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  1. Ya COVID, sucks for everyone. I am having difficulties getting motivated and don't really wan to to increase my meds. the battle continues
  2. Well George, I ended up going off of Wellbutrin completely. Neck and jack pains went away eventually after about 2 weeks at 0mg of Wellbutrin. I am still on 10mg of cipralex and that seems to be keeping me afloat. Celexa was the very fist med I went on back in 2003. It gave me a lot of jaw clenching but somehow I made it through to 40mg for a long time. It "kicked in" at the 8 week mark I think maybe 10. I can't remember now but I did well on that for a long time.
  3. Thanks, I have also been on many meds since 2003. I ended up going off of Wellbutrin altogether with my doctor agreeing. After coming off, my head and jaw pains went away. I am currently on 10mg of cipralex only and hold ok. I don't really get any side effects from it that I notice. In the beginning with it some time ago I felt lazy and perhaps that was at the higher dosage of 20mg but at 10mg I am ok. I am not sure what normal is anymore but I seem to be able to live life ok at the 10mg. If I get stressed or anxious too much I take 10mg of amytriptyline. That knocks me out and eases the anxiety and stress at that time. If I every decide to change meds I will look into Abilify. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Chrissybee, how has it been since you posted here? Are you still at 10mg? Did you move up to 20mg? I am at 10mg of cipralex (lexapro) and may end up going up to 20mg but i would have to come off the Wellbutrin I am currently on (having some issues with it). I tried a few years ago to go to the 20mg but I also had a lot of anxiety doing so and stayed at the 10mg. I may try to go to 15mg if it comes to it.
  5. Hey Mitch not sure if you are still on this med but it took me the full 8 weeks at 40mg for it to kick in back in 2003 when I was on it.
  6. Hey George. I thought i read that you stopped the med because of the insomnia. Anyways I went down to 150mg because I thought at 3 weeks in the side effects should not have been still causing me so much head tension plus my sleep was terrible overall. I now take 10mg of cipralex and 150mg of wellbutrin. The W still gives me head tension and jaw tension, makes me irritable and sleepy at first. Then Mello but the head tension takes awhile to go away. I don't feel happy at all so I guess the combo isn't working that great right now. So now I wonder if I should have given 300mg more time but my sleep is overall better now. Uggg this is so frustrating. Maybe I may go up on the cipralex again if nothing changes. I used to be very energetic and happy on cipralex 10 mg some time ago. Not sure what is going on now. I think it has been 6 weeks so far back on 10mg cipralex. Who knows.
  7. Wow thanks for the lengthy response. I couldn't take the 300mg side effect. It was affecting my sleep too much and I would still get head tension which really bothered me at 3 weeks at the 300mg. The doctor agreed to bring me down to 150mg. I actually suffer from anxiety and depression. I was recently about 6 weeks ago increased my cipralex from 5mg to 10 mg. I have been on this med by itself at this dosage and I don't get any side effects from it that concern me. When I take the 150mg of wellbutrin I still get jaw and head tension.... its supposed to help me with depression I started to get lately after I moved from an apartment to a new house. I felt so exhausted and overwhelmed . That is why my doctor prescribed it. When I take it I also get moody and short and snappy at people which I don't like. Today is the first day I am trying to take it in the evening as it always made me tired to the point my eyes wanted to close while driving. Not sure how this will go. Anyways, I am still not happy, I get down still and just want to curl up and ignore my life.
  8. I am currently at 300mg of wellbutrin XL for 3 weeks total so far. I used to feel energy when I first took it but now at least today it has made me more mello to the point where I feel somewhat lazy and body tired. I just want to lay on the couch. The thought of being like this scares me as I am by nature a worrier and am being treated for anxiety by cipralex currently. My emotions feel a little dull and numb right now as well kinda zombie like. It almost feels like I just be bothered to do anything but I DO get things done because logically I know I have to. Anyone know if the energy will come back? I feel a bit not like myself if that makes sense.
  9. Today is Day 20 at 300mg Wellbutrin XL - Once the Wellbutrin starts working I do feel I get a bit irritable. I do get energy but I am still trying to figure out if it will keep making me irritable long term. Anyways, that feeling went away after about 4-6 hours which is long in my opinion. I do feel the energy and focus though but not sure if while being irritable how I will be able to happily focus on anything and feel good about it afterwards. I took my 10mg cipralex at 5pm yesterday. I went to sleep at 12 midnight and woke up at 1am and 3am ... to use the washroom it seems. I woke up ok but I am tired. I am still sleepy. Thanks goodness I am working from home today. I am hoping I can wake up soon so I can be productive as right now I don't have much energy or motivation to work. I am not sure if I am being too hard on myself as I do work a lot and my body does need the recuperation time and healing. I think I may try to take some passionflower tincture tonight as I did a few days ago and my sleep was alright. Anyways, this is my update for today.
  10. I hear trazadone has worked very well for many people. I did try that years ago and it would not get me to sleep. I may try it again but I just hate taking so many meds. I used to be only on 5mg of cipralex then i felt down and overwhelmed so I was put on 150mg Wellbutrin; now at 300mg. I was also bumped to 10mg of cipralex at the same time I started 300 mg of Wellbutrin. I have been taking the cipralex at 10pm. I wonder if that is causing sleep issues too. Not sure really but I didn't take it at all yesterday and I slept ok last night.
  11. Day 15 at 300 mg XL I had energy in the morning to mid afternoon. No pain , no anxiety just focused energy. Around 4pm I started to feel a bit tired and sleepy but not enough to make me fall asleep. It felt like a productive day and I felt in control. As I write this though I am just bored. I don't feel like doing anything, not even sleep. Writing this was the only motivating thing to do at this time. I don't feel like watching tv, or reading, or doing anything. I feel I would be bored going to bed right now (10:30pm) here, and I probably should but I know that will bore me. Where is the 'knock me out' pill. I am done with this day.
  12. Day 9 - yesterday at 9:45pm I took the muscle relaxer and I went to sleep eventually without any issue. I woke up today feeling somewhat rested. I felt a very small tension in the back of my neck but nothing major. After breakfast I took the wellbutrin and I felt completely fine. I had energy, no muscle tension, I had focus and I went through the day feeling pretty good. I would say this was a very good day. Music sounded really good when I got home. All in all it amazes me how one day could be difficult but everything changes the next day. You just never know. I am hoping things are up hill from here and I will post back. I hope this helps others who struggle and want to quit the med. Hold on a bit longer and things can change quickly.
  13. Ok this morning I had jaw tightness but only on my right side and back of neck right side. Later on in the day just the back of my neck seems very tense. I called my doctor and she gave me a script for cyclobenzaprine to take in the evening to relax muscles. I hope it helps and I hope this muscle tension will be gone in a week which will be the two weeks at this 300mg xl dosage.
  14. Thanks I do try that. Right now it all seems to agitate the occipital muscles. I get tension there and I try to release it but can't figure it out. I watched videos on occipital release and there seems to be a constant tension back there somewhere. I will keep working on it.
  15. Thanks, yes I used to drink that. I actually have calm tea which had that in it. It seems that even after the tension most of it will go away then only a small part in the back of my neck seems to agitate me; like there is still a small tension from my jaw I think that goes to my neck somewhere. It's just annoying and last night I woke up at 3am because it was painful. Anyways I keep trying to massage and release any tension there. Today is Day 7
  16. I know this is an old topic but did anyone who had this muscle stiffness in the back of the neck and upper back ever go away? I am on day 6 at 300mg Wellbutrin XL . It is really bothersome.
  17. I am known to have anxiety issues more than any depression but I was given 150 mg of Wellbutrin to take along with my current 5mg of cipralex. The doctor and I felt I should try the 300mg of Wellbutrin XL becaue lately I was still feeling blah. So yes the med has given me some anxiety but it is not out of whack. Plus the doctor also increased my cipralex to 10mg. I feel ok on this mix so far but it is only day 6 since this upped dosage. I do feel a bit restless and anxious but I am hoping within a couple weeks it will level out. So if I was only on Wellbutrin it may be another story with a lot of anxiety but with my current mix the Wellbutrin seems to be a good addition so far.
  18. Today is Day 6 at 300mg Wellbutrin XL. 2 days ago I felt pretty good and I thought things were going to be good from then on but yesterday I felt nauseous and the back of my neck felt like the muscles were tight and pinched. I took my daily dose a couple hours ago and now I am very stuffed up and have some tiredness. With all this I am a little anxious as I have work to do and can't seem to be productive in this state. I took a reactine to see if the stuffiness will go away.
  19. Ok Dr. said to try 300mg. We will see how that goes. Today was my first dosage at 300. I did get some good energy, but also a lot of jaw tension and back of my neck tension. I am hoping this will lesson over time.
  20. Thanks. I am only on 150mg and it has been 1 month and 10 days. perhaps I would do better at 300mg? today I have a stiff neck. It was a very stressful day today so I may have done that myself. I definitely don't feel mellow. I tried trazadone years ago and it didn't help me for some reason. Today for sleep I try magnesium, or something called super sleep (had melatonin).
  21. I am continuing my daily journal .... well as often as I can. Yesterday my jaw hurt and had a hard time relaxing. I took 10mg of elavil that my doctor gave me in case I could not sleep. I try not to take too much. I felt a bit tired but my jaw still hurt. I thought maybe it was anxiety related so I took .5mg of clonazepam. Didn't feel much relief either. I ended up taking 300mg of magnesium citrate like I used to do when my legs ached. I eventually fell asleep Today: woke up a bit tired but pain free. My jaw pain was gone. I took 150mg XL of wellbutrin and was a bit sleepy all day but had a coffee around 4pm and woke up a bit more eventually. Had a very short nap when I got home 30 min. I feel fine right now and I wonder if it is because I got out of the house today to work most of the day at my clients site. I am in good spirits and alert at this moment. I feel like I can get things done right now. It is 10pm right now here so I will be heading to bed soon. I hope tomorrow is a good day too. I do feel a little tired which is a good thing as 10pm is a good time to head to bed. .... until tomorrow ...
  22. Hi George! I was just going to update my post again. I am actually feeling better right now so that is 1:40pm here and that is about 2 hours after my previous post. I was talking to my wife that I was on celexa many years ago and had a really hard time going up on that one. 40mg at the time. I recall also feeling very irritable but the doctor said to keep going so I did. Then one day all of a sudden I felt amazing and did so from then on. I keep thinking back about those days and I guess I just have to be more patient with this one. It has only been 3 weeks and 3 days. Each day is such a challenge at times especially when we are dealing with our moods. Thanks again for the encouragement.
  23. Day 25 - moody after taking med 150mg XL took at 9am , it is now 11:30am.
  24. Thanks George so I have switched to the XL version and I get to sleep and so far I have not been groggy in the morning. I felt good this morning. BUT ... the back of my neck feels so tense. I don't know if that is me or the med but I don't think I had that when I was only on Cipralex so I think it is the Wellbutrin XL ... Hoping now that will go away...
  25. Aug 15, Day 23 - I am been taking Wellbutrin SR 75mg in the morning and 75mg around 5pm. I sleep easily but I still wake up groggy and feel half asleep most days. Hmmmm. Well I looked up the difference between the SR and XL versions and it appears the SR version seems to have more reported side effects than the XL version. So I have a new script for 150 mg XL and I will start them today to see if this sleepiness and grogginess in the mornings go away. I will take this single pill of 150 mg XL in the morning as prescribed. Crossing my fingers.
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