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  1. So I started Zoloft 100mg on March 22, 2022.   This is now 7 weeks at this dosage and I am not sure but I woke up this morning with a tight tension band around my head and feel somewhat anxious I think.   I don't feel completely relaxed that is for sure.   I also sweat at night now.  Is this normal on this med?    Zoloft is supposed to take away my anxiety.   🤔

  2. Well the battle continues.  I feel the medication is helping my anxiety but I have back of neck (occipital) pain that seems to go to my jaw.   Does anyone know what would be safe and effective for this?  I am hoping it will go away but it is quite bothersome right now.   This is Day 12 at 100mg


  3. My doctor have changed my med from Cipralex to Zoloft as she thought the Cipralex was no longer working.   Here is the process:


    Week 1 - add 25mg of Zoloft a day (keep taking Cipralex

    Week2 - take 50mg of Zoloft a day (stop taking Cipralex

    Week 3 - take 75mg of Zoloft a day

    Week 4 - take 100mg of Zoloft a day

    I am currently on day 5 at 100mg and my head muscles are tense and my nose is stuffed up.   Has anyone has this experience and does it go away?   I am hoping after 2 weeks at 100mg all the side effects will be gone.



  4. On 7/8/2013 at 7:19 PM, Carissa Juarez said:

    I started taking Wellbutrin XL, 150MG a little more than six months ago. My sex drive is INSANE. I am a female, remind you. I could care less about sex before on Wellbutrin.. seriously.. I could go months, at one point.. I went a whole year. LOL. I am on Zoloft, trying to wean off completely.. down to 25MG day from 100MG at one point. But my psych recently prescribed Paxil for my social anxiety. Here is where my complaint comes in.. I am kinda okay with having an insane sex drive because I am in a commited relationship but sometimes I feel like I want it more than him a lot of the times, yet when we do have sex it is really really difficult to have an orgasm because of the Zoloft I think. I am not sure how to talk about this problem with my boyfriend, but I know I probably should. Anyways, I would like some replies from anyone experiencing the same thing or has experienced it.

    I wish I had your sex drive.  When I started taking Wellbutrin I thought I felt my sex drive increase and after continued use my sex drive just died.   I am not happy about that but the med seems to be helping me otherwise.   I am not sure what to do now.   I am 48 perhaps that is why?   BUT I had a sex drive before this med when I was only on Cipralex.   I am only on 150mg of Wellbutrin as well.  Anyone else's sex drive take a tumble on Wellbutrin?   What did you do to fix that?  I may come off of it because it is really bothering me.


  5. On 11/14/2021 at 7:53 AM, Severian said:

    Uhhh, I don't know. Some kind of euphoria, but don't know what can I compare with it. Was very optimistic, felt good all the time without any apparent reason. I still have a good mood sometimes, but it's more situaltional and less "pop a pill feel happy". As for feeling sedated or stimulated, it still confuses me. Sometimes I can't fall asleep on it, sometimes I get drowsy for a couple hours, but most of the time I don't think about the effect.

    If you're taking it for 2+ months, I think you should at least try. Before 300 mg it felt underwhelming, like it works but not enough. 

    Thanks I may try that.  Thanks for your response.


  6. On 11/11/2021 at 4:40 AM, Severian said:

    I'm on 300 mg for a week. Honeymoon is definetly over, but I don't have this emptines and restlessness that used to drive me crazy. OCD and anxiety worsen a bit, but nothing serious so far.

    I am still on 150mg.  I don't know if I should ask my doc for an increase to 300mg yet.  Today I just had a lot of tiredness and fatigue but that could have been from a bad nights sleep last night.    IDK.   This gets so confusing.  I'm already taking 10mg of cipralex as well.  Good luck with the 300mg.

  7. 10 hours ago, lindahurt said:

    In the beginning it was an issue.  Its one of the side effects that later subsides.  My psychiatrist told me to skip it for a couple of days if I was going to have sexual relations.  I did and it helped but I wouldn't give this advice to anyone else.  I don't think its wise to do this on a regular basis.  I will say that it got to a point where Wellbutrin no longer affected my libido.  It was maybe about a month or so when I completely stopped skipping a dose.  I don't know if it may be the same for you because meds affect us differently.

    OK thanks for the information.   I will try some things and see how it goes 

  8. 3 hours ago, Severian said:

    Any updates? Still taking it?

    Yes I am still on 150mg at 8pm.  I sleep fine and feel fine now.   I don't feel crazy happy but not depressed and I can focus alright as well.   I am glad I waited this out as I believe it is finally helping me without the side effects that I had the first 2 weeks to a month.

  9. On 10/3/2021 at 1:04 AM, Severian said:

    Effect definetly shifts somewhere to the background. It's still somewhat stimulating in the morning when I take it together with lamotrigine and fish oil,but nothing crazy. Reminds me initial effect of sertraline, but without restlessness and brain fog. I do experience some lows, but no more crashes.

    Physical side effects are bothering me, though. It used to give me terrible hives and blisters which were fixed by memantine (too long story for this post), but now I have constipations. My bowl just doesn't want to move. This week I've made two shots of neostigmine (ACHe inhibitor) and it helped both times, but I hope this side effect will go away, because my cocktal is getting too big. 

    Nonetheless I've made a huge progress at previous and this week, I started studying and working on my projects again without painfully forcing myself. 

    @theguy I think you really have to wait for at least 2 months. Everyone is talking about 6-8 weeks period and I understand why. In my experience, every medication is crazy and unpredictable for first 2 months. 

    I am at about 9 weeks and feeling fine now.   I take the 150mg of Wellbutrin at 8pm each night and sleep is ok,  I don't feel any crazy stimulating effect so this is good.   I take my cipralex in the morning now.  

  10. On 8/29/2021 at 2:34 AM, imokreally said:

    Hi all,


    I think I'm finally ready to try Wellbutrin for my depression & anxiety.

    The reason I havent taken this medication is because I was afraid it would remove that hard switch deep inside me thats keeping me alive. 


    I've noticed that I seem to go into a 2 month depression every 2 months. Give or take a few weeks to a month but its pretty consistant.

    I also avoid all social contact due to anxiety.  I dont check my mail or answer the phone. I have no friends & stopped talking to family for years now.

    So heres basically what happens.

    Day 1:  Feel good. Have energy, hope, want to do things.  I'll start by jumping on my elliptical and feel great afterwards.  This will snowball into my 'normal' routine of wake up workout. Then I'll shower & make a protein smoothy. This sets the day for success.  House gets cleaned and Im motivated to do what I want to do.  I'll start studying for some certs, duolingo, doing hobbies etc.

    Day 60: All of a sudden I just stop working out. I see it happening, I want to workout but its like Im on auto pilot and when I try to reason with myself its like talking to a wall - met with silence.  I'll go buy a bunch of junk food and binge.  This snowballs the other way. I wont shower for days, wont go outside, stay in bed until I cant, dishes stack up etc.  Then I'll start having thoughts of maybe Id be better off not here.  When I do have to venture out for food its painful for me.  This lasts about a month then I start feeling better but it takes about another month for me to get back to 'normal' and start working out again.

    This cycle is exhausting.


    So this is what happens when you are not on Wellbutrin correct?  And you now want to give Wellbutrin a try to see if it breaks this cycle?

  11. 3 hours ago, Severian said:

    Before I'll post my story, I want to immideatly ask one question that concerns me. There is a honeymoon phase where this drug feels very euphoric. Are there any susscess stories where people went through honeymoon phase, and got long-term therapeutic effects?

    Now my story. 25 y.o. male, was diagnosed OCD when I was 14 and put on SSRIs, later was also diagnosed ASD and doctor added lamotrigine. The kind of problems I had - I didn't even think I had depression, because I wasn't typical depressed person, who sits on the couch and doing nothing. First of all I had severe OCD and intrusive thoughts, and I constantly felt rushes of dysphoria. It's like concentrated discontent, I couldn't sit still, I felt angry, empty and very agitated. 

    Fluvoxamine helped my OCD and lamotrigine helped me with feeling of emptiness and discontent, but in my 20's new problem occured. I developed apathy, indifference and anhedonia. It started from moderate emotional numbness and ended with total inability to feel joy. I tried to quit medication, and had a year pause which started good, but over the year my condition reverted back to what I felt without medication.

    I started taking SSRI again, but this time it was sertraline togher with lamotrigine. I had improvements over the first 4 months, and the rest of the year was also more or less stable. This year, though, I started spiraling down. Sertraline stopped giving any bits energy and just numbed me more and more. Again, I felt nothing - there was no such thing as emotional reaction. There was only primitve animalistic pleasure from food and highly stimulating videogames. Motivation and productivity dropped to zero. 

    Bupropion seemed like it could fix it. I started three weeks ago from 1/4 of 150mg pill to full 150mg pill. It gave me more life, feelings, like added missing piece of a puzzle. It acted like a mild stumulant first (similar to coffee but not that shaky), then it made me fall asleep and I woke up calm and content. I had slightly elevated mood and more overall energy to do things. And then - CRASH. In the end of the day I felt it - emptiness, discontent, apathy. Today I felt the same, but  even worse. I clearly felt how it's effect wears off leaving me as depressed as I usually am. 

    So yeah, stimulant effect clearly goes off and it seems like this is what truly helped me. I can increase the dose but is there any point in doing this? I don't look for a quick fix for a couple months. I read through honeymoon phase thread and couldn't find anyone who experienced initial uplift first and found it benefitial in long term after in ended. People usually say that they're quit because it simply stopped working. Do I still have a chance to get a proper anidepressive effect, not a cheap stimulant-like high?

    I too felt the energy and motivation in the beginning of taking this med then after taking it in the morning I felt like I needed to put my head on a pillow and sleep or rest.    I started August 9th at 150mg xl and I am waiting for a full 10 weeks before I decide if this is good enough for me.   I now take it at 8pm as it does not keep me awake but more so makes me want to just rest.    So far that is 3 days and my sleep seems to be good.   I still feel somewhat blah or just down and bit hopeless but I can function.   I am hoping by the time the 10 weeks is up, I will feel more motivated and excited about each day.   

  12. On 9/15/2021 at 10:32 AM, MidAgeDad said:

    Can I jump into this Thread? First of all I TOO am an empath!! I'll try to keep it short for now, but as of my last talk with my PDoc(last week), I expect to starting my Wellbutrin journey once again by the end of the week as an augment to Effexor. While I really wish that I had done a journal related to my AD odyssey since 1997, I do know that I am an outlier with regards to the time it takes to get any semblance of a consistent outcome from an AD...good or not so good. 10 weeks is probably spot on for me.

    That being said, my 'sweet spot' so to speak with AD's and AD augmentation was back with my original PDoc(he died suddenly in 2007). After some trial and error, I can safely say based on various memories that Effexor augmented with Wellbutrin from around 2000(??) to 2007 were my most consistent and 'happy' years.(!) Since then, it has been bumpy at times for sure, but my desire is to find that sweet spot again.

    I will definitely try to make some notes as well this time.

    Thanks for you post.   I am back this med since Aug 9, trying to make it to the 10 week mark to see how I feel.   I just feel tired at this point, not sad but not happy or joyful.   

  13. Hi, I have been on Wellbutrin since August 9th 150mg XL.   I got past the extreme tiredness and it has got me to move some but my mood is still up and down.   I am already on 10mg of cipralex so I don't think upping the Wellbutrin would be an option right now.   This would make it 6 weeks today that I have been on this med.   Should I expect anything more in 2 weeks or 4 more weeks?  Anyone with experiences ?

  14. On 8/31/2021 at 12:04 PM, JYD said:


    Thanks, @theguy.  I'm in a similar boat.  I am starting my own business and have a lot of stress with that on top of the world falling apart daily, it seems and I'm a bit of an empath, so I carry worldwide weight on my shoulders naturally.  

    I don't mind the libido drop I've had in recent months as much as my girlfriend does, so that's adding more pressure to me.  My focus is more on my business, cause without it, I can't eat, right?  

    I definitely will give it a total of 14 days.  I'm seeing there are a lot of folks out there that no matter the type and dose, Bupropion has the same effect on them as it's having on me right now.  

    I had a meeting with a prospect yesterday and I had to apologize for my 'loopiness' and told them I was on a medication that's causing it, and that's all I can do right now.  I meet with prospects almost daily right now, so it's just crappy timing.  


    Wow the similarities we have are scary.  I too am an empath.   The state of the world really does make me sad and trying to figure out where I fit in all this.    Well I heard wellbutrin  can cause higher blood pressure as well in some and today my wife says that the symptoms I had today may be a sign of that.   I had a tight chest, jaw and then it shot to my back.   I am getting it checked tomorrow with my doctor to be sure.   Today the back of my neck is a bit tense as I think I have lingering anxiety that causes me to tense up without realizing it.   

  15. Hey JYD.   I have read for some it took 10 weeks.   I had an decent libido the previous 3 days but it's down again.   It could also be things in my life that are happening.  I have a fair amount of work stress right now.   I am still waiting for the energy of the med but I have been on Celexa years ago and it didn't do much until the 10th week I think then bam!  I felt awesome.  It was like someone flipped a switch.  Hang in there.   I don't have much side effects anymore.  I don't think I"m as sleepy after taking it.   It has been about 3 weeks for me now.  I started August 9th.   The journey to the 10 weeks is so long ...... If you can get through the first 2 weeks you should be good to go unless you are still experiencing crazy side effects that are intolerable.


  16. On 10/4/2020 at 7:25 AM, james555 said:

    No problem, I try to help and give advice to others if they are struggling to find a right medicine because it's almost impossible for some. You've been on meds a long time so you understand I'm sure. 

    Just my opinion, but psychiatric medicine needs a lot of improvement and the pharmaceutical companies aren't doing a good job in trying to get more people well. In fact, I think some are doing it on purpose but maybe I am paranoid, idk. I honestly think they just want to make sure they sell the same amount each month and could care less if the medicine is improved. 

    I am sure you already know this but if the cipralex helps in any way then obviously that's a good thing. Stay on that and just add another med if you're not feeling completely well. Abilify is a good add-on if the other med is only working just a little bit. I took medicine that worked just a little bit for 6 or 7 years, I don't want anybody to do the same thing...it's horrible....Thanks for the post, I hope you get well soon. 

    Hey james, not sure if you are still here but I ran into a problem again.  on 10 mg Cipralex but stress and anxiety show their ugly faces.   I called my doctor and she suggested Mirtazapine or abilify to stabilize my moods as I get over whelmed then crash and get down.   I'm thinking about trying one or the other.


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