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  1. I am encouraged after weathering through some dark days.
  2. Readytothrowinthetowel, Sounds like you are really in a dark place and I commend you for even taking the time to get those thoughts off your chest. The smallest efforts we make can produce great results though not seen as such. I too find myself in the same state of mind from time to time and I try to remember that the depression will lift and I'll experience some bright days which I cherish and enjoy to the fullest. Be encourage and continue to seek refuge on DF as you work through the pain. Lindahurt
  3. Hi WerePuppy and welcome the DF. Unfortunately that is the nature of the disease and we have to weather it as best we can with the medical resources and support we have. I'm glad you decided to join and hope you'll find great support through exploring the forums and meeting new friends. Lindahurt
  4. Hi tami83, I've received IOP treatment several times over the past 20+ years and it was a little different with my IOP program. I had a case manager who coordinated my treatment care. She was also given permission by me while I was inpatient to keep my outside psychiatrist/psychologist abreast on my progress. While receiving inpatient intensive care I had to see one of the psychiatrist and therapist provided by the hospital and after the first couple of sessions I started to feel a little more relax with them. However, I was allowed to see my own psychiatrist and psychologist once I started the intensive outpatient program. I attended the group sessions which were really beneficial and saw my outside team once a week. I might add that programs vary from hospital to hospital. You might try giving it a try and see how it goes unless you are experiencing such great distress that you might not be able to really gain much from the services. Of course, if you go ahead with IOP you can always withdraw from the program if its not working. Do what you think is right for you. Whatever you decide I wish you success in your treatment and hope the depression subside quickly. Lindahurt
  5. Hi, I wish you the best when you have your hearing. Its definitely important to be aware of what kind of questions you'll be expected to answer and your lawyer will hopefully prepare you after the date has been set. I reached the hearing level but before they set a date it was canceled. Reason for stopping the hearing level and approving my case was due to the new information they receive thoroughly explaining how my symptoms affected my ability to function effectively and consistently on any job. I learned that my psychiatrist and psychologist did an excellent job explaining my limitations and also how my medications affected my functioning. Their information also coincided with my own testimony on how much I suffered, and my years of treatment and hospitalizations supported the findings as well. So after receiving updated information on my case the hearing judge saw no need to meet with me and approved by case without further ado. They will already be aware of your symptoms but will be very interested in how those symptoms limit your ability to work as defined by their standards. One of the main reasons so many sufferers are denied is because the treating doctors and patients aren't detailed enough in explaining this, nor has it been documented in the files. So it becomes necessary for the judge to meet with the client in person so they can explain. This is what a judge told a lawyer affiliate with my lawyer. This is not the only thing they will want to know but it is an important factor in determining your case. You can search the web and find out more information about the hearing process and the type of questions you'll be expected to answer. I found some really valuable information when my case reached the hearing level but I was blessed to not have to attend after my file was updated with new information. Best wishes to you. Lindahurt
  6. (((((((hiding pain))))))) I want to encourage you to hang in there though there are times when you feel you can't manage your depression coupled with the cares of this world. I'm sorry to hear you don't have the support of family and friends to help get you through the rough times. There are support groups like emotions anonymous, bipolar disorder, and other mental health groups for those needing encouragement. Check and see what is available in your area. I've found them to be very helpful and you would be surprise how being in the midst of others who understand your pain can have such a position impact in your life. Be encouraged and know that nothing remains the same and good days will come. Lindahurt
  7. Hi Falcon and welcome to DF, Congratulations on doing well in college and I wish you continued success. It's wonderful to hear that you have made new friends and having some fun. As you continue to have new experiences, growth and change will occur so think good of yourself, stay in contact with your doctor, and live life to the fullest as best you can. Lindahurt
  8. Life is so precious...

  9. Hi and thanks for sharing. This is a lesson I learned some time ago. I share most of my thoughts and issues with my psychologist and psychiatrist. I limit what is shared with my mother and others because I know it can be taxing on them. I consider myself as one who suffer in silence to protect myself and those I care about. Wish you the best, Linderhurt
  10. Absolutely wonderful for a Monday morning around 12:30AM.
  11. Welcome to DF, Harmony555! You will find that many of DF members can identify with your feelings at this time so you are not alone. As you browse around and explore the site I hope you will find some form or hope and solace to get you through the rough patches in life. Lindahurt
  12. Hi LaurynJcar, Wanted to say hello. Trust all is welI'ml with you. Lindahurt

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