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  1. A little thank you. I just find it so frustrating sometimes but time to reflect on not being able to change other people is a help.
  2. Kinda hopeless and like a waste of space again... I feel as if nobody really understands me and other people never try to empathise or understand? They get what they want from me and then move on to the next thing without a care in the world about how their words or actions affect me. Doesn't matter if they're a stranger to me or the one person in this world that I trusted to be there for me when I was going through tough times - it turns out that nobody is there for you when you need them the most. Just want to be alone... but not lonely...
  3. Hey, I'm not on here all that often but would be happy to talk anytime if I can help :)
  4. Good to hear Steve, hope it carries on working for you :)
  5. Yeah, I didn't have what I would call a traumatic childhood, although there was bullying and other stuff that exacerbated episodes of depression. I really think it's mostly genetics for me, and the stuff that has happened over the years (bereavement etc) has just made it harder to cope at times. I agree with you. There may have been things that happend in my life that worsened my depression but my depression has always been there. I cant remember an extended period of time when i wasnt depressed, sure there have been periods where it's gotten better, and vice versa, but i do believe its purely genetics.I'm most certainly in this category as well.
  6. Google... what else? It's an odd little community, reading other peoples stories can be upsetting but some of the advice and support is nothing short of genius, and it's good to know there are so many understanding people around :)
  7. To be fair there are a lot of us out there that do understand, but we're very much outnumbered! I'm not fazed by people not knowing what I am going through, it's the people who think they do know that I have trouble with... they usually don't have a clue!
  8. Definitely the cats fault here today too!
  9. I don't remember ever really getting better without some sort of help, especially when I'm really low. Talking to others helps, as does medication, but it takes a while! And even with meds you still have low days, but they shouldn't be ad bad as without them.
  10. It sounds like medication might work, they usually moderate the ups and downs so you will still have low days.... but everyone does and the hope being that they aren't as low as they have been. Added to having someone to talk to about these things should get you on the right track! Oh, and we're all here if you need us :)
  11. Hi, I don't have much in the way of answers but I often feel the same. The trouble with considering how your mood affects others in a negative way and hence deciding not to bother them with your troubles is that you need their support more than anything else. I tend to be better when I'm too busy to dwell on how I feel or how I'm making others feel, and provided those people know what you are going through they should be able to help you. Having said that, everyone still needs some time to reflect... just not too long!
  12. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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