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  1. Well sometimes I just don't want to be here and that all those people think that it's worth celebrating that I'm here while I'm obviously useless.

  2. What do you mean about being pushed out of a birth canal? Are you talking about being stressed about being born? I sometimes feel that way. Wondering why I was born, not liking being here, etc.

  3. to wanderer not feeling to well actually, and being pushed out of a birth canal isn't something to be very excited about

  4. to wanderer not feeling to well actually, and being pushed out of a birth canal isn't something to be very excited about

  5. Hello everyone, sorry that I didn't post earlier, everything went well for a while but now I'm at university (actually a grade lower) but that's not the issue here. In secondary school I did a course that was actually pretty low in level (office studies or something like that) that means no math, very little things to learn. but now in uni I'm studying social work, but I don't have a good study method (I learned everything by heart in the past) also my fear of failure isn't helping at all, normally there are people that help you with these things are normally followed up by some sort of guidance but the school won't give it to me. I've tried to get it everywhere but I'm being ignored everywhere. I'm really desperate, cry every night and I have hurt myself repeatedly and don't want to fail because my dream is to get a master in psychology or criminologiy after this bachelor Please help me if possible....
  6. Happy Birthday - I hope you are doing well :)

  7. To trace

    My day went well except that some teacher just HAD TO humiliate me again. I'm so sick of it! :(

  8. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  9. three days grace - never too late and three days grace - pain :verysad3:
  10. welcome to DF forums I can't say alot about your problems, except one thing you're not alone. but I do know that this forum is very very supportive and I'm pretty sure alot of people including myself will try to help you.
  11. I practiced and practiced as much so that I could obtain my driverslicense today. first of all everything went great on my practical exam I only made 3 really small mistakes. The result is that I didn't get my driverslicense. The people who had to give me marks, rate how I was driving were smiling almost grinning when they told me I failed. I've been crying for the whole day now. I feel that I'm just a loser and that I'll never get my license :( I even did something I thought I would never do, scratch and self harm myself with a broken pen. I feel really miserable. I have a chance to try again next week, but then I'll miss alot of important lessons at school :( I'm just pathetic :'(
  12. I think I'm kind, considerate and gentle, but people just take advantage of me :( Tomorrow I have a teacher who can stands me and just overloads me with all sorts of tasks and I'm not sure I could do them all. I just can't handle it anymore, just had a fight with my mom where she said I'm just making her sick that if I go on like this she doesn't want anything to do with me. But the problem is I can't stop feeling and acting this way. And it's destroying me from the inside out.
  13. I have an anxiety disorder (fear of failure) I was usually the first of the class got laughed at sometimes. but know they have decided to merge the two classes, so that I have a new competitor: a super smart girl. She's always getting better grades then me. And my classmates make fun of me for that. But I REALLY WANT to be the first of the class because it's my last year. And I'm afraid I won't be able to do that this year. I also noticed that the teachers have become A LOT stricter. I usually mention that to my parents everyday, the result is that my dad think's I'm overreacting and my mom said that I make her sick and stuff like that. And this is one big problem that absolutely ruins my mental health. Am I that weird or abnormal?
  14. JImbow you're right on the money I have self asteems issues and I feel quite low almost hollow to be honest. already tried a therapist to get rid of my anxiety didn't work. My friends don't understand what I'm going trough and they all say I'm just nagging etc. thank's for the welcomes and I just know I'm going to like coming here, so that I can share my feelings with other people that have the same issues
  15. thank you for the welcome

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