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  1. Aug 7, Day 25 - woke up ; had energy to get moving on things like breakfast and work. As the day progressed I go a lot of head tension, in back of neck and jaw. Other than that today was a good day I think. I really hope that tension goes away and does not keep coming back every day as it would be too bothersome to have it everyday. I must say though I really did have a lot of energy today, my thinking was clear, zero anxiety. strange what one day will do.
  2. Aug 5 - took 75 mg in morning and didn't feel sleepy at all during my travels. I did have a tight tension headache nearing 3pm though. took 75mg at 5:30pm and tension in head did not go away. Advil didn't take it away / robaxacet didn't take it away. I ended up go to be with head tension but it disappeared by the time I woke up. Aug 6 - Day 24 on Wellbutrin 150mg - Woke up groggy and with some anxiety ... I did dream so got some good REM sleep I think. Took full 150mg this time at 9:30am ... felt some anxiety but intensity lessoned by 10:42 am. Feel a bit tired and blah, mood is blah blah. Motivated still needs work .... I am sitting at my desk working because I know it has to be done but really don't feel like doing it ... blah days ... Hoping things change over time.
  3. Thanks your experience definitely helps me. It is still soon for me and I have a ways to go to get to week 13 but I am hopeful. Today was not too bad but an email to me today (work related) caused me to have have a shot of anxiety rush through me. I got through it but hope those instances are not strong as time goes on. Today I also took 75mg in the morning to see how that went. I felt the energy then sleepiness. I had to drive 1 hr and 10 min to my customer so I didn't want it to affect me so much driving. Driving home was good as I was not sleepy which was good. I took the other 75mg at 5:30pm and had a nap afterwards. I am up now and we will see if I can get some sleep tonight.
  4. Hey George yes your responses definitely help. I want to be hopeful with Wellbutrin so I want to give it the 8 weeks and perhaps 10 since that is when you got the boost of energy. In the past I used elavil to get me to sleep. I have 10mg pills to be used as needed and I did take one tonight so hopefully that will help me get some sleep. Moving forwards if I continue the have problems sleeping I may try something else. I just try not to be on too many meds. I am 47 and currently about 246 lbs. Too much computer work; but another reason I wanted the boost from Wellbutrin to get me working out consistently again. I am on day 20 at 150mg SR.
  5. Omg I am on week 3 and have the tiredness. I want to give it the full weeks but like you can't afford to be sleepy during the day and will need to be able to sleep at night. I may try taking the med at night since it makes me so sleepy for a good chunk of the day. But of it keeps me up then back to the morning I guess. I too don't want to take any meds to sleep. I want that to happen naturally. I do take a supplement called supersleep so hopefully that will work
  6. Thanks this is encouraging. Today I felt so crazy lazy. I was fine the day before. Hoping things get better for me here. Also I'm only on 150mg. I wonder after 8 weeks if I should go up to 300. I guess I will see how I feel then.
  7. I am currently on a very low dosage of cipralex (5mg) and I needed a boost as I was starting to feel very low. Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin SR 150mg. First day I felt ok and kinda good. It is now day 14 and after I take it I feel a bit moody, want to lay down and sleep, and unmotivated a little. Any thoughts how much longer before I can expect to feel some positive effects from this med? Also it was making me focus more at first; today not so much. Can seem to get work done .. may that is part of the motivation. Grrr, I'm dragging myself today .. Thanks.
  8. I was on 10mg of lexapro some time ago and it did very well for me except the get up and go was a problem, felt lazy. I switched to celexa / added wellbutrin / raised wellbutin / decreased wellbutrin and then switched celexa back to lexapro/cipralex. So I am about 12 days at 10mg celexa (along with 150 Wellbutrin), I definitely like it better than what I was on but I think I have to wait for a few more weeks for me to get adjusted to the dosage again.
  9. I decided to ask the phamacist how long it will take when I will feel better, like more motivation, and just over all happy. I still don't. I have just finished m 5th week. Tomorrow is the beginning of the sixth week. Most days I am tired and not too motivated, I do get some good days though. So, is there anyone that had to wait the full 8 weeks till they felt much better?
  10. Hey Logan, it's tough to not have the support you need when one is feeling alone and depressed. At least you have a roof over your head so be thankful for that. When I get down I do think of those who are worse off than myself. You are still very young and life is not always easy. Just keep pushing through all the hard times. It will make you tougher as you go and you will have a sense of internal accomplishment just on that. Well, right now though you need to believe depression is not forever. Keep seeking the help you need and have hope; believe God will put people in your path to help you along the way. If you don't believe in that then just believe things are working for your best interest. Keep plugging away at life. Don't give up; just rest then push again. Breathe deeply. You have a very long life to live, so focus on today.
  11. I liked your response on this but I can't find the LIKE button! lol
  12. It has only been 4 weeks. I don't think it's doing anything for the depression right now.
  13. Well I am tolerating the med ok now. I still get overwhelmed at work and then get anxious and down at times.
  14. Day started badly but I leveled out early afternoon. Yay! Feel fine right now but can't sleep.
  15. How does one go to work feeling like they want to snap at everyone the first chance they get???
  16. I can say I am irritable today. This sucks.
  17. Thanks. I have a friend who was on pristiq and liked it very much
  18. Thanks for the encouragement. I am snappy today and irritable. I am still on 300mg and hope I see better days. I am going to give it some more time.
  19. Well I don't know what is going on. I had to go to a client today (Sunday), and I was anxious and grumpy. I ended up there for about 3 hours and then left. I took the second 150mg SR as I was heading there. As I was going home I felt ok except my jaw really hurt. then that went away and I felt ok. No anxiety and I was able to focus on some work. Strange .... maybe this darn med is starting to work for me now. I will update again soon.
  20. Also I feel tired on this med. Is that normal? I have no motivation to go anywhere
  21. I have been on 150mg SR for quite some time and it was ok along with 10mg of celexa. I started out years ago with an anxiety disorder after a divorce. That was in 2003. Nowadays or at least lately I have been feeling more down so the doctor has put me to 300mg of Wellbutrin SR. I have only taken it for about 7 days and my mood is not yet improving much but feel "moody" I get stuffiness a lot and hope that goes away. One of my real concerns is the anxiety I have now as I can feel and sense more anxiety. I read that this med can help someone who is currently depressed along with anxiety as well. Does the increase in anxiety go away? It is not that bad right now but is bothersome. I know I have a ways to go still. Thanks.
  22. Ok I have an update. I have been on 150mg for 6 weeks and 1 day. I take it in the morning and don't really feel the restless energy much on it anymore but I seem to be able to focus more and have generally more energy. I also find that my digestion is affected so I need to maybe get more fibre foods in my diet. I also take Celexa so all together could be causing this. I don't have any jaw clenching anymore or at least not lately.
  23. I am at day3 of my 5th week. I feel pretty much the same;. Numb kinda. Like I have no emotion to anything. Hoping by end of 8 weeks I feel more alive
  24. Well I am back to give you my update. I ended up on the Cipralex for awhile. Mentally I wanted to do things but physically I felt it took a lot of effort even to get off the couch. I was on 10mg. I switched to Celexa, currently on 30mg and that lack of physical get up and go went away. But now I have little mental motivation. It is Winter here and the days get darker sooner so that may play a role . My doctor added Wellbutrin and it gave me more energy for 2 weeks and then now I am not sure. On 150mg and just past the 4 weeks mark. It's supposed to help cope with the bit of depression and low energy I have right now. I don't feel great yet. Well hope you feel better soon.
  25. I am on celexa 30mg and have been for awhile and the dr put me on wellbutrin 4 weeks ago. I hope your buspar kicks in quickly. I am a little concerned about the Wellbutrin as I really didn't want to have more anxiety as that is what is what the celexa was treating in the first place. I really want the Wellbutrin to work but I am confused if I should be waiting for another 4 weeks. You see I don't feel tense like sadeyes does. My head just feels stuffed up and agitates me and can't concentrate much. At least I am not really enjoying much right now.
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