest of my life? Just the thought of having to rely on meds for the rest of my life scares me. But the thought of them not working scares me even more. Why can't I wake up from this nightmare? It seems some people never do.
  11. Hi. I know you only made one post on depression forums and I know it was awhile ago but your anxiety and depression issues sounded so much like what I am going through now. Did you ever stick with the Effexor and did it help? I NEED something to help me but Celexa's not cutting it and Zoloft gave me a bad reaction. Anxiety is just awful. Hope you are doing well today. Thanks. Sandy

  12. Ava. I think you and I are going through the same thing right now. I'm a mom with kids too and it's really hard to function each day! But we'll get through it. PM me if you feel like chatting. It's nice to talk to someone who understands.

  13. angelwings - I tried to email you but it wouldn't let me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I wanted to talk to you about your meds. Can you email me? Thanks. Sandy.

  14. hi there, Yup im taking lamictal, even at the 50mg dose it had lifted my depression. Im going up to 75mg friday. It hasnt done a single thing for my anxiety, but Ive got my benzo, but hate how often I have to take them at the moment.

  15. Thanks guys. Trace - I try to keep that hope in mind! Bayosgirl - I've heard of Valerian for anxiety. I may give it a try. I tried Calms Forte (herbal supplement) but it just made me too sleepy. Angelwings - I'm glad you are doing better with the meds. I looked at some of your other posts and noticed you were taking Lamictal along with your AD. I'm not bipolar but I was thinking of asking my doctor about it since it supposed to help with the depression. I know it does nothing for the anxiety though. Could you tell a difference once you started it? I will try to PM you. Avagirl - I read some of your posts and know you are having a rough time too. I wouldn't be afraid of the Celexa. It's one with the least side effects. If it doesn't agree with you, there really are a lot others to try. I definitely wouldn't be afraid of the benzo's. They are the one med that can actually take away your fear. But unfortunately, it''s the one med that you can't be dependent on long term. Most people wind up building tolerance to them. If you need a break from debilitating anxiety though, you really should give it a try.