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  1. Well he started dating then he moved 7 months later, then we were long distance for 10 months.... Then I moved here, I am living in my own place, not with him. But yeah, I felt like I sacrificed a lot moving away from my home... I'm in school right now, so I cant just pack up and go back. Not that easy. SO, thanks for replying. I do love him, and he is one of my only friends here, I have one other.... so that's why it sucks so much. It gets lonely around here. Thanks.
  2. I need some advice. Here's a little background.......... I was with my ex for a little over a year in a half. I loved him so much and I felt he loved me as much. I recently moved here (to the city he lives) b/c we were in a long distance relationship.. and it was getting hard continuing one. he moved when we had been together for 7 months. I was upset he moved, but accepted it. 10 months later I moved b/c he was pressuring me to. He wanted me to move even when I was unsure of moving. so, I did. I transferred to a college here ( mind you I'm going back to school) and got a place about 15 miles south of where he lives. It started when I came to stay with him for about 2 weeks before I moved here. I would usually visit on the weekends about every other. And I visited him almost every other weekend and he visited me maybe 3 times. I saw how he lived (with his roommates) in a party house, and I just hated it. I told him this, and I was very upset about it. I knew they had parties, but until I stayed there I didnt realize the extent. OH and a few months before this he pressured me even threatening me to move there, that if I didnt he'd break up with me. So, feeling that I didnt want that to happen I moved. I then moved here and things were ok for a short time... I started to get really depressed missing my friends and family. Not knowing anybody here and not even having a job. I was so depressed and homesick. All I wanted was someone to understand this.... I kept trying to explain how I felt to him, but I all he would tell me is how he did it and it will be fine... I didnt feel like he really cared about all I sacrificed. It hurts so bad, all I want is for him to understand all I did sacrifice and then I'll be fine. it's seems to me like he's just acting selfish. We got into a big fight about something really stupid and some really nasty things were said by both of us. that's it, he wont even talk to me and he says he hates me. *** I feel like I'm the one that should hate him. I just cant and dont understand what's going on.
  3. @betteroff.... I dont think "most" people can solve their problems and then let them go. That's too easy. however, I think most people try to forget their problems and not think about them, which is unhealthy. it leads to drinking and drug use etc... for me being highly sensitive means I cannot put a lot on my plate. I will get overwhelmed easily. Emotional situations are the most problematic b/c they will consume me. The other issues about being sensitive to light or noise is true, but you can control that especially if you live by yourself, if you live with roommates or family it can be hard and very stimulating which for me it makes me want to retire to my room every night early just to get away. Right now I'm under stimulated. Anyway, Thanks for replying! and I hope you guys find that if you are HSP and did not know it just knowing it can help. For so long I was depressed b/c I was different (so i thought) until I found that I am HSP. Now me and my boyfriend recently broke up (he was hsp too) our relationship was great until there were changes in it. Then it would get unbearable. We arent good with change. I dont want to lose him.....
  4. I was just wondering if there are any highly sensitive people on this forum? I remember there use to be an hsp forum, but it closed for some reason. I really liked the forum :(( anyway, I just came across this forum and I hope it will be as helpful as the hsp forum was. If anyone is HSP or think they might be, should google it to see exactly what it is. life can be sometimes hard for you if you're hsp, like simple situations..... let me know! Thanks
  5. hey thanks, sorry I didn't see your post last night.

  6. Anytime I have ever met any decent men is when I least expect it. confidence plays a role in that. I can get men easily, but I cant seem to keep them for long... I've actually went as far as reading articles about confidence and how to flirt, then practice in the mirror. It helps. And if you see a man that you like, smile at him. that will usually get his attention. after you get the man, I cant help you :(( and if all fails buy a vibrator. :)) well, that's what I did.
  7. I just moved away from my friends and family for school. The problem is I'm 30. I decided to go back to school and live somewhere else. thought it would be fun.... I dont know anyone here and (now my EX boyfriend) dont speak. the evenings and weekends are the worse. it feels like the walls are closing in on me. I just want someone to talk to in person. An adult to have a conversation with. going though a break up and living in a new place; I've never really went though anything like this. I live in Texas (Austin) so, the weather is great. I love when it's cold. I get depressed in the summer b/c it's soooooo hot. it's an oven out here. how I wish I had a husband.
  8. Welcome to DF :)

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