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  1. WOW, hopefully that will never happen. As you are out and about be watchful.
  2. Having coffee right now and getting a slow start this morning. I am an early-bird and like to get up around 4am. I feel a little lazy but plan to get all my errands completed today.
  3. Yes, if I go to sleep worrying about something. I wake-up with that same issue festering in my mind and my heart-beat is off the chain. If it continues I have to take .05mg of clonazepam to help me settle down.
  4. sober4life, I agree with Nightjar. It really sounds like you need a wellness assessment. For sure something is causing your equilibrium to be off balance. Please have faith and see a primary physician. Even if you don't care right now, we do and only want the best for you.
  5. watalife, As you meet and interact with people you've find some are just users. They only have time for you when its convenient for them. If she's not reciprocating the support you're giving to her, then maybe you shouldn't make yourself available to her. Always do what's best for you.
  6. Sorry to hear that. I know that hurts but don't let it keep you down.
  7. It was a beautiful fall day. A little chilly though which I don't mine.
  8. My father, now deceased, suffered a lot so my heart goes out to you and your family. Just being there for him is what matters the most. Know that he appreciates all that you do even if he doesn't or can't say it. Hope you are able to muster up enough energy to get something done before the night is over.
  9. I'm grateful for life experiences (positive/negative) because they have brought me to the place I am now. I'm grateful to God for the financial security which affords me opportunities to travel, explore life outside of myself and home, and give back to my community to help the less fortunate. I'm just grateful for life even in the mist of darkest days when I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. I have found Wellbutrin to be a very popular antidepressant and its a personal favorite of mine. I'm glad to see you are having some success on it.
  11. You know Rabbit, sometimes it good to just scream and let out all those raging emotions we sometimes keep balled up inside. I hope the next day will be a better one for you.
  12. Years ago I was on lithium and love the positive effects it had on me. The problem with being taken off of it was due to one of the side effects. It caused me to break out with acne. I wasn't too happy about that because lithium was working so well for me.
  13. I actually feel fairly well right now. Showered and got ready to go to the gym and at the last moment decided to stay home. Realized I needed to take the day off from workout. Have breakfast and do laundry instead.
  14. Wishing all goes well with today. Enjoy the massage. Had the two covid shots, take plenty of vitamin c, wear mask, use sanitizers. Hope these measures will keep covid at bay for me.
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