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  1. went up to 10 mg of cipralex. it has been a week. my head feels tense and I am irritable

  2. Really tired, a bit down

  3. Hi Red Penny, I read one of your posts today and people are listening, I hear you and I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. (((hugs)))

  4. Thank you Liliah :)

  5. Thank you Trace!

  6. Thank you r90!

  7. Lilah, that was so kind of you. I so want a girlfriend, a wife, a partner to share life with. Thank you for you kind words.

  8. Thanks Lilah :)

  9. Taking 40mg citalopram and on Wellbutrin 1.5 weeks, head feels tense :(

    1. theguy


      Feel better now.

  10. Colds suck. I hope you feel better soon. Ya meds can get expensive when you don't have coverage. Meh, I am ok, I am still trying to find my way I guess you can say.

  11. On 40mg of citalopram and 1mg of risperadol ... so far so good I think.

  12. Hi Ancaster guy you live really close to me. I am in Hamilton.

  13. I am so so exhausted .. anxiety or out of shape?

  14. I have been so busy with work and trying to make a life for myself lol. I have been really exhausted and focussed on my goals lately. I just seem to run out of time.

  15. I have been doing alright. I feel quite normal actually. It seems like I have been living in a dream for most of my life. lol

  16. Thanks I am new to this way of messaging people so I hope I am doing this right. I get a lot of muslce tension in my neck and jaw, I have been on 20mg for 2 weeks and then 30 for 1 week so far. Is this tension normal as a side effect or is it my anxiety do you think?

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