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    I enjoy reading, solving puzzles, traveling, competing in triathlons and cycling events, hiking, watching movies and crime TV, and volunteering in community. Most of all I enjoy solitude and my own company.

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  1. Bulgakov, Thanks for your story and its good to know you can identify with my experience. It still brothers me to some degree because I was trying to help someone that looked down and out. Gosh it seems like you really got a slap in the face. My heart ❣ goes out to you as well. lindahurt
  2. I was just thinking how the world is constantly changing as nothing stays the same. We are also changing whether we acknowledge and embrace, reject and ignore it. Change is inevitable. One thing is for sure it forces you out of your comfort zone. So how do I deal with my ever changing world inside my bubble. One day at a time and let tomorrow take of itself.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear someone in the family would say something like this. Hopefully, he didn't mean it and was just joking.
  4. The need for perfection which in essence is subjective.
  5. Oh, its nice and sunny around 74 degrees for mid November.
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